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BBW Escorts Today

Article category: Escort Business
Submitted on: 05/30/07 01:37

Hi this is ManicCandy. I am new to this site and haven't really done anything except for make an ad. I do; however' want to talk about BBW Escorts in todays society. How things have come a long way for the bigger Escort.
When I first started thinking about Escorting years ago I looked into a few jobs and the men didn't seem to appreciate the beauty of a bigger woman as the same with a smaller woman. So needless to say I never worked. Well a couple of years ago I decided that it was time for another try and a different approach.
I got online and talked with some advertising agencies and they advertised me and I got to screen and take all the precautions I needed to feel same and could say no if I desired. I have always had a natural ability to be what a man wants, needs , or craves at that moment for some reason. Some say it's that I reak of sexuality and others say it's my mysterious eyes. Well whatever it maybe I am good at what I do regardless of my size.
Men, I assume, were once ashamed to be with a bigger girl in a simple relationship let alone somewhere nice and they paid for the bigger girls company. Now that I think sexuality is more open men have became more open-minded as well in these eras. There is nothing wrong with not being attracted to bigger women/Escorts, but there is also no need just to write them off because they are big.
Growing up I was always big and feared that I would never be attractive, but I was terribly wrong. Yes I am an overweight Escort but I have beauty on the outside as well as within, and anyone who knows me could vouche for that. And if you are one of my clients please don't hesitate to comment this article. Because it is of you I am so happy today.
To summarize this oh so sad story I just want to say that the BBW Escort has come a long way and with the help of the open-minded men who truly appreciate them.

Kisses To You All

About the author:

BBW Independent Escort. 24 year old computer engineering student.


Deleted User 447348
06/13/07 10:30
Way to go. Thanks for writing this article, ManicCandy. I'm a new BBW escort who is older ta boot. Thus far, my experiences have been positive. It is so affirming to find there are guys out there who appreciate curves ... and there are more out there than we think.

Take care,

06/24/07 02:34


princess cut
07/27/07 17:28
Hi Maniecandy,

Myself is a BBW and I too was worried about how people woud react on a BBWescort. So if you know any site please let me know.

Thank You

princess cut
07/27/07 17:29
Hi Maniecandy,

Myself is a BBW and I too was worried about how people woud react on a BBWescort. So if you know any site please let me know.

Thank You

Deleted User 526975
06/03/08 06:29
to all BBWs we are sexy we are few and far between we are normal healthy and happy
there is so much more to be said for a lady having hips and a bust not a tiny figuire
so bbw escorts stand up stand proud lets show them all we are here to stay,
i am a proud bbw and happy escort confidence ladies confidence,

Nurse Teri
06/25/08 00:55
Hello Maniecandy,

I enjoyed your article. I can relate as I am not a size 4 but a voluptuous size 14. I use to feel self conscious about my ample curves and tried desperately to lose the weight and work off my hips and ass. BUT the Stairmaster and treadmill only seem to make my ass even more ample Not to mention I hate exercising. Anyway, escorting has allowed me to appreciate what I have and flaunt it. So I encourage you to keep up the good work BBW and continue to remind your clients why big girls do it better (smiles).

Nurse Teri

10/29/08 22:24
Hi ManicCandy,
I am a Super Sized BBW
I've always been between 200-300 pounds over the last 20 years..
I've been an escort now since the early 90's..I remember when I had my Ad in the Ottawa sun I was the only BBW(Which I wasn't allowed to use))
I couldn't say Fat, or Domme, or Large but yet had to describe myself ,,Times have come along way. Now being with a BBW isn't considered A Fetish but A Choice...
Every time I see a New BBW I think it's great that more girls are Confident and not lying about their weight or how big they are but Flaunt what the got !!

07/06/09 09:16
to all the bbw on the site saying hello and love the curves. better quit typing now getting the shift from below the waist and lips are starting to get wet for kissing.... licking.... ok i am going

10/03/09 08:26
Of course to be big or to like big women is anybody's personal choice.Things are changing during the times (remember Rubens and his paintings?) and with different cultures. Most of African cultures see a big woman as beauty. Same for Arab men - they preffer full size and well curved women. So, it doesn't surprise me that BBW escorts are in business and doing well. Sure, not my type but everybody is differens and so should be. How boring life would be if we all subscribe to this same standards?

11/22/09 05:56
Personally, I've found that the middle-aged and older clients really enjoy my size. I'm a BBW escort, although I don't advertise it as such. In fact, I never mention my weight - I never have to. But I can't even count the number of times I've heard a client say "your figure is gorgeous" or "I love your curves" or "you're the perfect size" or "forget those skinny {insert curse word}".

But its true! BBW escorts tend to be more open, charming, playful, less brash, less pushy, and absolute sweethearts. :)

06/14/10 21:39
Love the article..for myself i thought about getting in this business a year or two ago but my confidence was low then and i felt i would do no good in this area cause the reason im a bigger girl..i recently said hell with it and began my research..i came to realize that there a lot..i mean a lot of mean who prefer plus size women over skinny...i feel wonderfull in my skin now....and enjoy what i do.

Aleah Jasmine
07/09/11 15:04
I love the article, I am also a BBW / Curvy girl and have had positive experiences. I am however looking to see if there are any agencies that you may know of hiring?

Deleted User 730482
09/08/11 03:42
Thank you for posting this, along with all of the positive comments, I feel that I might have a chance. I've been thinking about getting into the escort way for a while now, and finally took the leap. Just hope I land somewhere solid.

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