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Bootylicious Vicky

I love very much the double penetrations because they give me mind-blowing orgasms (oh yes they do!) and it happens often to have threesomes MFM with couples of male friends who live in Bangkok or travel together to Thailand.
Unfortunately it doe... More...

Posted in: No limits to sexual enjoyment  on 03/24/17
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I have texted Addison and told him that I was craving something in my throat, he replied by saying that he has just what I needed. When he came over he put a bunch of toys on the coffee table in the living room, it was a bunch of didldos, strapons, b... More...

Posted in: our kinky experiences  on 03/18/17
Read 173 times
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Bootylicious Vicky

After some time with experimenting with anal sex I have really grown to enjoy the act immensely. I love how much pleasure it gives my partner.. I love the naughtiness of it and the surrendering of myself to my partner. Very often I have my hardest ... More...

Posted in: No limits to sexual enjoyment  on 03/18/17
Read 168 times
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I got a mail from a gentleman requesting me to go for mmf. I was sceptical about the meeting, But as I am experimenting by nature i said yes only on one condition for No anal sex . he agreed .
This gentleman i will call him john . john explained w... More...

Posted in: Women's day   on 03/14/17
Read 410 times
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There are many, many, gorgeous companions out there offering their time to discerning gentlemen. Many of these men and women have spent countless hours putting together pages of information to educate and inform you as to the type of personality, enc... More...

Posted in: The trials and tribulations of a Halifax escort  on 03/13/17
Read 924 times
April May

Hi there guys...

Well, I am back. I was in a car accident, needed physical therapy and now I am cleared to go back to work. I actually forgot about this site, until someone emailed me from it. I am glad that someone did... Hit me up!!

April... More...

Posted in: Booking NOW!!!  on 03/12/17
Read 208 times
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Well we have had a lot of kinky adventures lately. I don't have that much time anymore. We had done a spicy meeting with my hubby and I, the gf and Addison, the pornstar and another male. It was a hot bisexual mess. We all shared each other and fucke... More...

Posted in: our kinky experiences  on 03/09/17
Read 390 times
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Well behaved women rarely make history. – Eleanor Roosevelt

Happy women's day...... More...

Posted in: Women's day   on 03/08/17
Read 333 times
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The Handsome Hunk

Its a very different experience to spent some time with a hot mature lady. The way her body feel and specially he taste of her vagina. The big lips of her vagina feel too hot and that liquid coming out from her vagina feel like chocolava cake.. its a... More...

Posted in: A night with Mature lady  on 03/07/17
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am waiting for my client ... More...

Posted in: i am intense happy and willing to meet some   on 03/04/17
Read 235 times
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I meet tons of men in this line of business. Most would just come and go, but others you would wanted to stay.

Not because you like to be with him to be his lifetime partner, but you enjoy every moment you are together... a memorable and funny mo... More...

Posted in: Encounters to Remember  on 03/03/17
Read 336 times
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Falling in Love

It seemed that this topic is overrated. This is a topic for teenager and for regular girls.

It is not intended for someone like me who is in adult entertainment. Even how nice these guys would look on us, and even how I try to... More...

Posted in: Encounters to Remember  on 03/03/17
Read 319 times
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We all have a right to intimacy and require it, for a healthy body and mind. Yes, sex is healthy. To understand what makes a connection electric, is too understand what makes people tick and what is needed for having a great sexual encounter.
There... More...

Posted in: The trials and tribulations of a Halifax escort  on 02/26/17
Read 1649 times
Canadian Premier Companion

Your intimate life won't improve unless you take action to improve it. Placing the responsibility of improving it for you on others won't get you anywhere either, so no excuse, you'll have to put yourself out if you wish to be rewarded. Here'r... More...

Posted in: International Travel Companion's Blog  on 02/26/17
Read 535 times

We are getting closer to longer days and warmer nights. Spring is in the air. Lighter, more revealing clothing will soon be the wardrobe staples. So time to hit the gym more and to shed my winter pounds. Before I do, I've taken a few new selfies, in ... More...

Posted in: The trials and tribulations of a Halifax escort  on 02/23/17
Read 1742 times

hello gentlemen,

Available for your Milking Pleasure.
My milk filled DD cup breasts for Milk Lovers
Based in San Diego but travel thru out Calif.
My nipples are perfect for latching onto
for your nursing fantasy

Please serious inquiri... More...

Posted in: MilkingSarah's blog  on 02/21/17
Read 353 times
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north ., .,. cold , ..,..,what happened , .,...,cold , help!! ... More...

Posted in: what I am willing to do for you  on 02/20/17
Read 282 times
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It has been too long, Moncton!

I'm cumming back for my first visit of 2017 and I couldn't be more excited!
This shall be a quick visit; just 2 days, Feb 22-24, and I only have limited times available, but I am happy to make time for a sexy suit... More...

Posted in: Desires, Indulged  on 02/20/17
Read 1195 times
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woman, roses
Two guys are playing golf. The women in front of them are really taking their time and are slowing the men up.

So one man says to his friend, "I'm gonna go ask those ladies if we can play through."

He starts walking, but abou... More...

Posted in: the secret of rhianna  on 02/20/17
Read 948 times
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Pure Obsession

This blog is for all the, sorry people, for lack of a better word to use right now, the spammers.

Yes, I know I JUST made a thread in the forums, saying you have every right to be here. And you do. This site is free membership and is for those wa... More...

Posted in: My Life  on 02/18/17
Read 1262 times
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Pure Obsession

Some people and their childish little games. Thinking they are anonymous, but sorry hun, not.

Let's put it this way. A little more than a year ago, if not for me, you would not have your precious number one spot. That was mine. I had to delete a ... More...

Posted in: My Life  on 02/17/17
Read 1319 times
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Pure Obsession

Just a small quote of something someone 'accused' me of, just today.

"over time here, you've been male, female, sp,
client, etc, etc"

My response?
I couldn't give one, because as soon as she posted it, she quickly put me on her ignore li... More...

Posted in: My Life  on 02/16/17
Read 1436 times
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Pure Obsession

Who says this site is not without it's entertainment?
While it's true I don't come in here as often as I should, bad on me, when I do, there is always something to entertain me.
That's what I mean about 'bring on the popcorn', lol.

But other ... More...

Posted in: My Life  on 02/16/17
Read 1442 times
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Pure Obsession

Well, we survived January, said to be the longest, coldest, dreariest month of the year.

Not to worry. There's always a place to come where it's invitingly warm. And it's even better when it gets warmer still.
Finding each others special spots,... More...

Posted in: My Life  on 02/16/17
Read 1553 times
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Hi ..
Happy valentine day..
Hope everything is good with you all..
Im a mox japanese chinese escort available in jakarta.
Pls do not hesitate to contact me through my personal email or contact number for faster reply.
For serious client onl... More...

Posted in: ** AYUKO JOURNEY **  on 02/14/17
Read 1696 times
Comments: 1
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