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Well hopefully the monsoon season has ended for the prairies. Holy cow, the amount of rain that we have had in June is just about unbelievable. It would not have been so bad if we would have had the normal temperatures to got with it. This has put th... More...

Posted in: A little more about me.  on 07/03/14
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Dark Fantasies or secret desires, dont we all tend to have one?
whats yours? Share them here and lets try to make this interactive.... More...

Posted in: Dark Fantasies.  on 03/10/14
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I had promised my daughter to go horse riding last night. So we rode along our fence line checking it as we rode. Lately the upper strands of barb wire have been getting stretched or broken. I think we found the culprit. A two or three year old moose... More...

Posted in: A little more about me.  on 06/26/13
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I have decided to delete this as I do not feel I explained the situation correctly and believe people may have got the wrong impression of me.

I was just saying how hard it is to be in love with someone you can't have

But I don't fancy him anym... More...

Posted in: Jessica's blog  on 05/28/06
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Last week I went for a horse ride with some other people. So I ended up riding a horse that is not my favourite. I chose a mare that had foaled earlier this spring. She is normally a good and gentle horse. I did not think she would get upset if we r... More...

Posted in: A little more about me.  on 06/10/13
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Pure Obsession

Yes, it was bound to happen, sooner or later. I've always been a person who keeps a good head on her shoulders, because of business, but occassionally I can't help but follow my heart as well.
This is such an occassion. I met someone, he's all I've... More...

Posted in: My Life  on 06/22/13
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Having performed my first 'stand up' at a bona fide theatre---with lights, mike, expectant audience, and just knowing that you CANNOT STUFF UP ----because, (this was MY view) the audience would think that i was only fit for/qualified to service: the ... More...

Posted in: Letitcia's blog  on 10/15/05
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Lol I made it through the weekend. We had major rain on Friday and Saturday. Went to a friends cabin at the lake on Saturday. Way to wet and windy to do any thing other than stay inside. Sunday was a little better. Thankfully we are supposed to get h... More...

Posted in: A little more about me.  on 06/17/13
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... or NOT to reveal, that is the question!

It has been suggested to me that the reason I am not getting responses to my ad/site is because I'm not showing myself in "all my glory"; it's been suggested that potential clientelle want to see exactly... More...

Posted in: GrantAndrews's blog  on 10/27/05
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Model Amy

Hello everyone, was just musing on my experience of having my new website up for a week and a half, and not too happy about a few things, so I thought I'd write here for what it's worth. Maybe educate a few quasi-men!

Astonishingly, perhaps, I've ... More...

Posted in: Model Amy's blog  on 10/13/05
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Last weekend the weather was nice. Had company arrive and stay for the weekend.. I don't mind company coming to stay but it would be nice if they would let you know before hand. So the things i did plan on doing never got done. That's life I guess.... More...

Posted in: A little more about me.  on 06/03/13
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always thought I had an open mind about different preferences.
I mean I can see something in leather,rubber, satin and silk. Boobs, bottoms and pussies. I can see slim girls, curvey girls and BBW's .. I can see Aunties, "mummies" "schoolgirls" Miss... More...

Posted in: jono's blog  on 03/20/06
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So, today, i had a call for an outcall, quite a ways away. I had spoken to the guy a few times, asked him to call back and stuff as i was busy, so i was feeling ok about it. He sent 4 texts throughout the day, which noramlly puts me on edge, from my ... More...

Posted in: sarah's blog  on 03/21/06
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Well, the day of reckoning has arrived. Following some gentle encouragement from a couple of Plink regulars my first Blog is here. Not only that but I am going to attempt to discuss a subject which has caused some contention in the forums. So with th... More...

Posted in: Matt's blog  on 01/31/06
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Pure Obsession

My work weekend is over. Although it took from me time from my personal life, that I at times could say I was a little disturbed by, even irritated at, the truth is, I do love what I do all the same. And then, something will happen, that truly does m... More...

Posted in: My Life  on 05/26/13
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I solved the mystery of 'you was in the NEWS OF THE WORLD'

Several weeks a go i wrote and submitted an article (which will be published next week)about a new initiative which Brighton and Hove council are implementing with regard to sex workers.
... More...

Posted in: Letitcia's blog  on 12/03/05
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Pure Obsession

Some people dread Mondays, wait all weeek long for TGIF to roll around. I admit, sometimes, I can be one of those people. But for the most part, I find that something's missing on the weekends, that only Mon-Fri. can bring.
Oh, I can have as much o... More...

Posted in: My Life  on 06/10/13
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Watersports, could some one tell me whats the fascination.
Where does this fetish come from? I have been asked many times for this kind of service.But to be honest I dont get it.What does a guy get out of it? Is it the sight of a women weeing,the wa... More...

Posted in: samantha's blog  on 01/30/06
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well, its the day, the day i decided to start a blog! i will remember and look back? 25th dec 2005, let me put that. i can remember 1978, but i cant remember where i put my keys 5mins ago.
hello, let me intro myself, im heather, or dollymopp if u re... More...

Posted in: dollymopp's blog  on 12/25/05
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Firstly, thankyou to Caroline, Penny and Samira for your best wishes - I'm happy to report that my first formal booking as a solo independent went extremely well!

My client was a lovely lady, intelligent, well connected with a very good job, very ... More...

Posted in: GrantAndrews's blog  on 10/13/05
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Last night I finished seeding. It actually went well this year. One minor break down and one flat tire.
It was cloudy last night so no stars to look at. I saw something run across the field, but could not tell if it was a fox or a coyote.

So I ... More...

Posted in: A little more about me.  on 05/24/13
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So lately I have been teasing a relatively new friend. I am not sure how any one else feels about it. I find that that and friendly chit chat puts me in a good mood for the rest of the day. And if you want to dish it out you better be ready to receiv... More...

Posted in: A little more about me.  on 05/30/13
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Very interesting that it's been applauded by many guys either on public forums or in private email. Ironic still that some escorts are having real problems with my decision to speak up over situation, (implying I'm on some sort of ego trip). Yes of c... More...

Posted in: Indigo Galliano's blog  on 03/14/06
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Ah the next few days are supposed to be above normal. You have to love that. Yesterday during my road trip I finally saw my first flock of snow geese. I have not yet figured out a way to estimate the number. How many does it take for eight pound on a... More...

Posted in: A little more about me.  on 05/01/13
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I was going to bed early but I've decided to try and wait up for my best friend. I really need a hug today. Nothing bad happened but sometimes, as a singe girl doing this job I spend an awful lot of time making sure my clients are perfectly pampered.... More...

Posted in: Indigo Galliano's blog  on 03/31/06
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