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Mom will never know!

By pantu
Article category: Erotic
Submitted on: 06/10/07 18:21

I remember the first time I wanted my mom. I was only 15 and my dad had just left her for some fat cow. My mom was in her room on line most likely in some chat room she was sitting on her bed in sweat pants and a loose fit t shirt with no bra (she never were a bra) anyway, I came In her room complaining about a migraine headache and asked if she would rub my head? she said yeah, and made a place for me on the bed with a pillow in her lap. She started massaging my temples and humming a soft melody in my ear slightly bent over with her tits inches from my face. I started to get hard and since I was wearing only running shorts my boner was pretty apparent even though my mom said nothing and continued with the massage. About 15mins later she asked if I felt better? I said yes she said good that she had to go to the bathroom. She stood up and went into her bathroom which was about 4 feet from the bed and without closing the door dropped her pants and set down to pee I watched everything and just layed there when she came back to take a seat on the bed I was fully sprawled out across the bed looking up at mom. She sat back at the computer and did nothing else for about an hour. I then slipped under the covers and put my hands down my pants and played with myself alitttle while my mom was above the covers not paying any attention so I pretended to fall asleep. About 2 hours later my mom tried to wake me up to leave her room so she could go to bed but I just acted like I was asleep and eventually she gave up and got under the covers. After faking being asleep for what felt like forever mom rolled over in bed and whisperd to me asking if I was awake but I didn’t do anything but pretend to snore. She layed there for a few more minutes then she shook me and said the same thing “john are you awake?” then after no response from me I could feel her fidjitting under the covers then I herd her slip her sweatpants down and start rocking back and forth which was obviously her fingering herself, Right next to me! After alittle while she started panting and breathing hard but still really soft (probally so she didn’t wake me). Then she stoped and fell asleep with her pants still down. After what once again felt like forever I started to jack off under the sheets and before long I had cum all over my stomach. I reached up on the head board oh so carefully searching for some tisues but the box was empty. Shit I said softly right as my mom turned over and put her face inches from mine and wrapped her right leg around mine pinning me in. she snore lightly with her mouth barley open. I stuck my finger under the covers and ran it over the cum all over my stomach and scoped up allitle blob with my finger and brought it above the covers and over my mothers face and let a drop drip into her open mouth then I stuck the finger in her mouth and swished it around until my finger was cleaned. This time I scoped up all most all of the cum with my palm and wiped it over my moms lips and with my finger rubbed inside her mouth. Then without thinking I put my mouth over hers ant started licking up the cum then beging kissing her with my tounge but she still didn’t wake up, so i fingererd her while i fed her the rest of my cum then I pulled my pants up and went to sleep. In the morning she never said anything about it and I don’t think she ever will know.

About the author:

it is a true story of sombody.


BBW Hunter
05/20/12 14:49

02/20/18 10:36
A break like a breath, necessary!
See you soon !

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