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one eyed panda 's blog

Havn't blogged for a while but then again I havn't been out and about that much on the scene.

Still a bit of fun is coming up, a trip to the smoke, no need to call it that now though I can remember my old man taking his home guard gas mask with him on the train to work in Dec '62, now that was horrible. As we didn;t have anything like the childhood asthma then that exists today people weren't keeling over and dying every 7 seconds but it was extremely unpleasant. Now where was I...oh yes I like to see an asian girl when in central london, and as I can't choose the time I can't make a booking, I need to be relatively well informed about who is where and what they do when I make my pot-luck phone call.

That means I have to do homework, and trawling through the list of asian girls agency websites is a very strange thing. First of all I wonder how many girls are actually working, then how many agencies there really are that are not connected to each other. I have a vision of a mama-san in a small room with a desk with 28 mobile phones on it, each labelled with an agency name, such as cloned escorts or anal asian girls. Has a certain ring that last one....

Anyhow there seem to be about two exclusive agencies and the rest have a myriad of clones of each other with the same girls in different combinations. Some of the girls seem to be registered with up to 10 of these 'agencies', some using the same name with each agency and bizarrely others using a different name in each agency. I'm not sure I want to see a girl who has 5 different names thank you. You can't be sharon on one site and ming-ming on another, not in my books anyway.

Then there's the feedback. Actually it's got a bit easier now as the worst serial field reporters seem to have got the message and actually the sites own feedback has an authentic feel about it, where they do it. The agencies with feedback good or bad will profit from their honesty as they will be the first to get my calls.

Part 2, which will be what happens when I actually make the call, assuming nothing goes wrong, next week.
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Added on: 03/17/07 12:00
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For anyone looking for a working girl in the UK, or at least a sexual service of some kind, the largest directory site is now the one that probably we aren't supposed to mention here.

Apart from the genuine girls there are a lot of time wasters on there.

My technique is to email a query, and see how long it takes to get a reply, which weeds out the disinterested or rarely available, though not a foolproof method.

One thing that really bugs me about the site is that it lists bareback as a service. There are two ways of looking at this, one is that it goes on anyway so why shouldn't we be open about it, as the careful punter can steer clear anyway, but my point is that listing it as a service gives it the illusion of legitimacy in that a major site allows it to be listed as a service along with watersports, domination, and other special interest pursuits.

So finally I decided to engage in dialogue by email with a lady that offers the service subject she states to std certs etc. I said I was interested to see her (genuine not made-up) based on looks service etc but I was concerned that she was prepared to offer BB to clients even under restricted conditions. Expecting a hail of gunfire the response was actually quite different. Whether truthful or otherwise, the lady claimed to be unaware that any punter considered BB sex supported by an std certificate to be unsafe. She hadn't being working long, was independent, so had no contact with any other wg up until that point. She said that she preferred BB and not being in a relationship was prepared to do it - when I suggested to her that plenty of punters wouldn't touch her with the proverbial if they knew she was offering BB her answer seemed to be genuine surprise - it simply hadn't occurred to her. Now I cannot tell if this is simply naievety, but I referred to her a number of website links to std's and their descriptions, sexual health issues for wg's etc.

It looks like a side effect of 'That site' that anyone seeing the site will think how easy it is to be a wg, just getting serviee by lots of randy men and getting paid for it, with no worries about any downside. I wonder how many other women have gone into work thinking like that?

OF course, there are counter arguments. I am prepared to go and see ladies that do oral without, and will perform reverse - of course I can see evidence of good hygiene most times before I go there. Some might say there is a risk with BB oral so why distinguish between sex and oral - in terms of precautions. Well its outside the point I wanted to make for one thing, and a blog's not the right place.
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Added on: 01/22/07 21:29
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Over time I have seen a lot of ladies as my job takes me around the UK and further. At the start I had two ladies I saw regularly and while they are both still working I see them less for mainly timetable and availability (me not them) reasons. There are others that I have seen a few times, and the infrequent visits, maybe one a year or less, are great fun. Everyone seems to remember me though occasionally get my name wrong which is just a simile problem.

