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dollymopp 's blog

oh this is just great!
today...i went to pay for my website maintaining etc. its at a certain bank, and no-one questions me at pay in..

today, im faced with a handsome sikh (i only say this cos im sort of imagining hes not looking at escort sites because of religion)?? i didnt/dont know. so i was surprised. good nice surprise. its like..i might give jesus a hard-on.

he was very flirty and chatty and i was too! and..he was gorgeous!

he says...hmm (site name on pay in slip)
"i know this company name..is it urs?"
me - "nooo, erm but they make my website"

BIG SMILES from him...
he KNEW!! i nearly wrote my site name down..

acting coy but i meant it, hahaha..
but that means he has looked at site makers site..and i might be the talk of a certain bank near my house..

and might have a call? hehehhe

i was even by my standard, looking rather lish!

imagine being uncovered/discovered in a bank!
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Added on: 02/06/07 03:20
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tonite, went to see stuart lee (of lee and herring fame) un pc show at bush theatre, he is judas, its judas' take on what really happened? well my main interest was mary mag, eh? so hes gets on the prossie vibe..boy mate who knows me, is shoving wine and bread (provided as show prop) into the dolly gob. as if i would...im a ladyee..aint i?
but stu was on my side! good for him. no need to protest. very good argy show, got the more un pc version on dvd for later..
sold out on 3 nights, boy mate got last 2 tix!
we did go full tilt back in the pub, irish him, scottish me, english..er..others. but we spread love!
religion and race, country, culture are the seeds of all evils, and none should matter.
ugh. i look like im doing an oprah show here. hahahah. oh i dont mind looking like a geek. hahaha
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Added on: 01/17/07 06:48
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just a pop in so u know im alive.
and! a couple of lines from a film i just watched.

"hes so cool, his bed makes itself in the mornings"

"hes so hard, his nightmares are scared of him"

and there was another line that made laff so much, that juice come out of my nose,(always attractive) but il have to watch the film again. i wont drink juice in that moment either.
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Added on: 01/16/07 06:50
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a bond of a year, ok il try! but i think i should leave that to another lady!
what a year..what ive done, who ive met, its a book/film in itself.
my first real year as an online girly. last oct..i didnt even know of online naughtiness! can u believe that? i was a "french polishing" ad and "large chest for sale" ad.. a secret. oh, how funny is that? not naive, but eyes opened wider than wide, when i found this!
must say, i learned a lot, much love to certain ladies who filled in gaps for me. i taught them stuff too.
i love olde worlde things, as u know, so all tog, its good.
i have stuff to make hair curl, not just curl, but fall out and sizzle, i have a good 20yrs to tell all. little bits at a time? hehehe
thats rubbish..that just means i cant remember everything at given moments! haha.
u should always leave them wanting more...
but it would be a shame to not do a memoir. when im old and cant walk, thats when ul get it. when there are no other whorish confession books. thats when i will. best when mums gone too. hahahaha
isnt it funny at new yr, u start to think of past, and get all "what to do's" for future. i think i have 30-40 yrs left. so im halfway.
u never think like that when ur 18.
"this" dominates my adult thoughts, this and art. i hate dipping into corporate, but i have to. id be homeless otherwise. i do do suited corporate meetings, so my much memoirs would be as such. all the boring bits too!
someone said to me recently, u have 2 writing styles? one is childlike and stream of conciousness, the other is more adult and thoughtful.
i thought that jump around was normal. it is, is it not?

