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Escort Stereotypes/Myths

By Jade4u
Article category: Escort Services
Submitted on: 03/18/07 20:26

Every now and again I am amazed at the number of men who will offer drugs in exchange for services. These men that think all escorts are chemically dependant on something. For some we are looked upon as being in business not to make extra money on the side or to enjoy ourselves but to support some habit that we may have.

I guess they read about some provider that has become dependant and assume that we are all in this same situation. The fact is that there is usually some other reasoning behind why girls chose this lifestyle and it is not because of dependancy. There is girls that stay for a short while while attending school to get thier diplomas to go off and better themselves. There is even girls that have gone off and found thier careers after graduation and found they got addicted to provider boards etc... and decided to stay on because they actually enjoyed it. Amazinging isn't it?

Yes, Gentlemen there is women out there that actually enjoy the occasional sex act too and so be it if they can make some extra cash while doing so. Think about it for a bit. You can go on yahoo etc... find a one night stand with a total stranger and receive nothing in return or you can remain an escort and make a bit of cash while having fun. What would you choose?

OK, now there is also women that do it to support children and actually are respectful parents that do this to hold on to what they love, where the cost of raising children is expensive and they too may be in some financial difficulties and not receiving much from an ex or an ex has left the country. What ever the situation may be I am sure the number of reasons that a woman may chose this occupation besides drug dependancy far out numbers the amount of women in this occupation for that reason.

There is also women that have given up on relationships just like some men have and do not want to get to close to someone else for fear of going through the same problems again. They like to still have sex and meet new people without the risk of getting into problems a few years down the line. How many times have you heard the relationship has started off just great and then 5 to 10 years later there is nothing but arguments and fighting? Well, if you have ever been in this situation I am sure you can relate.

As a service provider you are free to set your own rules, your own menu and you are your own boss.

In this day and age of the internet you can screen your clients much more easily than before when women stood on street corners and a lot of girls have come inside to operate their business lowering risks of L.E. and has probably increased the number of girls accepting to become escorts from the comfort of their own homes.

Let's face it with all these facts in place of added safety, less risk and an opportunity to make extra on the side, then why is it that men still believe that all providers are dependant?

About the author:

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03/28/07 09:50
I would like to add a very important message about the over use of anti biotics.

Recently the America Scientic Journal came out with a report talking about the over perscribing and the over use of anti biotics.

The most important factor is that many people use anti biotics when they are not necessary. People go to the doc's any time the have a runny nose to get a perscription for anti biotics.

What health care providers fail to mention is the fact that your body, by taking anti biotics, builds up a restiance to them. They are not meant to be taken every time you get ill! The most important thing to remember about anti biotics is: They cause the bacdtieria in your body to become mutated and anti biotic reistant and to become DEADLY. If you were every to have an internal injury you could actually kill your self with the bactieria that builds up in our systems. This is no laughing matter.

Anti biotics are used in the raising of all animals destine for market. Beef, pork, chicken and fish. All that are farm raised are fed anti biotics!

This is not only hazzardous to animals but to humans as well. I am allergic to Pennicillin; this is the number one anti biotic used in animal husbandry. If you are allergic to Pennicillin you need to be careful of the food you purchase. You need to check if it was farm raised or wild.

Another serious concern by the Sciencetific Journal is the fact that anti biotics NOW appear in our drinking water. This is not a joke. All water on this planet is now radioactive for nuclear testing and contains anti biotics.

Take care of your body and our planet. Thanks.

04/23/11 06:42
I agree! I had to get rid of a solid client whom always paid... but he always had or offered me coke.. no thanks love sex and that is enough for me. I have talents and I do my job just fine&loving my sexuality! great post!

Deleted User 680478
06/30/11 02:16
Great article, I am one of those ladies who has been in the business a couple of years , and have never considered doing drugs. I have chosen this as a way of making money and having casual encounters . Some of us respect our health and the health of others, by taking care of our bodies, I always play safe!

Gwen Morales
12/17/11 21:38
very true!

Deleted User 682012
07/01/12 15:18
I think this is a great article, I am one who has never used or tried drugs and hate the fact that some people believe that if you are in this business then you are a drug user and of a low class, SO NOT true.

10/14/12 14:25

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01/05/13 01:46
Good article. I agree. I have been so surprised by clients taking out drugs and offering them to me that I had to post at my site that I don't use drugs and don't want to see people that do. I was surprised that people seemed to just assume that I did drugs and that it's appropriate to use around me. I respect the rights of others to do what they want, but I'd hope they'd respect my desire not to associate with clients that use drugs. Actually I don't mind if they use drugs just as long as they don't while I am with them and don't have the out for me to see.

Tina Star
10/07/13 21:05
Thank you so much for this article! I'm glad that someone finally spoke up for us Sober ladies!!

Avantika negi
12/16/13 08:15
this is a good article here

08/26/14 05:39
I have done this business before and am starting up again just because expenses have gotten so high I don't make enough to get by. Plus, I help my mom financially. I don't drink, smoke, or do drugs. I'm new to this site and am looking to meet anyone who wants a friend. I always like to meet new people. :-).

10/02/14 15:11


04/23/15 06:38
Easy money easy spent. And used on bad things such as drugs. Thats what they said but for me its not, its for my family business and wont spend on drugs.

07/14/16 13:43
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07/14/16 13:46
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