However I have just found that one of the infrequent girls has gone off message, website down, and when I checked, phone not dead but not on message line. Not completely terminal but not a good sign at all. Actually she's not the only one on my top ten list who seems to have retired in the last couple of months, although its a shame I have to acept that retirement is part of the game and the typical lifespan of a wg in one incarnation may be just a couple of years and often less. Tiffany is a typical example, 2.5 years and out.

What makes me feel more of a loss this time is that I had a certain physical affinity with this particular girl. Part of the etiquette of punting with indie girls is that one must spend social time first as a rule, then get down to a measured amount of naughty stuff then finish. Its not just me being typically male but I really love it when the girl jumps on me almost before I have got inside the door, pins me to the floor, pulls the old man out of my trousers, and mounts me within minutes of arrival. That's what happened when we arranged an overnight, done with the proviso that this extreme nymph would allow me some sleep. Fat chance. And it happened when I saw her in her agency flat as well, just flat out physical action from start to finish, exhausting but great fun. The affinity is that she genuinely enjoyed me enjoying her in flat out mode, as most clients couldn;t keep up mentally or physically. Those encounters had a special something that's probably not supposed to be there between wgs and clients, not love of course but definitely more than just a physical encounter. I wonder if anyone else pushed the same buttons for her, they weren't exactly hidden. It would have been interesting to meet her at nearer equal physical age too.

So the loss is the knowledge that although not a regular meeting that the possibilities with this particular girl for future meetings won't exist. While hardly a fantasist as I've done anything in the sexual arena I can imagine wanting to do, the possibility of organising a couple of hours with this one was always enough to stir me up, no longer alas.
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Added on: 01/09/07 23:16
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Hotmail is a funny thing. I get 20 junks a day advertising degrees, underwear (female), porn, free escorts, all the usual stuff.

My digit was poised over the junk button when I thought - hold on I know this address. Roxie....

About 2.5 years ago I had a very nice punt in the Northwestern USA. We chatted about the UK and its the 'I must visit all my friends say its a great place' kind of conversation. Maybe I can show you around but I have a job etc, you can always email me.

So today 2.5 years later here it is, of course I've replied but its sorry no I can't meet you. Wasn't clear if the meeting was horizontal or social but my guess would have been both, but over New Year???

Oh well. Another one bites the dust.
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Added on: 12/19/06 17:05
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There are 2 ladies still working that I have been seeing when possible since I started my hobby. One is quite local to me and I slipped out to see her a couple of weeks back on my way to the airport.

She was really pleased to hear my voice on the phone and my request for some time was greeted quite enthusiastically as in get over here now, as though she hadn't been serviced properly for ages. Its a very nice boost that.

She is completely taken with the fact that i can go twice with her in an hour. In fact it was a stage on my journey from near impotence to full recovery that this lady managed to get me going for a second time on our third or fourth encounter more than five years ago. She has a very gentle oral technique that is almost tickling but she is very persistent and will keep working for ages until little by little the old boy comes back to life. Eventually it becomes unbearably pleasurable and I have to move, especially if I'm lying on my back, either to return the favour or to move on to sex. She usually has four or five cums of her own during our hour and this was no exception as she rode me to a shared climax.

This was more than usually like a girlfriend/partner experience - I obviously tickle her in other ways which makes the encounter nice. I should see her more often but the very closeness means I just can't drop in I have to have a reason to be there, shame really.
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Added on: 12/08/06 14:01
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I have owned up to my age before, not happily, being the wrong side of 50. I am quite fit, tall, have plenty of hair and only a few toothy gaps due originally to an alcoholic dentist and an odd genetic inheritance to make me worry about being unattractive for my age.

