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Josephine 's blog

What a shame this site is going, Im going to have to get my A in G and copy and paste my old ramblings elsewhere, would be good to have some sort of record of my introduction to becoming a strumpet leading to where I am now, a more informed strumpet but still a very happy one!
I have made some good friends from this site, ladies and gents alike. Was thinking about the gents who blog here maybe we could use one of those free blog pages so the gents can continue to blog along with the ladies who don't have blog pages on their sites then we can all occasionally log in and read and comment on each others blogs still, I will look into it and try and post a link before it closes down.
Isn't it lovely now the Spring is here, this is when I really appreciate living in such a beautiful part of the county, primroses, daffodils, masses of cherry and apple blossom adorning the lanes, this is when you realise that Darling buds of May country still exists. It certainly gives me a lift seeing colours and sunshine and makes the proverbial sap rise to explosive levels .. I think we are conditioned by nature to feel this way after all it is the mating season! (Then again it is the mating season all year round for us ladies ... lucky wenches we are!
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Added on: 04/05/07 03:00
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Have just purchased a pair of thigh length boots, been putting it off for ages but in recent weeks seem to have a lot of requests for the said articles.
I put them on for the first time with stockings and an extraordinarily short skirt as was the gentlemans request, and well I never, I looked just like a prostitute!:)
The heels are six or maybe seven inches and I felt like Barbara Windsor teetering around in them, they will need some getting used to I can tell. Maybe I should wear them on my cake stall at the village fetes ... wonder what the Vicar would think, apart from wondering why I had suddenly grown to a statuesque 6ft 2! In fact he could borrow them and wear them under his cassock .. hmmmm what a thought maybe I will buy a nuns habit, that would be quite a thrill walking down a high street, a demure Sister of Mercy hiding a pair of thigh lengths under her habit, no doubt it would turn into a Dave Allen farce, falling head over heels outside Woolworths! (Btw I wont be buying a habit just incase anyone gets any ideas!)
I am enjoying being in my new incall locations, especially now I don't have to find hotels to stay in when visiting London. Sevenoaks is more convenient this time of year too as a couple of gents had the misfortune of getting snowed in last year while visiting me in my cottage! I still like to see gents at my cottage although not in snowy conditions, rural locations and snow don't mix unless they are on a Christmas card!
Seems a shame that this blog site might close, must get round to copying and pasting my ramblings to a safe place.
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Added on: 02/15/07 01:57
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What a night! Not long arrived back from central London on an outcall, the arrangements were for me to meet my gent at 8pm but due to the storms the trains were cancelled. Considering the gentleman had come quite a distance to meet me I decided to drive, it should only take an hour, what a palava it took me aaaaaaaages nearly 3 hrs to get into London. Sat nav set to the fastest route it led me to closed motorways and traffic jams where I read the paper!
What a wonderful thing satellite navigation is though (thanks to the lovely gent who furnished me with it) technology never ceases to amaze me, leading you through all the back alleys and streets of London with their fascinating names, I find I have to just trust it and let it lead me, the dulcet tones of the female voice make me jump out of my skin sometimes!
I suppose I put it to the best use so far tonight, although I screamed at it on the way back when it led me to the most horrendous traffic jam at the Blackwall tunnel, where I read the paper once again ... so I think this was the longest outcall ever in the travelling sense, left at 7pm and back at 2am just to go up the road so to speak ....phew!
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Added on: 01/19/07 04:04
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A polite email from a gent that I had been making arrangements with asked if I minded him visiting me on his motorbike as he was a little concerned that he would be in his leathers when he arrived. Of course I didn't mind, Goodness no ...!!
Well what a sight for sore eyes is all I can say ... think I might have mentioned before my penchant for different fabrics and materials and certain happenings beneath them! I was richly rewarded, a pair of strong muscley legs and bum, encased in a pair of gorgeous leather biking trousers.
