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This woman is ready to ROCK & ROLL!

Article category: Personal Experiences
Submitted on: 01/26/14 23:09

I am so really happy because I got a txtmessage earlier this night from a lady, a filipina, which was so direct and to the point that I had to reply her and finanly give her my best service ever !
She text me : proof to me that you as good as people say on the internet and make me come ! reading this message I knew that she didn't want to text with me back and fort, this woman is ready to rock and roll now !
So my reply was not that difficult , where do you want to meet ? my rate is 2k a hour! I got fast my jeans and a clean shirt and went outside for a taxi. I had to wait 30 seconds in the taxi before I received the hoteldetails! Be their in 15 was my reply and dont fall in sleep ! dont worry I will not sleep this night , just hurry !
I knocked her door 12 minutes later and when she opened the door I was frozen by her beauty and kissed her on the face. I entered the room and saw direct that their was another person naked tied to the chair with a pilowsheet over his head! she explained to me that her husband was not a good boy and thats why she punish him like this ! If I can fuck her good and make her come before her husband than she will double my money , because her husband will be the one who is paying!
It went all so fast and I was totally surprised and a bit confused about the whole situation but before I could ask or confirm anything was she sucking my dick already !
I never was in this kind of situation before but didnt care anymore, gave her my best service ever and left 75 min later with 10k in my hand.
Back home I wanted to thank her by textmessage but that number was not active anymore, i dont know names and never saw the face from her husband but thats fine, this was a very good spontanious dessert from my weekend ! going to catch up my sleep for a few hours and off my mobil

About the author:

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