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Her wet lips

Article category: Personal Experiences
Submitted on: 09/15/13 01:08

It is not same when a guy kiss a girl,and when a girl kiss a girl.
I remember those sensual,soft and very sweet lips I did kiss.She was the first girl I ever kissed,touched,felt between my legs,her breath on my neck.She was just a girl like I in early twenties.
My first kiss ... none afterwords was not filled with memories.She had boyfriend,I have had boyfriend too,at the end of the day that was the wildest sex boyfriend gave to me when girl left with her boyfriend.
We were in the bedroom,guys asked us to watch us,we were shy Oh my god both of us were shy.That was first I felt ..
her breath and her passionate lips,her hands touched mine,I did close eyes and enjoy the most undreamed kiss I ever had in life.Her lips kissed me and kissed me,the taste was wonderful,we never met after,that was one day stand,I still miss her lips,her breasts touching mine,I have no idea how all went smoothly,it was and still is the perfect kiss I am dreaming again about.I will not tell you the whole story,that is not point of my story ... She was wild and at the same time the most gentle human being.I had to go back in past,she is sweet and shy and when she was naked she was wild,call it the desire,the one day love.Yes it was mixture of both.Her boyfriend did not fuck me so good as She did.She was the one to make me to have wet dreams for a long time.My boyfriend had aftershock for nearly two weeks,we were fucking like animals next days,he never made love with me as he did those 10,14 days.

Ah,I miss her lips touching mine !

About the author:

Original story with parts.I was wild girl,hahaha you asking : are you yet so wild ?! Yes my love,I never stop being wild when the doors of the bedroom close behind us.


09/16/13 08:22
very exciting. you are beautiful. post more.

Deleted User 838261
09/22/13 15:22
Hi Arcer thanks love ! To tell you brutal truth, I got meaningless negative vote for this article and many meaningless negative votes since the the time I was blackmailed to stop talk in forum about one negative review which was fake, I asked admin for support to stop those meaningless negative votes. No reason to continue writing articles, or what ever if admin do not stop those meaningless bunch of "few" members, I am considering leaving this site due to it and many more negativity and unfair support which I noticed.

09/22/13 17:35
people giving negative votes for positive posts are cowards.

Deleted User 838261
09/24/13 01:54
Totally agreed with you, imagine two people find out they do not match as friends in reality and one of them start being rude to another, they should stay away from each other, but I guess that is the way how some people do show their true face.

09/23/13 21:25
Ana, this is a very nice article and I like how you wrote about your first experience !

Deleted User 838261
09/24/13 02:00
Thank you dear Natasha, she really did left nice memory, I was short with the time while I was posting partly story about it and maybe I will re-touch story. I am not lesbian, but have many naughty stories to tell I was part in it, this one was my very first one. Me and ex boyfriend did it for fun, but I did like the fun :-)

Deleted User 852812
01/29/14 10:25
heads up. Anna , your writtimg is fantastic, show us please some more !!

09/25/14 18:59
Very nice article

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