Sitting next to me on my sofa it didn't take long for my hand to wander over his legs and to feel the way the warmth from his legs warmed the leather, and the smell ... wow I love the smell of leather at the best of times but it made the smell even nicer knowing that there was something warm and human beneath the leathers.
To add to my pleasure (yes Im selfish I know, I do this for myself too!) it became obvious that my gent was wearing his leathers commando styleee, well I must say seeing the outline of a certain part of his anatomy making the leather strain was nearly enough to cause me to grab the smelling salts and faint clean away like the fragile ladies of old in their restricting corsets, not helped maybe by my restricting corset :) There is something about the top of a mans trousers and if a belt is warn that fascinates me, I like to look at the different stages of its undoing, the look of it undone and hanging with a buckle glinting in the candlelight can be a very arousing sight, it was good to see this on the leather ones even though the belt was an integral part of the trousers and fastened with velcro but the ripping noise it made as I undid them was a good sound!
Anyway enough of this Im getting carried away!
(PS Don't ever worry about visiting me on a motorbike, Im sure I would be good at riding you pillion!)
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Added on: 01/08/07 10:08
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Well what a bad start to my escorting new year. I feel let down, confused, used and disappointed. Today I started back seeing gents again after a few weeks break and my first client was a regular who I have been seeing for a year on a very frequent basis, usually once a month and occasionally more frequently than that.
After spending an enjoyable couple of hours with me as usual he "realised" while getting dressed that he had left his jacket in the car which contained my fees. Now I am a trusting lady and don't always demand my fees as soon as a gent comes through my door, especially long term regs as I like to think that we have formed some sort of bond and mutual understanding of our arrangement. I didn't think anything of it as he went to the car, he then rang me and said that his jacket was elsewhere and apologised profusely and arranged to go into the local town and get my fees from his bank and would call as soon as he returned. The whole trip should have taken about half an hour. That was the last I heard from him. I rang, sent texts saying that I could not believe he would do that, and said if there was a problem I would understand and try and sort something out with him. I didn't hear a thing back.
I find it incredible that I have invited this man into my home on a regular basis, looked after him well, made him comfortable and given myself to him and he repays me like that. It is not so much the money that I am concerned about (although that would have been useful right after Christmas) but the disappointment I feel that someone can do that ... I am too trusting by half.
After putting a few warnings with a heavy heart on different forums (it felt strange writing a warning about one of my regs)I found out from a few ladies that he had done the same to them. Isn't it incredible that you can misjudge someone so badly?
Thankfully this is an uncommon occurance and the majority of gentlemen are honest as the day is long.
I will still be as trusting as ever and will not start to demand my fees as soon as a gent walks across my threshold especially gentlemen I know.
I suppose it was about time though for me to experience something not so nice in this industry as so far I have been extremely lucky throughout my 17 months of escorting and have only experienced nice things and lovely gents. Maybe I have got complacent.
Oh and by the way the answer to the really bad old joke that begins in the heading of this blog is:
Don't pay her!
I have a nice lusty blog to cheer me up but will save it til tomorrow ;)
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Added on: 01/03/07 04:09
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Added on: 12/23/06 01:57
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My inkling was correct my bosom has definately grown bigger since becoming a lady of intriguing virtue!
I kept noticing that there was a certain straining against my bras and basques and certain parts of my anatomy kept popping out and spilling over at the least encouragement including an embarrassing moment en route to an outcall last week. Stopping off to get petrol dressed smartly in an admittedly rather too tight little cardigan and smart skirt I walked into the garage to pay, I noticed a few nods and smiles in my direction as I strolled across the forecourt and again inside from the rather busy shop which had a lot of gents inside queuing up to pay.
It wasn't until I got to the till that the two guys behind the counter smiled and told me I had brightened up their day while eyeing my bosom with glee. I glanced down and to my embarrassment three of my buttons had come undone revealing the vast majority of my rather ample cleavage, right down to showing the lace of my bra, yes they were on display like a couple of rather ripe erm ... trying to think of something to compare them to .. melons maybe?! Crumbs did I blush, my face was hot with embarrassment and I fumbled frantically to do the buttons up again feeling all fingers and thumbs, and a few leery comments burning my red ears, the walk of shame back to the car was watched closely by quite a few pairs of eyes!
