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Article category: Escort Business
Submitted on: 02/04/14 12:52

15 years years ago, I was living in Europe and was married, we had 4 beautiful kids, 3 boys and 1 princess. I was the owner of a nice house, 2 cars and a successful financial planner with my own business for many years.
In that time when we had something to celebrate and gave a party for friends and family than our house was standard to small for the more than 200 people we invited and visit us.
FRIENDS-DAY, was the day of the year I showed to all my friends how thankful I was with the many friendships I had by saying : Thank you for being my friend!
On the 14e of February I gave all my friends a small special gift, as symbol for our friendship. As Time passed by, things where changing fast in my life.
My life went thru a big storm, I was forced to sell my business, lost my job, divorced my wife and lost contact with my kids!
My life was a living hell and I had moments that I said to myself: it's enough ! I can't handle it anymore! let's end this life! I was depressed, broke and needed help ...
I needed help from people who would care about me, who could help me seeing the positive things in life again ! Not one , totally nobody from all " my friends" with who I had shared my happiness in the past , with who I celebrate many party' s before, nobody was helping me to get my life back on track! If I had died they wouldn't even care.
Every time when I wondered what happened to my " 200 friends " and why nobody was helping me or trying to help me, I remember the words of my father.
He said : Wait and see who is helping you in times of trouble and you will find out who your real friends are! My father was a wise men!
I lost my father, my only and real friend in life, after a short sickbed at the age of 62, two years ago. The moment my father died was the moment that FRIENDS-DAY died!

Not everybody who I meet these days knows my past. They are surprised and don't understand my reaction when I am telling them that I don't have... and don't want any friends. I tell them you are not my friend , you are BOB (or any other name from the person I am talking to). And the future will proof if you are my friend or not !

14 February is now just VALENTINE'S DAY for me. The day we anonymous sent gifts to the people who we love and who don't know that we love them so much.
Happy VALENTINE'S DAY everyone !

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About the author:

Dutchboy is a straight Caucasian male escort working in Manila


Deleted User 873255
06/26/14 02:30
Dutchboy has an new account under our agency TOPBESTmanila and had to delete this account because its against the rules of the SEA site to have 2 accounts .
The new account from dutchboy is dutchboy@topbestmani la

02/20/18 10:27
Awesome and funny! I love your presentation!

voyance en ligne par mail

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