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Wishes and Plans

Payal Sinha

Welcome to India Escort Force and India Escort Girls, the condition is the top maintenance agency that Elite and VIP India are with us in Mumbai's major cities, elite class escorts, models, India call girls and VIP escort girls. Large Options Vehicle... More...

Posted in: High Class Model Escorts in Elite Mumbai Escorts  on 01/25/18
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A very good day to you all, I am Hunter, an independent male escort. I wish to write about what I expect from this site, and in future posts will talk about what I get from this site. I am hoping for a good experience, one that will help me in attain... More...

Posted in: Good Day to you all  on 01/02/17
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No Photo

It seems there is very little interest in BDSM in the Philippines, I would like to hear from females who are interested in trying with a couple. You must be bisexual as you will be required to satisfy another female whist she is undergoing BDSM.
Le... More...

Posted in: BDSM  on 07/17/16
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I just land in Manila. I have Only a massage booked. I tried to schedule some But i have not get any respons. Any one interested to Date With me?
I want dinner and. IF you find me interesting follow me and stay for some days.
Contact me. Im here... More...

Posted in: Landed in Manila   on 07/05/16
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I just arrived on the beautiful island of Saint Thomas. I am here, until further notice, for the next 2 weeks, I can't wait to explore the island and see what new adventures I'll run into :)... More...

Posted in: Getting started  on 01/26/16
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As they meet for the first time she is impressed with all his gentlemanly demeanor and accouterments. He is well dressed and well heeled. His car is nice as well. Although she is far from a gold-digger she tends to have an extravagant lifestyle so... More...

Posted in: GroovefetishEros Adventures in pleasure  on 11/27/15
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I used to live in Florida but I left (possibly a bit more permanent than I imagined) because I noticed that the company I kept was getting me in trouble! Upon this move, I've decided to be a better person. So how does one goe about a feat so large?
... More...

Posted in: Be Bitter, Not Bitter  on 09/29/15
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Miss Kinky pink

I like to travel an listen to music read books an stay to my self... More...

Posted in: NeckBreaker Pink  on 07/21/15
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No Photo

I have never been the skinniest girl on the block. I have what most would refer to as the sistah shape. Ive never been insecure or irritated by this until the other day.

I tried to go to Macy's and shop the plus size section and was told I was no... More...

Posted in: Becoming a Better Person  on 07/16/15
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Hello! Im lara, a student and a single mom. A part time female escort, i have been in a business for almost a year my experiences are good for now because i have met a good friends here, but sometimes there are circumstances that are not good. But it... More...

Posted in: Lara123 ready to go :)  on 06/12/15
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Kings Cradle Spa

A real slave doesn't care about being used whether it is for pain or pleasure. I've noticed here that these slave wanna be's are like afraid of spending for their Master/Mistress. Know your place! It is naturally what it should be! Why!? Because ther... More...

Posted in: True Servitude  on 06/09/15
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No Photo

Guys i have created my account here becoz i saw martini of SM on one of the ads.. sadly i never have a chance with her when i try to arrange for a sched... martini if you could only read this, just inform me the day/time and i will come.... More...

Posted in: A walk with Martini...  on 04/30/15
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Angel Soft

I'm back in Vegas, and this time I brought my sister. So, even though she isn't in the escort business, I can show her around town. We both are without a boyfriend right now, so it's a good time to be together. She loves Poker and plans on being i... More...

Posted in: Sexy Days log  on 04/05/15
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Being the boss of jaa4u. com is a lot different than being Mistress Jaa

Because i do sessions with clients not very often ... i feel like it is my responsibility to find new girls to give good sessions and not do the sessions myself.

Except t... More...

Posted in: Jaa4u : Bangkok Bdsm Dominatrix, Tease and Denial, Mistress Jaa  on 01/28/15
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No Photo

Well H. Kong I have woken up in my beautiful hotel room Hornier than I have arrived it must ne the heat doing this to me. I am feeling very frustrated I need someone to come in and give me a good seeing too so there you guys theres the invite... More...

Posted in: Well i have woke up in H. Kong feeling hornier than ever were are you f  on 12/02/14
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Another summer has passed and now Fall is just around the corner. I love Fall with all the beautiful colors and cooler, but not cold fresh air. It is the best time of the year to enjoy some relaxing time with a wonderful sexy man. I love the hot sexy... More...

Posted in: So Ready  on 09/01/14
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Mistress Francine Gurchik

Help make it happen for 'Mistress Francine Breast enhancement fundraiser'

Contribute Now!!!

https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/mistress-francine-breast-enhancement-fundraiser/x/8135941 ... More...

Posted in: Nightmare Addiction  on 07/10/14
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Dear unknown. I am a love goddess who wants to realize your desires best and also delivers what it promises. As any other claims, wishes and preferences I will not execute my service catalog with you, but try making your time individually and wish ac... More...

Posted in: Beauty and intelligence do not have to be enemies!  on 07/04/14
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Always put your dreams high. only the sky is the limit.

[URL] http://www.midomi.com/index.php?action=main.profile&recording_id=b20534fd4a21aa80e36e75eb3db2bbc4&from=charts ... More...

Posted in: ** AYUKO JOURNEY **  on 05/01/14
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No Photo

Is there any body out there near me that would like to chat or maybe more, Richmond shire north Yorkshire England... More...

Posted in: Mr Harwood friends to all  on 04/29/14
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TSMaffie in Metro Manila

*Happy Holidays and a Blissful New Year!!

Dear Gentlemen, Friends and Family, all over the world!!! This Holiday season, Your thought's will be much appreciated. Your Kindness will be much Love ?, Spoiling me will be my Gratefulness. with all my ... More...

Posted in: Hottestt TransPinay in town TSmaffie  on 12/19/13
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few days before christmas i wish prosperity , happiness, and quick recovery of our country from all those disasters that happened this year. to all my collegues here in this adds i wish you many more clients to come.... More...

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so-so tho im looking for a patron [man/woman]..
either be patron's kept woman or
patron's be my sponsor or
a sugar daddy/mummy
perse wink wink...

if someone would like to sponsor me /
could donate to me ur old unUsed laptop at h... More...

Posted in: urJuicyFruit$ayz  on 11/29/13
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after my stint here as an escort , my plans are to have a small business and the rest of the money that ive earn here will be put in a bank for future needs.. i wish someday all of my co escort here would also plan for the near future.. coz this job ... More...

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