Enough was enough so today I went and got measured again properly and had gone up from a FF to a GG bordering on an H cup, sounds huge to me and I don't want them to get any bigger than that! Although I am happy to be a big bosomed gal I don't necessarily want that to be my main feature as there is a lot more to me than a pair of bosoms.
Had a nice week and met some nice new gents along with a few regulars. Received a gorgeous bunch of pink roses and a nice compilation cd with some songs that my gent thought I would like and he was right too ... I love all eras of music.
Talking of music I went to see The Rat Pack with a lovely gent, it was honestly one of the best shows I have seen, how ever they found the cast of Sinatra, Dean Martin and Sammy Davies Jnr I don't know but they were absolute spits for the real thing and the voices were incredible you could nearly believe they were the real thing. Three gorgeous ladies accompanied them with voices that were tremendous. A show to be applauded but I think that it may be finishing very soon. Nearly didn't get to the show though as a new little black dress I had bought just would not do up my gentleman friend was called to help and he could not get it to budge either, strange really as I had worn it before and although fitted across the bust it wasn't them actually getting in the way this time but a seam stopping the zip from going up, in the end we admitted defeat and the top of it had to remain undone but was fortunately covered by a small cardigan. Getting ready in the hotel room was a feat in itself as all our clothes and other belongings were strewn around the place, looked like a tarts handbag in there!
Intwined with my strumpeteering I am helping the Vicar organise a funday thingy and have promised to bake a cake and make a few buns, I have already made a few jars of pickled onions ... busy time of year, so you may catch me whisking the cake mix in my basque, stockings and heels (Nigella eat your heart out!) as long as the Vicar doesn't want to pop in and lick the spoon!
Never ceases to amaze me this double life!
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Added on: 12/09/06 04:58
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I have just returned from ooop North in a big white van, I needed to hire one to collect something from North of Watford. It was a huge one, something that I am not used to driving in the least and it made me feel quite different sitting up high there driving along side the lorry drivers on the M1.
A feeling of power maybe, the urge to shout out the window like a lot of lorry drivers do to me "Come on darlin show us your erm erm erm .." oooh I really wished I had done so, elbow out the window leering away like white van men do ... no offence meant to the drivers of such vehicles, Im sure you don't all shout and letch out of the windows! So funny getting up close the other drivers of vans and lorries (always of the male species) the surprise on their faces to see a buxom wench sitting in the cab, Im sure it makes them feel competitive and on quite a few occasions I felt I was goaded into racing them, the same faces coming along side and winking then speeding off again. I confess to joining in the games and overtook a few and laughed and smiled as I passed them, only for them to do the same back ... anyway my infantile behaviour soon passed the time on the trawl of the M25 and M1.
I had a fab day out in Manchester while I was up there (somewhere I had never been before) and ended up spending too much in Selfridges and Harvey Nichols luckily I had some vouchers for the latter which a kind gent gave me quite a while back, so some more of my favourite red lipsticks for me and yet another bottle of perfume, which is my ultimate vice (apart from strumpeteering) I have so many bottles of perfume, its something that I love, I don't leave the house without it, I feel nude if I forget to spray it on my person, I suppose the only time I don't wear it is if a gent specifically requests I don't incase it can slightly scent his clothes. Im always careful though especially with my lipstick .. cant be having that on white shirts "Lipstick on your collar told a tale on you" said Connie Francis (im not that old, my mum used to sing it when I was a rugrat and it was old then!)
Went in a lovely old beamed hostelry called The Wellington I believe, right by the cathedral gates, I love the diverse architecture in cities and I daydreamed about how the original occupiers in the 15th century would be so shocked to look out of the windows in 2006 and see how the surroundings have changed, would they believe their eyes seeing the ultra modern building of HN and the big ferris wheel along with the shopping centres and vehicles ... god I would love to time travel.