Even so, the prospect of picking up women by the single man's route of pickups in various social situations has been off the menu for a long time, punting is far more convenient and sensible in my situation. I have just got back from a long week away where Monday featured a typical panda hotel room punt - a couple of hours of chat with some sex thrown in, not the best punt but not the worst either. Quite enough to keep me happy.

Generally in hotels single (as in unaccompanied) female guests keep themselves to themselves, you can flirt politely with staff but that's it. So its strange to report that in the space of three days I had an encounter with a member of the hotel staff and two of the guests, though as this latter had something to do with a hen party alcohol was definitely involved (them not me). I'm not boasting about this, just reflecting on how weird life is. I have been travelling on business for nearly 30 years, and seriously for the last 24, and I can boast the grand total of two pick-ups in the UK in all that time. Then along come 2 or 3 depending if you count a threesome as one encounter or two. If I could rely on these events happening every month I wouldn't punt, but as it is I should imagine I've got another 24 years to wait for something similar. Hmmmm.

I do know one thing that may have made a difference to me. I am probably more relaxed in the company of women now than at any time in my life, and all these punts must have something to do with it. I don't consider any situation off-putting on grounds of physique or age for starters, so I probably don't send out negative vibes and must exude a general air of confidence without any excesses of any kind. I can work out that over all the punts I have spent a lot of time in conversational one-to-ones of a kind that few people get - the pre and post coital chats. And I had been starting to wonder whether I was benefitting from the 2-hour encounters compared to a more frantic hours encounter. I'm still thinking about that, but not so much. I wonder how the ladies feel about these conversational situations and whether they have benefitted from them in any way.
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Added on: 11/18/06 20:10
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Since I started punting Scotland has been a regular haunt for me, Glasgow and Edinburgh providing most of the entertainment. I am always staying in a hotel so my usual idea is to find an independent girl to snuggle down with for a couple of hours. However over the years I have found this is not such a great idea, as the punts have generally not been that good, and the ratio of let-downs has been much higher than my other main stay away area of Kent, Manchester, and the NE. Let downs take a variety of forms. The girl doesn't get my booking because I don't like what I hear on the phone, or she doesn't perform that well (not good service, clock watching stuff, turning up late with nonsense excuses) or cancels at the last minute, or simply just doesn't turn up. This week's texted at a time when I told her my phone would be switched off then texted again to say she couldn't come as I hadn't confirmed. Total crap. The genuine ones leave a message with a reason, you speak to them later and know they are genuine. I just hate it when a girl cancels because she has got a better offer from a client who may be a regular or much easier for travelling.

Anyway that is the limit of the downside as I simply caught a bus to a parlour and had my fun there instead. It seems to be the case in Scotland that the best girls are sauna (parlour) based, the problem being they retire or move on and take a new name so that you can never find them again except by luck. As the Revenue are taking an interest in the sauna scene its hard to find details or descriptions of the girls on websites, in fact I'm fairly sure that no sauna has pictures of the girls any more. So it really is pot luck, and my pot was filled on Monday. The problem is the time and money equation - I visited a place geared towards short term appointments. I shall have to work out a new MO, involving going with 2 or 3 girls with breaks in between instead of 1 long punt. Hmmm.....
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Added on: 11/02/06 15:38
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There really ought to be law against it. Stuck for time this week, but having done my usual homework beforehand, I visited a girl in a parlour. Nothing new about that, I was staying in a rather upmarket type pub B&B, the sort of place where escorting a young girl in a short leather mini skirt up the stairs by reception might attract undue attention. So I had to go out, and having done the research had called an estblishment and booked her on the basis of her reports and photos which are the only things you can go on in these situations.

Anyway, I arrive and am shown to the room. Barely getting my kit off when the girl walks in. OMG, I am astonished. When a parlour states a girl is in her mid 20-s she's going to be 30 at least, the photos were probably taekn 5 years previously and belong to another girl of similar physique, and the field reports are of a girl of the same name who retired last year. Not this time. Spot on accurate 'within experimental limits'.

