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New Scam Against Providers

Article category: Escort Business
Submitted on: 05/12/07 07:20

I received the following message below from a fake hobbyist.

Hi Nikki_for_fun, checked your site as i was looking for a companion and find you to be a really pretty and beautiful lady to spend some time with. I need an escort to spend time with me on my business trip in the states, and found you to be the right person to be a sweet companion. Email me and lets get to know each other and schedule an appointment. On your response, i will give you more information about me. Email me at stevekenuprise@yahoo.com, Hope you have a nice day


Ladies, this is total BS. This guy wants you to take a check from his "associates" as payment for your companionship. This check is to be for more than your fees. He is getting this supposed check for a contract job he did. (He will not elaborate on what he does, have a website, a company name, etc.) He wants you to deposit this check in your account, write him a check back for money they sent on top of your fees that were sent as payment, and then set up a "meeting" for your companionship.

Check out Steve's profile here. He states he is in the US. However, in his emails here and to me, he stated he lives in & is from the UK. He won't provide references, a way to verify him, etc. He tried to get my address, full name, phone number, etc. to mail me this "payment".

It's all a scam. They then will cancel the check after having cashed yours, and you are stuck without the original money on top of the extra money you sent back. You are all familiar with the scams coming out of other countries in reference to getting money out of accounts in 3rd world countries. This is just another one of them.


princess cut
07/27/07 17:16
Hi Nikkiforfun,

I just want to say thank you because I just got that same information on my website too. This guy want me too come to New York afterwards.

Thank for looking out,

08/08/09 08:47
Hii Nikkiforfun,

Thanks a lot for this article... This sort of scam has been going on in Real Estate business and banking; boy I didn't know that we-escorts- have become prey... We ought to be careful in future.

Thanks again..

Mr. Pearl

Deleted User 715527
07/09/11 17:44
Its great when other escorts warn about scams ect, thanks and keep posting

Gwen Morales
08/22/11 11:58
these kind of people are really such a bunch of losers!

Lady Sophia
08/22/11 16:44
I have had my fair share of fake reviews awhile back, it was so bad, they even disclosed my real name at one point.. James Fransis. I know when I read a review i will read all of it, and if appears that they can not say 1 positive thing, it is prob fake, as no one can really be that bad, or they would not be in business!

Jade Stones
11/16/11 10:13
It takes all kinds of ppl to rock the boat..

Deleted User 373447
05/11/12 22:45
why would anybody take a check from a client? Besides the obvious paper trail, You might as well give it on a "front". THIS IS A CASH AND CARRY INDUSTRY.

06/05/12 16:04
This happens alot, why, I cannot answer but only assume it's another escort putting their man or male aquaintance up to this pathetic nonsense because of jealousy, competion, pure spite! I can't imagine what they get out of it because most of us have enough sense and intuition to weed out the phoney clients from the real ones. I will only except phone calls for bookings now I find this helps, as an email could be sent by a child, adult female, at least with a phone call you can hear thats it's a male and have a number to reference.

01/05/13 00:35
Thanks for the warning. I've been surprised at how much a target I am now because I am an escort. I first assumed people would understand that I am not rich and wouldn't target me, but since I started escorting I've been getting different types of scam sounding emails almost daily. Good that you posted this as it helps us know what to look for.

11/03/13 19:21
I never trust any man who only send questions or generic information with zero details about who he is or where he is, etc. People have to use common sense and read between the lines. Make men accountable by letting them know women have safety rights and can't see who they are from text on a screen alone. I can't stress that enough to the younger generation especially. Do not talk to him if from the first communication he is not talking TO you specifically. Never allow a man to just talk AT you for any reason. It is unsafe.

02/12/16 08:03
Every scam feeds on people's greed. The chance of making extra money easily fools most.
I never meet anyone on basis of emails. I do call and talk to the guy few times before I agree to meet.
I mostly meet in hotels bookings of which can be verified.
I never accept cheques or any other form of payment other than cash.
I never expect anything more than my fees.
appreciate this article, hope all will be more aware.

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