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Sunny days are here again and so is another holiday weekend. Wishing you all a fun filled, safe and happy holiday.
If you'd like to pop on over and share a cold one with me, call-902-444-0414- I'm accepting a couple of appointments. till then...... More...

Posted in: The trials and tribulations of a Halifax escort  on 05/20/17
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Classy Pamela

And sweet nothings,
and the kind of companioship i offer,
you can call,
Extreme Girl friend Experience,
Just without useless rush and hurry!... More...

Posted in: Pamela in your kind services   on 05/18/17
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No Photo

I love being a slut because I love getting my holes used. My pussy gets wet when a guy face fucks me and then slaps me. Spitting on my face is another good way to get my pussy wet.
Once he's used my face enough, my pussy and asshole will be craving... More...

Posted in: I love being a slut  on 05/18/17
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Classy Pamela

I like new spicy ideas to color my escort companioship,
Which is usually also, is interesting and different from before.
Beads, toys and vibrators are few to ad up in your list (note: i like them packed and fresh).
So get only new.... More...

Posted in: Pamela in your kind services   on 05/14/17
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Jhahana Das

Consists alot,
But first priority of it is Discretion i feel,
Whats your opinion.... More...

Posted in: +91-7838730136(Only Whatsapp), +91-9582317324(sms, call) contact!  on 05/14/17
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Karuna Delhi GFE Busty Hotel escort

Tell me with what you like,
Cocoa butter or sweet honey?
so far i feel cocoa butter is much more nourishing.
Shall i get that with me or you are going to keep yours?
This special delicacy is without extra cost, for now!... More...

Posted in: +91-9643815715 Whatsapp me now to connect!  on 05/14/17
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Jhahana Das

There is alot you can do with intimate wear,
I like spikes, strips, straps and velvety ribbons.
Magenta is my favorite color,
Out of all.
Yet i prefer to wear something floral and play.
Especially for uninhibited long relaxing times, i ser... More...

Posted in: +91-7838730136(Only Whatsapp), +91-9582317324(sms, call) contact!  on 05/13/17
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I'm Milky Suzanne
Have been providing breastfeeding
now for over a year. West Coast available
for Milk Lovers-- My 38dd breasts have
lots of sweet breastmilk for suckling.
Perfect big nipples for latching upon.

http://lac... More...

Posted in: Escorting and Modeling  on 05/13/17
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Lip Locker

when i met my first client on social networking site, the profile appeared to be fake, i posted a simple message that i'm independent male escort catering women of all age groups, the rates are reasonable satisfaction and privacy are 100% guaranteed,... More...

Posted in: My first clien gyanecologist doctor  on 05/13/17
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Gwen Morales

I value myself

I am good enough.

I am a fighter.

I love hard

I know what life is all about.

I am smart, I am talented.

I see myself as pretty.

I am not married,


I can make my man happy
... More...

Posted in: Encounters to Remember  on 05/12/17
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Classy Pamela

Dear visitor,
If you think that you like to smoke and drink during escort companionship then choose me,
As i do not have issues about.
(If taken on recreational basis and in small quantities).
I prefer if you open scotch/ martini in front!
... More...

Posted in: Pamela in your kind services   on 05/12/17
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I am so glad I am into to escorting. Gives me great pleasure to please men.

I love sex and that is the reason I enjoy it with my clients.

I love luxury of 5 star hotels. The rooms, the food and great sex.

Come join me when every you are i... More...

Posted in: Escorting My Love  on 05/11/17
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Why only males are King for fun. Why females can not make any kind of fun. Now the time of female to use the male as escort and make fun.... More...

Posted in: Female fun   on 05/10/17
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Pure Obsession

Beautiful sunny weather is upon us once again.
Makes me happy because am not a fan of the fake and bake, like everything natural.
Day 3 of getting the sun on me, already have a nice color.
Although our winter did not seem that long, not that mu... More...

Posted in: My Life  on 05/06/17
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Karuna Delhi GFE Busty Hotel escort

Certainty this website is better place to be with like minded people.
But sometime you get to meet few people who aren't but not one's kind of.
It happens,
Yet hoping for the nice people to meet with.... More...

Posted in: +91-9643815715 Whatsapp me now to connect!  on 05/02/17
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Jhahana Das

Hi there,
Hows the day?
I thought of these, just now,
And just spilling the pinch of some awesomeness here.
I like warm and friendly atmosphere when i meet the guest,
You know what i mean,
I able to enjoy the atmosphere only when, you an... More...

Posted in: +91-7838730136(Only Whatsapp), +91-9582317324(sms, call) contact!  on 05/02/17
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Are you seeking unruahed erotic fully independent GFE well it's ur lucky day ;$ I could host in north Hollywood or could provide to u all over the world ;) please check out my website and contact me via my site ... u will soon be at ease and released... More...

Posted in: Available in call north Hollywood and out call all over the world   on 04/29/17
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The producer, the guys, Addison all wanted this to happen again. It is always hot when they all do a scene together. This time addison was going to be treated little more like a female whore. They put some makeup on him, just the basics, like eye sha... More...

Posted in: our kinky experiences  on 04/26/17
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Travelling is one of the things I love to do. Go and explore distant places and try their different cuisines.

And the two places I would love to visit the most are London and Italy because of their rich culture.

Coz I believe that when you ex... More...

Posted in: CUTECHUBBINESS's blog  on 04/25/17
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Hi, I am cutechubbiness from the Philippines! I would like to meet new people from all over the world and have fun! If you do like to meet a beautiful and voluptuous girl that will entertain and please you with all of her skills. Please contact me. ... More...

Posted in: CUTECHUBBINESS's blog  on 04/25/17
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Canadian Premier Companion

Behavior change is not merely a matter of knowledge or skill. If that were true, then all the information campaigns on how to improve your health would have made behavior-related illnesses a thing of the past. And birth control information w... More...

Posted in: International Travel Companion's Blog  on 04/24/17
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What do you really Need would love to hear from you ??... More...

Posted in: What Do you Really Need ?  on 04/24/17
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I'm home with no plans for tonight. Anybody wanna play?... More...

Posted in: Cassandra's Mind  on 04/22/17
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Gwen Morales

When I was new in the trade, a known Adult/Men Magazibe that time offered me a slot on their Magazine.

My article is not just only a sex column, but require ne to discuss a life of an escort, and would somehow advice how to go with a life of an e... More...

Posted in: Encounters to Remember  on 04/19/17
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Jhahana Das

it is better to avail the room which is pool facing,
i feel,
it is soothing to be in!
have lovemaking with amazing escort girl, look at happy people having shower and enjoying pool, greenery is also eye candy!
"sounds good" well i know your a... More...

Posted in: +91-7838730136(Only Whatsapp), +91-9582317324(sms, call) contact!  on 04/18/17
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