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How I become a male escort !

Article category: Escort Business
Submitted on: 02/03/14 02:23

How does somebody becomes a Male Escort? Male escort will not be the first answer when you ask a child of 6 or 7 years what he would like to be when he grow up. I think most common answers are policemen, firemen or doctor but not a Male escort !
when you ask the same question to men between 18 and 30 than you will find out that more than 30% dreams about doing something in the sexindustry or want to be a male escort ! Why want somebody be a male escort? Is this because of the picture that is created on television or in movies over male escorts, the image that a male escort have a lot of sex with the most beautiful woman's in the world and get well paid for doing this ?
Being a male escort I can tell you that the truth is totally different and that it was absolute not my wish to be a Male escort but like so many in this job, it was for me the only way to get some income and to survive. Their is also not a school where you can learn how to become an escort. So how does somebody becomes a male escort ? This is my way:
When I lost my job as a sales manager and didn't found another job, because off the bad economy, It was my wife, who paid all our expense with her job as a escort, who said that I could be successful as she is, being a male escort.
Because I wanted to help paying our expense I agreed to be male escort and made a profile on this site. Which is now almost a year ago.
After a few weeks of answering emails and answering text messages from mainly men I got finally my first appointment with a male client from the site who was looking for a female and a male escort because he needed to know if he was gay, bisexual or straight.
I had the same questions for myself, never had sex with a men before in my life so I could not say if I like to have sex with a guy or not and the only way to find out if I like it or not is to try it. I confirmed the appointment and brought my wife as the female escort!
That night was the first time that a guy was sucking on my dick and I became an male escort for the first time.

About the author:

Straight Caucasian male who try to make some money with escorting couples and females in Manila


Deleted User 873255
06/26/14 02:31
Dutchboy has an new account under our agency TOPBESTmanila and had to delete this account because its against the rules of the SEA site to have 2 accounts .
The new account from dutchboy is dutchboy@topbestmani la

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