Not only that but I can happily report one or two unusual events. I think when you go to an encounter of this kind, knowing you are going to have sex can affect you two ways. When I started I was very nervous so that I found it hard to keep my mind on the sex and consequently had some problems 'performing'. These days I don't really get nervous, except about getting to the place without exciting a speed camera, and am constantly thinking about the sex, so I am usually 'ready to go' maybe even too eager sometimes. Anyway, this particular young lady went straight to my gonads before she had done anything - pheromones some say - I can only just contain myself to get my trousers off without impediment. Its funny how some women affect you this way, she was young and attractive but it wasn't that it was some other more indefinable sexual property that had me going 'ball your brains out' 'record breaker' etc. Weird but nice weird - trouble was I only had one hour!

Will the same frisson of excitement occur the next time, or will she retire before I see her again I wonder.
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Added on: 10/21/06 11:57
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Next Tuesday will see me looking for somewhere to call in on my way back from, well,wherever I'm going to. If I could rely on meetings starting and finishing on time, I could organise myself a nice booking somewhere, but since the end of the meeting could be 2 hours out I have to wait until I'm clear, and then start using the phone.

I have a wide choice of stopping-off points because I can choose 2 major different roads home and a couple of secondary alternatives.

Should I simply locate a parlour or two where I can simply drop in, or try an indie? It can be amazingly hard to get an indie on the day, especially if you are ringing around lunchtime when many have already got a client with them, if they offer incalls.

A quick check around the directory sites, update the hobby phone, and away we go.

As to what happened I'll update you all later. It will be interesting to see how many calls I have to make.
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Added on: 09/21/06 16:56
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Up in Scotland last week.

On Tuesday a serious assault of a wg hit the headlines, one of a series of serious incidents involving wg's in the Glasgow area over the last ten years, including murder, none have been solved.

The same day a report appears about the sherriff of Glasgow closing the Aquarius sauna in Glasgow. The proprietor is already in trouble for living off immoral earnings and failing to declare income for tax, but what really got me was the sanctimonious drivel coming out of the sherriff's office, as reported in the press. Trying to claim the girls there are coerced into working (no evidence for that), claims about kerb crawlers, harrassment, all the things that almost never happen near a parlour more than anywhere else but are typical of street working.

So the Sherriff is determined to be responsible for future attacks on girls by closing establishments that allow then to work in safety.

The same day was a report about the inland revenue trying to assess the Edinburgh parlours for tax, including VAT.Most have pulled all their Pnet reports so that the revenue won;t be able to assess them but they could face big bills. Mind you, the top parlours take a lot of dough so if they dont declare their incomes properly I have no sympathy.
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Added on: 09/16/06 11:16
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I have a confession to make. When I was much younger I had a very randy girlfriend who found the idea of being photgraphed in action very exciting, and badgered and bothered me until I organised it. The photos appeared in a couple of well-known Scandinavian mags of the time, with me somewhat disguised due to my hair colour being changed.

I have been aware for some time that someone was promoting the back catalogue under the idea of 'retro porn', but I thought the chances of anything involving me being republished were slim to non-existent.

However, I was following a thread today on the BGAFD website, which is a directory site for all things related to adult films in the UK, and I found an enormous montage on one link page to some of this material and there I am, if not slap bang in the middle, then fairly prominently positioned if you get my meaning. What a lark.

I have never concealed this actvity within punting circles at least, but equally I never imagined any material could come to light. Even so I'm confident of not being recognised, I had to look twice. The worst bit was realising that the old man definitely used to be bigger, pmsl.
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Added on: 09/07/06 17:29
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Working on an article for a journal today and am totally lacking in any form of inspiration. Its more than 2 weeks since my last punt and I have another 10 days to go to the next so I'm feeling extremely randy. This always inteferes with my thought processes. The wife is having one of her frequent preoccupation phases where sex is the last thing on her mind, so no help can be expected from there.

