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I pushed the door open and walked through to be met by the Italian-looking girl who showed me into the living room. The living room looked like a poorly kept museum piece. It was furnished in that walnut-veneer furniture that was popular in the forti... More...

Posted in: Ryan's blog  on 10/19/05
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After my first experience with an escort it was clear to me that everything the world of "punting" had to offer was now open to me. I could go back to the Indian girl for some guaranteed fun but I worried that if my sex life with my wife went back to... More...

Posted in: Ryan's blog  on 10/18/05
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Work been manic over last few weeks , have been trying to re decorate at home at the same time so now knackered.

More about sittingbourne ,night life no existant in the town for anyone over 25 , so now go to polo club http://www.geocities.com/the... More...

Posted in: zoekent's blog  on 10/17/05
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Having performed my first 'stand up' at a bona fide theatre---with lights, mike, expectant audience, and just knowing that you CANNOT STUFF UP ----because, (this was MY view) the audience would think that i was only fit for/qualified to service: the ... More...

Posted in: Letitcia's blog  on 10/15/05
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exhausted....never ends.

Two young kids, partner disabled, work, work... already 9 years and still no end in sight.

There is life out there but how do I get there.... More...

Posted in: G2's blog  on 10/14/05
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No Photo

An archaeologist is the best husband a woman can have; the older she gets, the more interested he is in her.... More...

Posted in: Josephine's blog  on 10/14/05
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Model Amy

Hello everyone, was just musing on my experience of having my new website up for a week and a half, and not too happy about a few things, so I thought I'd write here for what it's worth. Maybe educate a few quasi-men!

Astonishingly, perhaps, I've ... More...

Posted in: Model Amy's blog  on 10/13/05
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Firstly, thankyou to Caroline, Penny and Samira for your best wishes - I'm happy to report that my first formal booking as a solo independent went extremely well!

My client was a lovely lady, intelligent, well connected with a very good job, very ... More...

Posted in: GrantAndrews's blog  on 10/13/05
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Oops showing my face!... More...

Posted in: Josephine's blog  on 10/13/05
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Why when they are building so many new houses is it already not possible to get on a doctor or dentists list .mad!

Wow good last night police swarming all over murston ,2 big vans police dogs and 4 police cars,nearly ran down officer who seemed to... More...

Posted in: zoekent's blog  on 10/12/05
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Well, my first formal booking is in! Can't tell you how eagerly anticipated this has been and how excited I am about it! It's not my first foray into escorting by any means, but it's the first booking I have recieved as a solo independent - and I'm o... More...

Posted in: GrantAndrews's blog  on 10/12/05
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I am your boss and I keep sending in report of you insubordinant behavior. I am your real boss in real life. 20 years later you are surfing the net and find me as a pro dom. You make an appointmnet and freak out when you see me. This is to freaky ... More...

Posted in: zoezane's blog  on 10/10/05
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I tried to think of the questions that a first time punter might have before his first date and answer them below, based on my first time experiences:

Was the sex like in porn movies?

No. This was "Girlfriend Experience" so it was like the sex ... More...

Posted in: Ryan's blog  on 10/10/05
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Hi, i am an escort Dominatrix based in Sittingbourne Kent UK.

Going to use this not so much to describe my working life as where i am!

Sittingbourne is a bit of a relic of the industrial revolution, bricks and paper being the main trades. These... More...

Posted in: zoekent's blog  on 10/10/05
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No Photo

... More...

Posted in: Josephine's blog  on 10/09/05
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Model Amy

Hi, interesting to find this place on a Sunday morning! Looking forward to looking around and seeing what's on here. Saw the posts on millionaire escorts... Hmmm, I thought that was just a fantasy. I've known escorts for 20yrs and have heard a few ni... More...

Posted in: Model Amy's blog  on 10/09/05
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If you remember I'm describing my first escort date. We were just about to walk through to the bedroom together.

We walked into the room. It was a small bedroom with a Queen-size double-bed pushed up against the wall on one side. The room was not ... More...

Posted in: Ryan's blog  on 10/07/05
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Was i flattered to be asked to appear on the show?....

Nope, but i thought if i could at least get across the fact that wonderful women (and men) are employed in the industry....and that it is LEGAL (apart from the obvious; underage soliciting a... More...

Posted in: Letitcia's blog  on 10/06/05
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Well I think I have kept the ladies in suspense quite long enough and fortunately I have the chance to post again this morning!

If you remember from yesterday I was describing my first "punt" and had got to the point where I was standing outside t... More...

Posted in: Ryan's blog  on 10/05/05
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No Photo

Having spent most of the last week off work due to a client giving me a stubble rash, somewhere painful I must add, I decided to don the paintbrush and flat pack boxes that had been building up.

I can now sit back, with my rash still there and sor... More...

Posted in: East Anglian Escort's blog  on 10/04/05
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After a year spent wondering if "punting" was for me Summer approached and the sight of too many young women in skimpy clothes settled the matter - I needed to have sex and a year without was more than I could bear.

I chose an Indian girl that wa... More...

Posted in: Ryan's blog  on 10/04/05
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No Photo

Sometimes people treat you differently when you are wearing your work clothes than they do when you are dressed in your more normal attire. Why is this? You haven't changed at all. You are the same person. Appearances though, count for a lot. Indeed,... More...

Posted in: Josephine's blog  on 10/01/05
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Helen Jones

Whats the difference between Blogs and forum entries?
I have noticed people tend to open up more while "blogging" Whys that?
Do people feel more secure when the headings under their name?. I cant work it out.... More...

Posted in: Helen Jones's blog  on 09/30/05
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No Photo

It has taken me some time to be able to sit down and type this. It is something I need to get off my chest and see in black and white.

It is heartbreaking but maybe someone will learn from it. I had been working for about four months doing mainly... More...

Posted in: East Anglian Escort's blog  on 09/30/05
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When you are a married man and you are about to visit an escort for the first time you need to consider the issue of lying your bloody head off to your partner while you do the dirty on her. It seems that some married men don't give a toss about this... More...

Posted in: Ryan's blog  on 09/29/05
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