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Blowjobs For Money A husband comes home to find his wife with her suitcases packed in the living room. "Where the hell do you think you're going?" he says. "I'm going to Las Vegas. You can earn $400 for a blow job there, and I figured that I might as... More...

Posted in: the secret of rhianna  on 08/07/16
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Hello there everyone.
I am new to this site (not the hobby) I have been in the lifestyle for over 5 years now. I enjoy it very much :) I am on verified websites such as eccie & p411. I just wanted to know if there are any good websites that anyone ... More...

Posted in: Websites???  on 07/07/15
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Hello!. Just new to this site, I'm Paul and I'm looking forward to meeting a lot of beautiful women..

{off topic} For now just want to share my site which I review some stuffs from amazon. com

You may buy them at Amazon as well by clicking t... More...

Posted in: Paul Kazaru99's blog  on 04/09/15
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Yes, of course, even with the site being down Spammers have to take up space everywhere they can get their hands on. What's the point of spamming? Do you have that much time, that bored? Reality gave you a kick in the ass & this how you do vengeance?... More...

Posted in: Blog,Blog,Blah,LoL   on 01/10/15
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I am not an addict of porn bit i give full concentration on pursuing much more knowledge regarding healthy sexual knowledge. And for this, i have been with one best story site. I will tell to any individual if they message me. Its much more best than... More...

Posted in: My Best Story Site  on 11/02/14
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Shawana Lean

My First Blog post. Recently registered to this site. I would highly recomment a visit to my homepage:

I will try to post annecdote on this page on a regular basis. Please come often :)

Your Shaw... More...

Posted in: Diary of an Escort in Zurich  on 07/24/14
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Le meilleur et le plus avancé site de petites annonces pour l'industrie pour adultes.
Augmentez vos profits, agrandissez votre clientèle et affichez-vous de manière efficace.

The best and the most advanced classifieds ads website for the adu... More...

Posted in: escortsmontrealservi ces. com - Annonces classées  on 07/07/14
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social media now a days has a lot of infact on our lives , we have an issue here in the philippines concerning a tv host that was brutally attack by a group of men in a condo unit in taguig city . the story is she was invited by a girl to go to her c... More...

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if boredom sets in
ur alone
where else to go but
streaming online
may it b 4
movies music tvSeries, etc..

do u know of free online streaming sites u frequent!?

and if u are currently streaming..
what are u watching?!
and d... More...

Posted in: urJuicyFruit$ayz  on 12/05/13
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with the rise of number of escort its hard to have a client coz there are so many to choose from. i rescently come a pond a new site that i join bit it had many members that are very sinister..... More...

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Lady Panache

Ok just posted about cloud computing, and thought I add some tags, not sure what they are, better read a bit more,

Sorry about that.

Also does some one know how you change the title in the top that says Last year. ... More...

Posted in: Lady Panache, Your Personal Companion in Jakarta.   on 07/20/13
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Lady Panache

Ok I have website with rare escorts. When I first found them wow, didn’t have to know anything about internet, it really was click here, write some words and then press this button here, perfect for the non technical person, just like me,

then... More...

Posted in: Lady Panache, Your Personal Companion in Jakarta.   on 07/20/13
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Why I joined this site?

I joined this site to reform people, females who are not happy from their married life I want to help them to keep their marriage because marriage is a gift of the creator, I want to help those millions of people who want ... More...

Posted in: Dawn2Dusk  on 07/26/12
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So this is my first day on this site, I'm not sure exactly what to expect being honest. Will anyone even contact me? If so what will they be like? what will they want?
I want to get higher up on the search list so that i can actually chat to and me... More...

Posted in: My life  on 06/23/12
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i love to brows internet and like to see females ass pussy tit also liketo lick them... More...

Posted in: lick  on 04/18/12
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Kat Valentine

Hey Guys and Gals...

I am looking for a few people who wouldnt mind being in a video during one of our sessions. I have a new web site www and I am in dyer need of a few video and more pictures. Let me know if you can help me or not. I apprici... More...

Posted in: Moving to another Town?!?  on 11/24/11
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It's hard to argue with Google's track record. The company has scored a hit in nearly every space in which it's dabbled: search, email, ads, office software, etc. There's always been one glaring exception to this rule, however: social networking. The... More...

Posted in: The SketchPad  on 07/06/11
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Delightful Dusty

Hi everyone. I'm working on some new content for my site. I shot a new video yesterday and have one planned for tomorrow.

Yesterday was another oral video. I love watching them and comparing how I treat each person differently depending on ho... More...

Posted in: Dusty's Blog  on 06/12/11
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Delightful Dusty

I wanted to let you know there are currently 7 HOT videos on my new site. The shortest one is 7 minutes long and the longest is 15 minutes long. There are 2 oral videos, I love to give oral and I love showing off my skills! There is also a hot and... More...

Posted in: Dusty's Blog  on 05/10/11
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Delightful Dusty

I'm in the process of editing some video for the new site. Things are really moving along and I think the launch date will be May 1! I can't wait to show it to all of you.



[URL... More...

Posted in: Dusty's Blog  on 04/26/11
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Delightful Dusty

Well things are really moving along with my new site. We have several pages completed: the Welcome page, My Bio, the Forum, and the Services page are all completed. My designer is working hard on getting the Gallery pages completed and should have... More...

Posted in: Dusty's Blog  on 03/31/11
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Delightful Dusty

I'm so excited! I had a chance to preview the first couple of pages for my new website. They look really good. I can't wait to launch it and share it with everyone! Hopefully it won't be too much longer. Until then you can visit my temporary web... More...

Posted in: Dusty's Blog  on 03/27/11
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Wynter Stark

I can be much warmer than the text on this website. In fact, most people say that I am downright sultry. I am an attractive lady that is well educated and can navigate any social situation with the utmost grace and charm while still being able to mai... More...

Posted in: Wynter Stark  on 03/24/11
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Delightful Dusty

I worked on editing my video for my new site this morning. I think it turned out really well. I can't wait till the new site is done so I can share it with members. I also took the time to pull stills from the video so I'll also have great photos ... More...

Posted in: Dusty's Blog  on 03/20/11
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Delightful Dusty

Well it has not been easy, but I finally found someone to help my build my new website, one that will be safely hosted, and won't be deleted. I will get to pick the design and I'll have full control of the site once it is up and running. I'm really... More...

Posted in: Dusty's Blog  on 03/19/11
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Having a busy month and actually a busy year. Things are hectic with all the website editing and webcam shows. Not alot of time to hang out with any fans or friends for that matter. With my birthday coming up I'm looking for something exciting to d... More...

Posted in: Get to know the real Mrsexxxybbc aka Mrsexxxychocolate  on 03/14/11
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Delightful Dusty

Well this has been a crappy weekend. I was forced to find a new place for my website. The place I had deleted my content. Over a year of hard work on getting the site the way I liked it and now it is all gone. I have a new one up but it is only t... More...

Posted in: Dusty's Blog  on 03/13/11
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Delightful Dusty

I wanted to thank all of you who have taken the time to visit my website. I've had a lot of nice comments! I hope you come back often.

I made a few more changes. I moved my review section and guestbook to the forum to make it easier for every... More...

Posted in: Dusty's Blog  on 03/10/11
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