I was glad of the retail therapy and architecture spotting as for some reason I was feeling highly charged that day, why the hell do I always feel horny when I know I can't have the pleasure of a gent .. this job really does increase your sex drive as I am sure I have said before, I now always feel "up for it" and am always pleased to see my rampant rabbit when I awake in the mornings but staying as a guest of someone this weekend I left him at home .. crumbs surely I should be able to go a weekend without the pleasures of the flesh! I will make up for it this week, a few dates planned, plus I will be ensconsing myself in a hotel in London for a couple of days (please gents do check the dates properly on my site, a few asking when I am in London next, its all there in black and white!) and a great couple of dates with some gents known to me including a show which should be fab. This job certainly keeps a girl on her toes (or back as the case may be!) but I wouldn't have it any other way (apart from doggy, cowgirl ... etc ... :) How unladylike, slap my wrists!
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Added on: 11/27/06 00:33
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Don't think I have blogged for yonks, mainly due to my computer packing up on me, thankfully rectified, a laptop will make life a whole lot easier (hopefully).
Funny though I was a computer addict and got withdrawal symptoms at first not being able to read the forums or chat occasionally online to a few peeps but after a week it seemed ok and the habit you get into with the computer disappeared although I missed reading my friends posts and comments, the time I would have spent online I put to good use doing some mundane much needed jobs like tidying up cupboards and sorting through my growing collection of underwear (not so mundane!)
I have been buying more and more stockings and my stocking snob attitude is accelerating. Usually I buy my stockings online along with the basques I enjoy wearing that have the proper metal clasps on the suspenders. Trying to buy proper nylons with point heels and a seam is like trying to find Lord Lucan if you go to department stores and indeed a lot of boutiques too.
I went in Fenwicks and asked for proper nylons with all the above criteria and the girl didn't know what I meant, she looked at me blankly when I refused the stockings that had lycra in them. I want them to be able to wrinkle I told her, to be the shape of my leg I said. She asked me if it was a fetish that I had.
Maybe it is but it seems extraordinary to me that traditional stockings and underwear should be categorised into a fetish compartment, afterall it was the norm to wear such things until fairly recently. Trying Ann Summers was even worse they hadn't a clue what I meant I was starting to think I would have to resort to browning my legs with Bisto and drawing a seam in black eye kohl up the backs of my legs but I don't think it would be quite the same thing for me and my gents unless of course anyone fancies a wartime rationing roleplay appointment ... but if you are an American G.I you could always sneak me a few pairs of nylons?!
Problem solved in the form of Agent Provocateur, Camden (yes really, hidden behind all the Goth stuff lovely FFS, and not a clue to how much they should be priced at!) and going back online again and ordering a load from Stocking HQ.
Thankfully well stocked again in time to enjoy an evening with a gent at an annual ball for stocking lovers. What a thrill it was to look at all the ladies in their splendour,different coloured stockings peeping seductively from under their dresses and to feel the sensation of the proper nylons on my own legs too.
All I can say is thank goodness for the internet especially for people who live in a rural location and are wanting to buy "proper" stockings otherwise I think we will soon be resorting back to the old wartime technique.
Wake up you underwear buyers in good quality department stores, you are missing a niche in the market!
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Added on: 11/16/06 13:40
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Something that does occasionally worry me in this job and out of it too, is the number of men who have or maybe have undiagnosed heart disease.
Not necessarily a disease of the older person, indeed I know a couple of people who have had heart bypasses in their early forties.
Im no doctor but I have lived and socialised with people with this and one of the symptoms is angina, where the heart is starved of oxygen because of the diseased muscle.
