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Hi hello i miss working again
So Im back now in bussines
You can email me for inquires
I will reply Asap... More...

Posted in: the secret of rhianna  on 04/26/17
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The producer, the guys, Addison all wanted this to happen again. It is always hot when they all do a scene together. This time addison was going to be treated little more like a female whore. They put some makeup on him, just the basics, like eye sha... More...

Posted in: our kinky experiences  on 04/26/17
Read 16 times
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Travelling is one of the things I love to do. Go and explore distant places and try their different cuisines.

And the two places I would love to visit the most are London and Italy because of their rich culture.

Coz I believe that when you ex... More...

Posted in: Sexyfresh  on 04/25/17
Read 33 times
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Hi, I am cutechubbiness from the Philippines! I would like to meet new people from all over the world and have fun! If you do like to meet a beautiful and voluptuous girl that will entertain and please you with all of her skills. Please contact me. ... More...

Posted in: Sexyfresh  on 04/25/17
Read 37 times
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No Photo

Indian food is one of the tastiest and subtlest in the world. There is no homogeneity of flavour between North and South or East and West but rather, a wealth of flavours that is simply staggering. Culinary diversity is one of India’s treasures. In I... More...

Posted in: Diversity of Sizzling Food at Your Home  on 04/25/17
Read 22 times
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Canadian Premier Companion

Behavior change is not merely a matter of knowledge or skill. If that were true, then all the information campaigns on how to improve your health would have made behavior-related illnesses a thing of the past. And birth control information w... More...

Posted in: International Travel Companion's Blog  on 04/24/17
Read 53 times

What do you really Need would love to hear from you ??... More...

Posted in: What Do you Really Need ?  on 04/23/17
Read 42 times
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I'm home with no plans for tonight. Anybody wanna play?... More...

Posted in: Cassandra's Mind  on 04/22/17
Read 54 times
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Gwen Morales

When I was new in the trade, a known Adult/Men Magazibe that time offered me a slot on their Magazine.

My article is not just only a sex column, but require ne to discuss a life of an escort, and would somehow advice how to go with a life of an e... More...

Posted in: Encounters to Remember  on 04/18/17
Read 144 times
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Kanak Kakkar

it is better to avail the room which is pool facing,
i feel,
it is soothing to be in!
have lovemaking with amazing escort girl, look at happy people having shower and enjoying pool, greenery is also eye candy!
"sounds good" well i know your a... More...

Posted in: Auspicious Occasion is when you enjoy!  on 04/18/17
Read 100 times
Karuna Kothari

Souring temperatures are tempting to have calm breezes together ,
No more erotically charged stories to say !
Meet me , in Delhi today .... More...

Posted in: Karuna Kothari Delhi Luxury escort  on 04/14/17
Read 163 times

Wishing everyone a safe, fun, peaceful and happy holiday weekend and a very Happy Easter. Eat lots of chocolate:) ... More...

Posted in: The trials and tribulations of a Halifax escort  on 04/13/17
Read 573 times

we had agreed that we would start our meeting off with the guys having fun with each other and the girls together as well. it was actually a mini competition. we each had to hold off our orgasm as long as possible. the first guy and the first girl t... More...

Posted in: our kinky experiences  on 03/31/17
Read 407 times
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alka alka

open minded free spirited sensual lady in search of some erotic new adventures. I am just exploring different avenues in life. Hit me up if you're looking for some wild sexual fun... especially if you love anal sex
... More...

Posted in: Double penetration  on 03/31/17
Read 445 times
Comments: 2

retreat ;
feel easy and explain those hidden dark desires to me,
Probably i like them too.
I am into fetishes, roleplay, tantra and much.
Tantra Massage Session is special attraction, if you think to avail service from me!
Just imagine and ... More...

Posted in: +1-269 218 1305 MauzamDas. com   on 03/30/17
Read 267 times
Kanak Kakkar

hi fellow members how are you all? ... More...

Posted in: Auspicious Occasion is when you enjoy!  on 03/30/17
Read 272 times

I would like to avail some MILF and Busty female, i am going to be in Moscow soon. Even i am in, by day after i will be free definitely from my schedule and want to meet some hot babe.
As i said earlier i prefer busty escort female, kindly do write... More...

Posted in: I like to have some Platinum Aura  on 03/29/17
Read 169 times
Classy Pamela

warm hello to all fellow members ,
from Pamela from Delhi .
How you all been doing ?... More...

Posted in: Pamela in your kind services   on 03/28/17
Read 266 times
Karuna Kothari

beautiful platform to describe one's ablity to "please in an Intimate way" .
It looks awesome , lets see what happens next !... More...

Posted in: Karuna Kothari Delhi Luxury escort  on 03/28/17
Read 306 times

I have texted Addison and told him that I was craving something in my throat, he replied by saying that he has just what I needed. When he came over he put a bunch of toys on the coffee table in the living room, it was a bunch of didldos, strapons, b... More...

Posted in: our kinky experiences  on 03/18/17
Read 652 times
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I got a mail from a gentleman requesting me to go for mmf. I was sceptical about the meeting, But as I am experimenting by nature i said yes only on one condition for No anal sex . he agreed .
This gentleman i will call him john . john explained w... More...

Posted in: Women's day   on 03/14/17
Read 873 times
Comments: 10

There are many, many, gorgeous companions out there offering their time to discerning gentlemen. Many of these men and women have spent countless hours putting together pages of information to educate and inform you as to the type of personality, enc... More...

Posted in: The trials and tribulations of a Halifax escort  on 03/13/17
Read 2995 times
April May

Hi there guys...

Well, I am back. I was in a car accident, needed physical therapy and now I am cleared to go back to work. I actually forgot about this site, until someone emailed me from it. I am glad that someone did... Hit me up!!

April... More...

Posted in: Booking NOW!!!  on 03/12/17
Read 451 times
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Well we have had a lot of kinky adventures lately. I don't have that much time anymore. We had done a spicy meeting with my hubby and I, the gf and Addison, the pornstar and another male. It was a hot bisexual mess. We all shared each other and fucke... More...

Posted in: our kinky experiences  on 03/09/17
Read 857 times
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Well behaved women rarely make history. – Eleanor Roosevelt

Happy women's day...... More...

Posted in: Women's day   on 03/08/17
Read 658 times
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