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How to be an Escort

Article category: Escort Business
Submitted on: 05/17/07 07:48

If you're a curious female over the age of 18, read on...

This lens is created for women in the US. I only know about the female side of escorting, so it's natural that this is what I'm writing about.

Although I recommend that you should be over 18 to read this, I think it would be even better if you were over 21.

Being a successful escort requires a bit of maturity on the part of the escort. Although girls generally mature faster than boys, maturity still requires some years and some life experience. This information is geared for a woman in her early 20s who lives on her own and has already shown that she can support herself. Having had a few relationships with men is a big plus.

What is an escort?
An escort is not the same as a prostitute. An escort sells her time and company; like a lawyer, only more popular. An escort does not "sell" sex. Sex is an option, but not the only one.

The Internet and Escorts
Internet escorts have been getting more and more attention in the media. Thanks to the Internet, women have been given unprecedented control over their business. It's a boon for clients too, as their personal risk is lowered and they can scope out women from all over the world and choose precisely whom they wish to meet.

Entry into the business is as easy as setting up a Web site or placing an online ad. But what then? Finding accurate information on what to do or what to expect is difficult. Few people have written honestly about the business and even fewer have written about it in the last 10 years.

'Easy entry' also means that there's less of a mentoring system going on. Girls end up with inaccurate information or no information at all and they have no one to turn to. That's no way to make a life-changing decision.

Common Myths
I discuss 10 common myths about escorts on my book's website here (in PDF form). Escort work, like almost anything in life, is affected by how you approach it. Research, planning and personal reflection will get you pointed in the right direction with minimal fuss and minimal problems. Trial and error will work too, but it probably won't leave you as happy.

Making Money $$$$
You've seen those "Girls -- make lots of $$$$" ads before, even if you weren't looking for them. The first thing everyone wants to know about escort work is how much would they be able to make. I can't tell you that. I can't even tell you if you're suitable for the job. It's a decision you have to make after considering the points below. Even if you decide this is the perfect job for you, your income depends on many factors, such as: appearance, location, projected image, your market, your professionalism and personality. That's just for starters.

The money can be fast, it can be good but it is rarely easy.

Even though I had already been stripping before I decided to become an escort, the process of making the decision took a few months. After deciding that I might like to try it, I spent another couple months doing research before making my debut. And then I still had a lot to learn.

But I made few mistakes. I'd spent a lot of time thinking about what I was going to do and that saved me a lot of trouble.

Start Thinking Now
If you're not sure that you want to be an escort, use the list below to kickstart the thinking process. Realize that I haven't even touched on the actual running of your business.

Things to Consider

Why do you want to be an escort?
Just wanting to make money isn't enough of a reason. Wanting a wild adventure isn't a good reason either. This isn't always an easy job and your motivation has to be strong enough to sustain you when you have bad days.

Do you have a good support system?
You need to have a few close friends or family members that you can lean on. You need an emotional outlet because this job does not provide it.

Are you a people person?
This is the main requirement of the job; not how you look or how great you think you are in bed.

Is your life in order?
There are plenty of the stereotypical flaky escorts, but they aren't the ones who make the most money. Nor are they the mentally/emotionally healthiest girls either.

What about your health?
You need to find a gynecologist if you don't already have one and you need to be open with her. Your health is your future.

How flexible is your schedule?
You need a fairly flexible schedule, especially when starting out. This means childcare, transportation and significant others need to be taken care of long before you get an appointment request. It's very hard to arrange these things at the last minute.

What are your boundaries?
You need to decide your physical/mental/emotional boundaries before you have your first appointment. These aren't rigid rules but your own personal guidelines to make your work easier for you. And if you have a significant other, these things must be discussed well in advance of any appointments.

What is your goal?
Like an athlete, you have a shelf life as an escort. You need to decide what your ultimate goal is for this business and what you plan to do when you retire. Even if you have planned your retirement well, it's not an easy transition to make.

Have you really thought about this?
Being an escort will affect your life; sometimes in surprising ways. Think the decision through.

About the author:

Amanda Brooks worked in the adult industry as a stripper and independent escort. She is now writing.


05/22/07 22:01
thank you so much. let's keep the good work up baby

05/29/08 09:06
hello =) what is the low end an high end of the rates?

07/17/10 14:42

Deleted User 642878
09/26/10 04:00
very interesting and true . im bi and need a wild , sexy clean girl to work with and or for ; money is good.

08/02/12 02:20
I'm bisexual and looking for some new clients! Feel free to message me and we can arrange something! You won't be disappointed ;)

Deleted User 642878
09/26/10 04:01
too good n true about rules on how to be a escort its nice to read something form someone that knows the ins and outs

02/27/11 14:19
i like this article it is wery true! like!

03/11/11 07:52
How do i get in with an agency?

Elite Tracey
06/26/11 16:06
Good stuff! Thanks


Gwen Morales
08/22/11 10:17
true that is all that is written in this article.

As for me, as long as you enjoy what you do, have fun and safe all the time, getting paid is just secondary. :)

Deleted User 673652
08/26/11 00:02
great article , wish I had it to read before I started doing this a late bloomer , I still have a lot to learn.

Deleted User 730332
09/13/11 05:40
How do I get clients im having a hard time

12/04/11 13:30
To Amanda Brooks, kudos to you!
Young as I am, and being a transsexual escort I always categorize myself as belonging to the cream of the crop as I used to be trained from school and of course from my family's love & support specially my mom, who plays a big role in my life.
Your entry is such a wake-up call to everyone who considers escorting as an easy profession. I commend your courage in sharing this to all of us here. Imagine, when checked the date you posted this, it was sometime on 2007, been years before I came across with this topic, well, it is understood, I have just started as well becoming an active member of this reputable site think it will be of great help to the next generation of escorts regardless of which type, I mean, common, I am a special girl, "girl next door with a little bit more"... Cheers!

Again, thanks for this article, it made me realized as well to review my notes, figuratively speaking, "wink"...

Again, thanks Amanda, I am now your number one fan. Hope, you can read this reply as I have something to ask from you in regards to your passion now which I humbly say, I am also interested into, writing online or blogging. As It is my outlet amidst the pressure we are facing as escorts in general.

P, .

You have a twitter account I can follow? Or are u still an active member here?



11/24/12 03:32
Thanks for this!

Sapphire Blue
06/03/13 21:32
Very good advice! Thank you..

11/03/14 22:00
Excellent advice, there is so many factors to consider. Being emotionally strong enough, mentally. You hit the nail on the head when you said it's not about just money and how good you are in bed. Anyone can have sex.
Thank you, I agree 100%.

Luxus Escort
11/15/14 02:44
You are refering to the USA, in Europe unfortunately we only get "Cheap Clients", arguing about prices and so forth etc...
One would think in Switzerland, people wouldn't be too picky with prices, especially in Zurich. That is far from the Truth, and we constantly have to watch out or being outpriced (Down of course).


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