I have been in a situation where angina has occurred and thankfully the person has had on them an angina spray pump Glyceryl trinitrate, which they spray under their tongue causing the arteries to open and for the blood to be pumped more efficiently. I have also been in a situation where someone had a heart attack and I remembered that giving them an aspirin is a good measure thankfully it helped and the paramedics said that it had reduced the severity of the attack.
This leads me to the main point of this post, because of a family member who has serious angina I keep a Glyceryl trinitrate pump in my house just incase they forget theirs when they visit. A few months back I decided that I would carry one around with me in my handbag along with a pack of aspirins just incase I ever came across someone in difficulty and if something occurred during an appointment with me.
Well I had to put my supplies to good use this week, a gentleman had an attack of angina while with me and had forgotten his spray, he was in agony and thankfully I produced the spray, a couple of puffs under his tongue and he was fine .. thank god for it!
You can purchase a Glyceryl trinitrate pump over the counter at boots for peanuts they are life savers along with aspirin and I would recommend any lady having them in her bag of tricks.
For anyone wondering about angina a basic link here.
Sorry to have such a maudlin post but such a simple thing can save a life.
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Added on: 10/14/06 03:09
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Been out tonight for dinner with some close friends followed by bumping into a lot of old and good acquaintances in the pub afterwards,think there were about a dozen or so of us in the end about eight guys and four girls, gosh we have had a few which is not a good thing if I decide put fingers to keyboard. Started off in a new French restaurant that has opened in a local town with just the four of us. I love my friends, they love me too and know so much about me and my life and loves, my relationships, my indepth side, they are there if I need them and vice versa the sort of long term friendships that can be left for a couple of years and then take off where you started from. They think I am deep, Im not that deep really but of course there is one major part of my life that they don't know about. Seems strange really, laughing and joking tonight and the joke was on me,"God ***** why have you not got a man?" when was the last time you saw a cock?" "Bet you have forgotten how to do it?" So I play along with it telling them that yes I haven't had sex in ages. A couple of the guys in our group I have had short flings with, they know that I am highly sexed and thoroughly enjoy nearly every aspect of it, indeed one of them (who I don't know in that way) has made it blatently obvious tonight what he feels for me, he has admitted he has been "In lust" with me for twenty years!! Strangely I am shy in this sort of situation when someone is openly telling me what they feel, I come across as maybe a bit snooty although I don't mean to but in this case I just don't feel the same way for him, shame really as he is a lovely chap but if the feelings are not reciprocated on my behalf it is not fair to play him along.
I look at my friends and just know that they would not believe it if they knew the secret part of my life they think they know me well, they think I am not having a sex life, little do they realise I have most probably had more cocks than they have had hot dinners and that I am a whore, yes not a pretend one but a real life one ... strange, strange world but yes they are right I am deep, I like it, I love to have a secret side to my life I always have and always will but nothing will top this for a secret life ... I love it ...
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Added on: 10/08/06 02:30
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Have been thinking this weekend about dates .. nope not courting sort of dates but conception dates.
I know a lot of people who were born the first few days of October including myself .. think back, work it out, we were conceived New Years eve! Haha I will have to have a word with my parents and ask them if they had fun all those years ago on NYE and was my conception no doubt due to over consumption of alcohol?!
Bet you know someone who has a birthday beginning of October too?
I have been partying this weekend it was a close friends birthday too, great to see lots of old faces and catch up over a gin & tonic or ten, I find that g&t doesn't give me a hangover, well not as much as some wines do. I love wine but am particular with what sort I drink, suppose it has something to do with my parents who certainly like a drink and used to encourage my sister and I to drink wine from an early age with dinner:) They were of the opinion that it stopped teenagers abusing alcohol if they were allowed it from a young age ... hmmmm not necessarily true haha I remember my first time away from my parents I drank a few barley wines in bottles through a straw! Was I drunk or what, it is a terrible drink, think it is about 10% and the sort of thing you imagine old men with red noses drinking, not "delicate" young ladies?! I don't think I could ever drink it again even if I was paid a lot of money, makes my stomach churn thinking about it .. yuk!