Just reflecting on recent punts. I was lucky enough recently to get a punt with a girl I have had on my wish list for a long time. I particularly enjoy women with high sex drives and who are comfortable with themselves, and communicate the sexy feelings they have to the guys that they are with. This lady had those qualities in spades, and when she realised that she had a guy who was reasonably confident in his own abilities and techniques the level of mutual pleasuring that we reached was quite unusually high. The oddest, in a coincidence - provoking kind of way, was where we took a decision yes, that's enough for this time lets keep something for the next time by consensus without anything actually being said. You might think that it goes against the grain to have 2 sessions when 3 were possible in the time, or maybe slightly over the time, and yet that is what we did, sacrificed possible sex time for swapping our experiences and giving information about what we liked to do or have done. Probably we were still having sex with each other but it was no longer physical, I don't know.

Finally it was nice to receive a long email, way beyond the you were awesome please come back and see me mail that one sometimes gets, about how pleasurable the encounter was and some suggestions about what we should do if we meet again. Being bored my thought have turned to that a few times, but unfortunately no second meeting is in sight.

I have however a second meeting planned for 10 days time. I have blogged that I havn't been getting back to the girls I have seen before and this time I will, so that will be a nice start, knowing the girls preferences for certain things. Funny I should talk as though she is the client, but a little bit of putting yourself in the girls place doesn't hurt, no definitely not. Lets hope she can find the hotel this time!!
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Added on: 09/01/06 17:34
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Another year has gone by, not noticeably faster than the preceeding ones, in fact quite a slow year really.

My diary shows only 15 punts in the UK since last August but 11 outside, a reflection of how much travelling I have done and where I have been as well. Fifteen in the UK is probably the lowest annual total since I started, having now completed six years. I did quite a lot of outcall, hotel-based punts but hardly any incalls, so its the girls who are relatively local to me who havn't had the pleasure much if at all this last 12 months, of my company. Also I didn't attend a single group or party event, or do any kind of threesome or foursome. I also notice that I had to cancel four punts including one at very short notice, all down to my own clients inefficiencies but still very annoying, and not just for me.

The downside of this relatively small number is not that I didn't meet some excellent new girls because I did, but that I wasn't able to catch up with many of my favourites from previous years. In one or two cases this was lack of availability on their part but mostly lack of opportunities on mine, particularly round the M25 as I seemed to spend far too much time heading to airports at unsocial hours and not enough time stopping on the way for some horizontal fun. In one or two cases regretfully this lost me a last meeting as some have disappeared from the scene, of these perhaps the most missed will be a lady called Trish who worked in Stevenage. Shares in baby oil manufacturers would have fallen overnight if they only knew..... One loss was tempered by the arrival of an unexpected email saying that with enough notice a certain lady who had retired would continue to be available to me should I wish to see her, and while I certainly have wished I havn't actually been able to make it. That was a very nice thought which begged the question what retirement really means to a wg, how easy it is to make a clean break or otherwise, is it the client as an individual, the sex, the frisson of excitement abut those naughty hotel meetings....when I ask her I'll know I suppose.

I also wondered this year if any kind of punting fatigue would creep in, would I get bored, or broke, and just stop? If anything the main issue for me this year has been health. After all the March of time is supposed to step up between 50 and 60 and it duly has in some respects. One of the things I like about punting compared to social or marital sex is that as the client I feel that I have the licence to prolong intercourse to my own satisfaction, which with condoms reducing sensitivity, can on occasions be very prolonged, to the point where physical fitness begins to be an issue. Being unable to do more than swim for most of the year due to muscle injuries I have lost some fitness and especially arm endurance; the worst thing however was developing a tendency to prem ejac almost from no-where, which is a big distraction to say the least, and a frustration too. Happily that seems to have abated recently, to the point where one year on I feel quite happy with what I am able to do with the time I purchase. I like to give and receive a good sexual experience and any indication of being unable to 'perform' would certainly reduce my interest in the hobby possibly to the point of stopping. This might seem odd as part of the punt experience is undoubtedly the company of the person, yet I find the performance aspect is what draws me in.

