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The first night I shared it with someone

Article category: Personal Experiences
Submitted on: 03/14/07 08:07

One afternoon while my girlfriend was taking a nap, I was feeling a little risky. I was about 16 at the time. I wasnt sure how she would react as she had no idea (yet) that I had a fetish for dressing up like a girl. I quietly got out a bra, panties, garder belt and thigh hi stockings. I put them on very quietly as to not wake her up. My cock was extremely hard watching her sleep as I dressed in her clothes. I slowly pulled the covers up and joined her in bed and held her. At this point she hadnt woken up so I just napped with her for awhile. As she started to wake our legs wrapped around eachother and she noticed something was a little different. She rubbed up against me and slid her hand down my nylon covered legs and began to pull her panties down and finger her pussy. I kissed her on the neck sensually, she loved when I did that, it drove her crazy. I rubbed my panty covered crotch on her ass as she masturbated for me while quietly moaning. She began to slide her hand up to my crotch and massaged my cock through her panties. My cock was getting very very hard as I heard the juices inside her pussy making that sloshy sound from her wiggling her fingers rapidly around her pussy walls. I moved my hands to her chest and rubbed her nipples through her bra with one hand and put my other between her legs. I stuck one finger in her pussy while she was already inside and joined her warm hole at the same time. At this point she was a bit more than quietly moaning, she pulled out my cock with her free hand and began to rub it on her pussy hole and gently slid it inside. After she cleaned the pussy juice off her fingers with her mouth she turned around and kissed me as I slowly began to pump my hard cock in and out of her. I motioned for her to give me her back then propped her ass in the air and pounded my cock into her so hard you could hear my balls slap off her ass. She was so wet I could see a white creamy liquid glazed on my cock. She quickly pulled off my cock and whipped around and sucked her white creamy woman juice off my cock as she caressed my bra covered chest. She rapidly stroked and sucked my cock at the same time until I exploded in her mouth then we embraced in a deep kiss while caressing every inch of our womanly bodies. Then she whispered to me "..we gotta do this again.."

About the author:

I am a young shemale just out here for a good time. *Wink*


03/29/07 14:48
very nice like to know more

02/15/09 09:49
i can relate

Sexy Curvy Nicky
03/16/10 12:56
What a great article i like the detail of every move it turned me on just reading it. Thank you for sharing your experience, I hope you have many more to come.

Rahul Singh123
07/03/11 13:30
Still wait for first experince

Deleted User 750895
12/05/11 12:42
it was very nice.

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