Had a nice week, had a couple of dates which were nice long appointments. On one we went into town and ensconsed ourselves in a good old London boozer. Sitting chatting with my gent in the packed pub a couple of men joined our table, one of which seemed very elderly, bright red nose (barley wine?) he took rather a shine to me and kept interruping our conversation, would I stay and chat with him, nice lady etc etc .. then as me and Mr. X were getting up to leave he called out "Where did you find him then"? If only he knew ... how tempting it was to call back "Punterlink infact!" Wonder if he would have still thought I was a "nice lady?!" Well I am a nice lady, a nice lady with a slightly unusual job I suppose.
We wandered around and had a peep at the walk-ups the upstairs windows glowing a deep cerise, same job different way of doing it I suppose. I was intrigued and went up to a door to peer up only to find myself nearly smacking noses with a gent who was hurriedly coming out doing up his cufflinks ..ooops! After dinner we went back to Mr. Xs club for some shuteye and "things". Always manage to stay awake nearly all night and then when its time to vacate the room the next day, Im rushing around frantically trying to get ready, recovering stray stockings and lost knickers from dark corners and searching manically for my sunglasses to cover my puffy, tired eyes.
Sometimes I giggle to myself with this job, pulled over in a layby as my naughty phone was ringing, went to answer and was greeted by a lot of crackling then my private phone rang so I answered that too, it was my mum nattering about everyday stuff then my naughty phone cleared and a voice asked me if I did watersports, what a contrast, mother talking about the weather and dull relatives and another voice asking me about certain sex acts of a urinary nature .. such a double life!
Looking forward to this week, off on a trip with a lovely gent somewhere nice and warm, will be fun to be Mr. & Mrs. Smith for a few days ... anyway I'm rambling away here but its good to talk (type).
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Added on: 10/01/06 23:10
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I think I have had one of the strangest items of lost property left in my capable hands .. one pair of gentlemans beautifully made brown suede brogues. It wasn't until I woke up that I noticed them there, side by side by the dressing table, waiting for their masters feet to walk them out of my hotel room but no he had gone and abandoned them to the mercy of a lady of dubious repute.
Had he walked out onto the early morning streets of London in just his socks? My mind spun in the early morning haze of the previous nights over indulgence until I remembered he had changed out of his suit into his more casual attire the previous evening, and then back again into his city clobber this morning, accidently leaving the said footwear with me.
Somehow I managed to squeeze the huge size 10's into my little wheeley suitcase. They are now residing happily in my country cottage awaiting patiently their reunion with their masters feet.
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Added on: 09/16/06 01:26
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Added on: 09/09/06 22:43
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I often feel like I am in a Carry On film in this profession and tonight was no exception. After arriving at the said hotel and getting aquainted over a glass of fizz, things made a natural progression. While sitting astride Mr.X on a comfortable armchair my basque found as usual that it couldn't contain my bosom for much longer and one of the shoulder straps pinged undone with such force that it lashed Mr. X around the ear and side of his face, I'm not sure if it was the shock of the lash or the sudden force with which my bosom appeared before his eyes that caused Mr. Xs face to glow a rosey red. (Oooh matron take them away!)
After a while my gent decided to order another bottle from room service and suggested that I go in the bathroom to apply more red lipstick, backcomb my big hair to even bigger proportions, keep my basque down so my breasts were bare and come back after he had received the Champagne at the door.
Listening behind the bathroom door I could hear the faint knock of the main door and the receiving of the bottle and glasses, door close and the tray being put on the table ... time for me to emerge from the bathroom .. da dah! .. nose to nose or should I say breast to nose with the poor guy from room service. His face was a picture, he coughed, mumbled, stumbled, he apologised, I apologised, Mr. X smiled and tipped him like nothing had happened. He left the room nearly walking backwards, no doubt with a good story to tell to his colleagues, although I suspect he sees this sort of thing fairly often. I apologised profusely to Mr. X but he seemed thrilled that it had happened like that .. it was what he had hoped .. slapped wrists from me .. bad boy!