Highlights. Were there any, of course there were. I had a punt with a Thai girl in London, something new, and an extraordinary alfresco punt in Poland. I met a couple of girls notable for their reports on Punternet but also through personal recommendations. And lastly for what amounts to a birthday treat a really good session with a girl in the NE only last week to finish the year off with a real bang.

What the next lifeline year holds only time will tell, maybe in another 12 months I'll tell.

Until then, thanks to all the girls who have kept me happily serviced over the last 12.
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Added on: 08/07/06 14:25
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Well just for once, from the arrangements onwards, one of my punts went completely smoothly. And by the silly grin I'm still wearing, it must have been a good one.

The art of sex, what a subject. Very personal, but knowledge and technique, together with appetite, circumstances, and that extra intangible thing sometimes happily combine.

The slightly usual nervy stuff precedes the event. I got semi-lost and park on the wrong side of the river. I have to ring for help because I can't master the keypad entry system (keyed up I suppose) and then the doors open and wham!

Actually I ask to have a shower - if you are about to be rimmed and have been to the loo since the last shower, this is advisable. I manage to work the shower, a minor miracle. Exit, damp, a quick and very nervy drink (can't get the straw out of the plastic sleeve) then - shall I put my clothes back on and go in the lounge, but no I am rescued and its onto the bed.

A massage is a great way to start the punt if you have time, and despite my urge to get down and dirty I know a massage is time well spent, I relax, we chat, even if I am face down and can't see the naked woman sitting on top of me. Gradually we move to the sexy stuff and I am blown away by the athleticism, raunchiness, expertise, flexibility, daring, leading, sexy, orgasmic capability of my temporary partner. I get taught things which is a bonus, and to try things too, unusual for a woman to have the confidence to do that on the first meeting. And that too, and that.

Net result, one very happy, smiling panda. Sexual events can be remembered for a long time even once the immediate pleasures have faded. I can remember losing my cherry equally as i can remember details of this last punt, as well as many fun events in between, and it's nice to look back at them amidst all the daily grind. It's the kind of thing that keeps me coming back for more........
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Added on: 08/04/06 18:42
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I really can't help it, but I have booked a girl for next week and I'm very excited about it. This will be the umpteenth attempt to see the girl is question as we have cancelled on each other at different times and I have also rung on the day without success.

Of course I am dreading a call from my client putting me off but at least I know that it will only be a postponement but I hate having to make the call to the girl to rearrange or worse say I will make another booking but I don't know when.

So why am I so excited? Firstly I havn't been punting much over the past few months so I'm a bit pussy starved. Secondly I really fancy this particular woman and though one shouldn't really make wish lists I remember reading a report about her five years ago and putting her on my list as a priority to see. She clearly has a very high sex drive and there's something I particularly like about being jumped on when you open the door, then when round 1 is finished round 2 starts straight away.
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Added on: 07/28/06 11:04
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Funny expression, reverse oral. Sometimes in parlours you have to pay to do it as the girl treats it as an extra and charges accordingly. I usually say you are mssing out babe and smile sweetly.

I was out and about a couple of weeks back, had to stay overnight for work reasons and so was looking for a quick punt. Sometimes I will take a chance in a parlour but I had a couple of numbers for indies in the area I was in and decided to take a chance. I duly fixed myself up, made my way to the ladies' premises etc etc.

Any way, never having asked before, I get to the point of going down on the lady as is my wont and she stops me. You are missing out I say with a cheerful grin, and she replies rather less pleasantly, I don't where you have been last but I don't want chlamydia from you thank you very much.

Most girls are happy to accept oral from a guy and I was quite surprised by this. Unless I had just come from the previous pussy without washing or shaving I would be surprised if I could pass anything on. So had this lady just got a bee in her bonnet? Bear in mind I rarely turn up anything less than very freshly washed and sweet smelling, tho it was pointed out to me as I left, as a Parthian shot, that I could o with a few nostril hairs removing.
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Added on: 06/11/06 15:50
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I enjoy sex outside in good weather but it's hardly ever an option in the UK. Street girls are to be avoided because of the pimping and drugs but in the warmer parts of Europe working outside is more normal in summer.

