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Why some Escorts have few Clients.

Article category: Escort Business
Submitted on: 02/23/11 10:19

While I was browsing one by one the Escorts in this site to place some in my "Favorite Users" list, I came across the ads of several, really beautiful and worth being with them.
However, I declined to put them in the list, for the reason that the rate is not mentioned. My character (and I believe the same sentiment most clients have) is that I dislike to contact an Escort and ask "how much do I have to pay you for the service?"

The Escort is definitely not a street girl to start haggling. I fully respect their profession which is service oriented, and haggling reminds me of some markets where the customer and the merchant have lengthy discussions about the cost of a commodity. Escorts are not commodities. Escorts are Professionals and as such they should set their price for their services.

Well.... This is just my opinion and I might be wrong that Escorts without advertising the cost of service have fewer clients.

About the author:

gusvesporo is a Maritime services provider.


Deleted User 671300
02/26/11 06:54
I agree that escorts should have their prices on the site. Then you know if you want to contact them.
But I don't think it effects how many clients they have, more just the amount of emails they get that waste their time.

Deleted User 673652
02/27/11 15:39
well I have to disagree, no matter what you post you'll still get asked the question for example, if your ad says out call only, you'll still get all kinds of calls asking if you do incall and the same with the rates, wether they are posted or not . if the first question asked is "how much do you charge"then the person asking is probably just a lookie loo or a guy from another service just trying to find out about your biz. Its my experience, if a man wants to see you the rates will be the last question he asks wether you post them or not, personal preference, it won't affect biz!

02/28/11 15:48
I agree with Gus, that ecorts should place the vital information in their Ads for possible customers including the price to avoid haggling. I wrote an article here detailing the bad and good practices of an escort and I'm standing by my article as a way of advocacy in this industry for everybody, s convenience.

Some might not be interested with incomplete information but marketing says, it may be a strategy for clients to call the escorts they really wanted. However, how about those some clients who might think that this strategy is the open ground for deceits or any discomforts? We might be losing potential good clients with the strategy coz most good clients are busy in their work or businesses and practical in their approaches not wanting haggling!

03/03/11 02:39
Thank you Dohm. "Marketing Strategy" is the right word as you said. :-)

Deleted User 635789
03/01/11 17:29
Not all are reading the ads. Some people are too lazy to even read the do's and don't then they send you an sms or call for the price. For the case of those who reads until the end of a provider's ad and has not seen a price then it would be really smart to not contact her. Why? Because anyone who is serious about his or her business would put her price otherwise I would think it is just some girl trying to hook you next thing you know you've been scammed.

03/02/11 04:03
You are 100% right Jaida. To be scammed by a girl is also my fear, and this is the reason I do not place any one without complete ads in my "Favorite Users" list. People / prospect clients who are lazy to read ads (and reviews, if any), to my opinion are also not to be trusted since, on the date of the meeting, he will insist that the girl misinformed him on the phone or sms and underpay her. He is a "scammer" too.

Deleted User 635789
03/02/11 20:24
Thank you Gus. I completely agree. A hobbyist for his own sake would read the ads thoroughly to avoid confusion or a mismatch right? Anyways, in my humble opinion a client who takes his time reading the ads and reviews are true gentlemen.

03/03/11 16:07
You are right Nymph (J), what we are saying with Gus here is actually what we feel and think as hobbyist, hoping that all hobbyists here are the same as us. Well... that, s impossible of course, for we respect the differences of every individual. What we can do both of us is to advocate such in this forum! And we believe, you can do anything in your own little ways for the good of the escorting enterprise, which we all love! Thank you.

Elite Tracey
06/26/11 17:16
My approach is not to place the price in an ad. This allows me to feel out my client. Once I have a good sense of who my client is, I mention the price without them asking


Deleted User 682012
07/01/12 15:23
This may be true, but why then do some potential clients still ask what your rates are when they are clearly posted. I find this so annoying and waste of time. so my advise to clients, please carefully read all information in the ads.

Deleted User 783592
01/01/13 17:19
sometimes we still ask for the rate coz an unexpected rate will pop up after the session, like taxi fare or what the escort called as extra service.

01/06/13 01:12
It is interesting to hear what everyone says about this as I've gone back and forth about this. I did notice that even when rates are clearly posted, most clients still ask.

One of my main reasons for not having them posted is that I slightly adjust my rates every few months depending upon my demand. There are months when I'm almost fully booked far in advance so I might adjust my rate for that month for the remaining days especially if there are only a few days which I'd rather take a short break. The issue with posting rates is that I always forget to update some site with the correct rates and customers REALLY get upset if they see different rates posted at different places and even more upset if they contact me and I give them a different rate than they saw posted somewhere.

That's the same reason I stopped posting my calendar as had a client get really upset once about what he saw on my calendar and what I told him although what I was telling him was the most up-to-date and I just hadn't updated that calendar.

I also have had a few clients contact me to get rates and so impressed with my quick response and willingness to communicate with them that they say they wouldn't have contacted me if they had known the rates, but they were so impressed that they were wanting to pay now. This also happens a lot when clients pick some of my friends who are less expensive simply because they are less expensive, but the client ends up talking a lot with me to help them arrange things as they can't get a fast enough response from my friends. I handle emails faster and am willing to help. Often they say they should have picked me in the first place but selected my friends because they were cheaper, but next trip they would see me.

Having the client contact to get rates helps to start a conversation for them to really get to know me and then the rate isn't as important, but if they had seen the rate first many would have simply moved onto another escort without contacting me.

But more importantly, I'm an escort partly because I don't like people telling me what to do. It's my business to run the way I want. I like this site as I can get tips, but sure don't like hearing others telling us how we "should" be running our business. Suggestions are welcome and appreciated, but it really gets me when I hear people saying how I "should" be doing things. Yet I am trying to figure out some happy medium between posting the rate and encouraging the client to contact to get more information which is why I read this post.

03/05/16 21:28
I personnally don't like putting the rate in an add.. Of course this would be better in order to orient the potential client in his choice , but I personally don't like it . Well one can say that the "rate" is the rate of the SERVICE that the escort proposes, and not the rate of the ESCORT as a person ; I know that it should be so , but not all are clever enough to make the difference and some rough people surely associate the rate with the person ...

I personally do as Tracey ; I mention the price the first time I write to a potentail client, without him asking.

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