On leaving the appointment I headed towards the lifts and who should be in there ... yep you've guessed it!
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Added on: 09/07/06 03:23
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I bought some different condoms and unbeknown to me they had a strong anaesthetic in the teat, not just a little numbing but a complete deadening of the whole appendage, so much so that my poor gent was having major concerns as to why he couldn't reach his point of no return, me totally oblivious to the fact apart from wondering where on earth he was finding this sort of stamina from! Obviously the gentleman concerned wanted to end his evening with me feeling that ultimate release but it wasn't to be, he left my cottage in a state of unfinished business. Apparently this lasted for a day or two too. Looking back over the previous days to this visit I recall another gentleman having similar problems and yes the same brand of condom was used. (Thankfully both gents are regulars!)
Apologies to the gentleman who have left my company feeling comfortably/uncomfortably? numb.
I haven't thrown them away as they will be useful for some gents who request a few delaying tactics!
Note to myself: Always read the label and stick to the brands you are used to!
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Added on: 09/03/06 03:36
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A part of escorting that I enjoy ( as well as the obvious) is the diverse conversations that take place horizontally. Here are just a few snippets that were voiced post coitally this week ....
1. How to embalm a body.
2. 9/11 was planned well in advance by Bush, and other extraordinary conspiracy theories.
3. How to grow asparagus to perfection.
4. How to kill someone outright by pressing certain parts of the anatomy.
5. Live WW1 unexploded bombs are regularly put along the roadside in Flanders awaiting collection from the military.
6. The high amount of people suffering from hayfever and other allergies is caused through the lack of worms and parasites these days in the human body.
7. Do vaginal muscles get tighter the longer one escorts.(on the same note, have Josephines breasts got bigger the longer she has been escorting)
8. The pros and cons of circumcision.
9. Do ladies who ejaculate really pee themselves, if not what does the liquid consist of, if analyised under a microscope.
10. Was Brian Jones murdered.
Keep the conversations up gents, Im always up for a good discussion (amongst other things!)
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Added on: 08/27/06 03:12
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I have a new fascination for a certain article of clothing for gentlemen ....... Kilts .. phew feeling all flustered just thinking about them!
Could this be because I have just come back from a break in Scotland? Possibly and maybe keeping my libido in check for two weeks has some bearing on it too.
After spending two weeks in a very remote part of Scotland, walking, painting and just chilling I thought I would venture to a town and have a wander around. The day I chose there was a large clan gathering so there were many people around from all parts of the world coming home to enjoy time with other members of the clan. I had never thought much about men in kilts until then although I liked the look of them. Im wondering just what it is that I like, the whole thing really, I love the look of the big leather belt with large buckle, the swing of the kilt when the gent walks and the look of strong calves covered with the long socks, seeing the muscles bulge through the socks phew .. and the hairiness of the leg around the knee is a site to behold. The sporran is a part that I couldn't take my eyes off, hanging in such a place as it does is not good for ladies with an imagination like mine it leads to my fascination with erections behind fabric and my mind was wandering wildly wondering if the gent had a semi-erection whether the sporran would get pushed outwards or if the sporran was pushed out the way would I be able to see the material of the kilt being pushed out at an angle ...?!
Its made me realise too how it must feel to be a guy and see a lady in a skirt and what lies underneath .. the thought of having a kilted gent sitting next to me on my sofa is something that keeps springing into my head, I can imagine how it must feel to gently caress his bare knee and gradually stroke my hand higher up his skirt feeling the hair on his thigh and then letting my hand wander further up ..oh yes how I long to know for sure what he might or might not be wearing under there!
Think I might keep an eye out for clan gatherings in future ... I can feel a Scottish tour coming on!
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Added on: 08/14/06 01:49
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Can't believe it I have been escorting for one year on 1st August, time has flown by and as Edith says in the immortal song, I regret nothing.