Last week I had an astonishing encounter on an A-road in Poland. I wrote a report in Punternet Europe that seems to have vanished into the ether, a pity as even the broad minded lot on here might blush at a blow by blow account so I'm not putting it in the blog.

Layby pickups have a seedy image but I was very surprised to find that when I stopped to suss out this Pam Anderson lookalike at the roadside that set back out of sight was an outdoor working room with sofa chairs stools and a cabinet for her things including rubbers lube mouthwash toothpaste soap the works.

Difficult to tell if she overcharged me by local rates as of course everything is much cheaper there but I had 2 services in about 80 minutes of extremely fun fun. Maybe I will have to try again in the future. The other odd thing is that we managed with maybe 20 words between us - I dont know any Polish but I'm sure I'm cumming and fuck me harder featured on the list of words used. PMSL.
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Added on: 05/13/06 12:05
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No silly I'm not that big, thank goodness.

Its the perfect height for me from the floor to the top of the mattress. I'm 6' and I have legs, that to do my favourite position, which is doggy while standing, I have to bend or spread to the point of discomfort for the majority of situations. It can be a problem to the point you think that was too uncomfortable I would hesitate to go there again. I have done that once, and commented quite a few times about it to different girls.

Anyway, 65cm is perfect. My partner for the evening could kneel up on the side of the bed and everything was at a perfectly comfortable height. It doesn't half improve things when there is no extra stress or strain on other body parts. Standing missionary was equally well facilitated. The reason I have the measurement so exactly is that I had a tape measure and made a note of it for the blog after the lady had gone. I worked out that the lowest comfortable height for me was about 58cm.

So congrats to Holiday Inn for providing such excellent facilities. And when you are getting a bed for your flat ladies please don't make it too low, ta.
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Added on: 05/12/06 11:58
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Clients being what they are its always a relief when the last opportunity for my own work to get cancelled amended whatever, has passed. For next week's lot its 4pm so they have all gone home, next weeks trip is on and with it the appointment for a couple of hours fun.

I have had so many timetable problems recently that I had almost given up the pleasurable anticipation thing but now I have the whole weekend to look forward to next Tuesday night. I may even revisit the lady's website for another peek at her pics, just in case I should forget how she looks....

Should be good, there has been a bit of email banter too.
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Added on: 04/28/06 17:48
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I made a booking this week for next week, with a lady that I have wanted to see ever since I started to punt. That started me thinking back. When punting was completely new to me, around 5 years ago, I hadn't discovered any web activity and got my first punt from reading the legendary (in its own lunchtime of course) McCoys guide. Ringing a number in the Daily Sport seemed far too frightening - I still havn't done that. Then I discovered Punternet and after the shock of seeing more than 10000 punt reports in a database I started to read. As I travelled the country I realised I could see in theory almost any of these ladies with a bit of thought, and so my first little black book began to accumulate entries. I lost it in the end but I recall trawling the websites (not so many girls had even directory entries 5 years ago, which shows you what a long time 5 years is) and making notes about services, even wine preferences where mentioned, silly stuff.

Booking one that had field reports 5 years ago pulled me up a bit - its not a long time in a conventional career but how many of the girls I noted in that first book are still available? I havn't got the book so I can't work it out but I can't get into double figures from memory alone. How many girls blogging chatting or listed on here will still be in the life in another 5 years? What happened to the retirees?

Then another funny thing happened - I was a bit bored today and I just had a look though the girls in a couple of the more active agencies, somewhere I have to go in a couple of months. I found a girl on there that I saw in about 2002 who had retired the same year, now back, new name, although her previous was alluded to. So maybe its not disappearance or retirement, just resting like actors. I wonder if I'll see that girl again, though she does appear to have gained a few pounds, not enough cowgirl I suppose.
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