It was something that I always had a fascination with and maybe at the back of my mind I knew I would do it one day.
The excuse to start it arose when I lost a couple of properties due to personal circumstances and wanted to pick myself up, dust myself off, and start all over again .. and what better way than to combine my secret yearning with earning!
I have another occupation too so thought I would try and combine the two, my other job involves working from home and commuting to London a couple of times a week so what a good combination I thought!
I did worry at first that I would be too old to start escorting, late thirties seemed a bit ancient plus I am not the typical size 10 pretty little thing but a rather buxom/voluptuous size 16, I dont have typically gorgeous good looks either, I suppose I am attractive, haven't had any complaints or any mirrors cracking when I care to glance in them... but then again beauty is always in the eye of the beholder. I did know though that I liked people, (men especially) fascinate me, I am genuinely interested in all there is to know about a man and combined with a naturally high sex drive, I can happily say I have made a success of my first year in the industry.
I have met some lovely people along the way, gents and ladies alike and it has made my first year a very happy one. I think I have made a few people happy too, I have some lovely regular gents some of which are the nicest people you could hope to meet, and have been the recipicant of fourteen reviews during this time, something I dreaded at first but a nice feeling all the same.
Must say this job has increased my sex drive though to even greater heights ... which is going to be a huge trial for me as Im off on holiday today for two weeks, somewhere very remote, no men in sight, so beware when I return .. "The management will not be held responsible for any lust fuelled injuries!"
See you all again mid August and hope you have a lovely summer.
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Oooh what a palava! (cant think who it was who used to say that?!)
Been out to visit a gent tonight at his hotel, lovely exclusive Georgian hotel in commuter belt country. Fortunately as you will see both of us were running a bit late, him because his flight was delayed and me deciding to drive as the trains were playing up (wrong sort of sunshine?)
Pleased with myself for finding the hotel straight off I pulled into the driveway, the plan was that my gent would meet me by the entrance and we would amble up to his room together. A strange site greeted me, not one gentleman waiting patiently by the door but the entire residents of the hotel, being a private hotel there must have only been 25 or so people standing there, but there they were, fire bell ringing standing there, some in their jimmy jams idly watching the lady pulling up in her car!
I rang my gents phone as requested and watched the little crowd to see who would answer a mobile, sure enough a gent similar age to myself picked up, we decided that the only option was for me to join him. All eyes were watching me get (hopefully gracefully) out of the car and join Mr. X in the gaggle of people.
Making polite talk with Mr X, and wondering how long we would all be standing there I was suddenly aware of a buzzing coming from my bag, dont think at this point Mr.X could hear anything until I fumbled in my bag to find my new rampant rabbit thruster had turned itself on, frantically trying to turn the blasted thing off I managed to turn it up a speed so it was thrusting manically in my bag with the vibrations getting stronger by the minute. A rather stern looking lady standing next to me was looking quite alarmed at my bag as the vibrations were causing loose change to clink and rattle inside, once again I put my hand inside the bag and fumbled blindly with the switches only this time I managed to turn the clitoral stimulater on as well, my bag seemed to have come alive, the lady stepped away fearing I imagine that I had Basil the rat in there! Well the ice was well and truly broken with Mr.X! At last I managed to stop it by fiddling with the batteries.
The next fiasco was the rollcall of residents everyone had to put their hands up when their name was called out to check no-one was in the building. By this time I thought I had stepped onto the set of Candid Camera, after a few names were called out and accounted for another was called out "Miss Swallow" my gent looked at me and whispered "Is that you"? "No sorry not me". Next name "Miss Love" "that could be me" I said.
To cap it all the next name was called out ... unbelievably the name "Randy Riot" echoed across the courtyard "Is that you"? I whispered to Mr. X.
The firebrigade turned up and thankfully we were counted back into the hotel. Everyone was accounted for plus one extra guest... Mr.X had somehow acquired one buxom strumpet in the melee.
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