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Added on: 01/01/07 04:35
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not my real bday, my blog bday!
its been a year...today! xmas day.
i was in london bridge on the sofa on xmas night 05, and thought, oh nows a good time eh?
i read a yrs worth back, oh, how awful and embarrassing at bits. teeth falling out, moving house about 5 times and not, deep n meaningful and then daft rubbish n jokey stuff, id think i was crazy if i didnt know me?
i dont like xmas at all, i dont even send mum or best friend a card. isnt that awful? im the least xmassy person in the world.
what i like to do is this...
i get the train. it might be 2nd jan or that week. i get to the front door..and fone them. i say, oh guess where i am? and they say..oh knowing u, on a mountain top in outer mongolia or something...
and then i get to say..no! look out of the window!
and then theres loads of howling and shrieking and fawning around me. i dont do it often, cos they'd expect it and know.
actually, i havent been to scotland for 5yrs, so im going to go in a couple of weeks. might take in a wee day in a glasgow hotel if any scottish boys are needing warmed up. just a thought.
dont tell mum! what a selfish trip...see mum and best pal and poss get laid too. hahahaa
am going to start a new blog on my site too. il filch from this blog, im sure! it gets ur memory going again and has made me think of past funny things i might have to regale again!
i never really filled in the bits, sometimes.
havent been online posting either, ive been getting concerned texts and calls..
im alive, im fine!
just busy! real job got a bit busy too.
pat me on the back...or the front, if u like, heheee. xxx
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Added on: 12/25/06 03:41
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im a lucky tripper, i dont travel muchly, but the monaco to brighton train called!
was a bit nosey to see this hotel...oh, it lived up to the hype! pelirocco in brighton, nice. not 5***** but its got a real vibe, very cool. just right, and what it says it is. great idea. wish id thought of doing that, first.
was sussing it for summer travels, and naughty stuff..i didnt want to arrive blind-tour? so i went for a night. all good..
after much flirty questions, i deduced.. i can have visitors.

(huge dollymopp smile!!!) massive!

brekkie in bed, great. full english, thick hovis brown toast and real butter, dreamy. ground coffee and fresh juice. perfect. all inclusive!

suddenly...i was oliver...will buy this wonderful morning? haha, i did sing that..haha..

then u think...oh god, i have to go home in night time glam clothes..heels, beret, tight frock...
got stared at. of course. got winked and smiled at too.

what a great discovery. back there soon, for sure.

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Added on: 12/02/06 04:28
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no i bloody wasnt...i had a big coat on and it rained...
its that prince RAINiers fault...! hahaha
i had it in my head that monaco was all copacabana and frou frou casino flamboyancy, and it wasnt....

LIAR!!! it was fabulous lovely! but it did rain a bit..sunny on the morn of exit tho, but thats just so, isnt it?

its so wee, and its very italianesque. id never been, so i was all agog, wee scottish lassie that i am.

was told by one of my boys that i should eat at louis 15th, but i got as far as a foto in the foyer! damn..fully booked.

but! if ur going..a good eaterie, very busy too, "zebra square". simply superb gorgeous food, and fantastic service.

i nearly stole a hotel de paris ashtray, but i was good.. well behaved, and not brave enough.
i had ff seamed stockings on, i didnt need anymore attention?

i am very ladylike on outings, but the head thinks otherwise at times....hehehhe

i went escort spotting too, i found a few hahaha (we KNOW) i love people watching.

ashtrayless, of london.
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Added on: 11/28/06 03:15
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Added on: 11/21/06 06:14
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then i went quiet again! oh.. not for the want of trying...
i was sorting out the new site stuff, wasnt i?
new site! excited me! like a dolly with its head cut off (sorry, not a slur on the photographers...)
well, me with a new site...never thought id see it...its dreamy dreamy, i love it. very me..as it should be.
had a funny today..went to a local greasy spoon for some good old fashioned grub..one of my boys walked in..with a work colleague...haha..i was just finishing up anyways, and as he was sat at opposite angles to me, i could look and he couldnt! got a funny text later, he couldnt look, as he would laugh!...good fun.
i keep meeting them, dont i? im a good girl tho, i do the right thing. blase me...
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Added on: 11/21/06 06:09
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i havent blogged for ages...i have been living in the slow n mediocre lane hahaa, not really, just doing stuff and catching up on non tarty things, as well as seeing to my lovely boys. ive been quiet on here...but i feel a major loudness coming on!
but my new blog is escort related as well as real job related.. two in one whammy. as u know, im a creative type, and yesterday i did a famous bond girl poster bodypainting, for a fab lady. im pictured "in the act" and credited on her blog, so this aint no secret, divulging here.
so u can see dollymopp in an paint spattered apron, brushes in hand, pigtails and no make up!
it took ages, but thats what it is. time and pain for gain.
u boys will be very very jealous, as i had my hands on her bare ass! and what a lovely taut ass it is too! im sooo envious of that ass. mines would need a gallon of paint. she! she! needed an eggcup full..
the "shot" is just like the casino royale poster, ul find it!

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Added on: 11/06/06 03:23
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Added on: 10/18/06 01:34
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Added on: 10/18/06 01:32
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Added on: 10/18/06 01:26
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i like funny tshirts
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Added on: 10/12/06 08:10
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a random fotoshoot off the cuff, at one of my loved gels places today.. the fastest fotoshoot ive ever done, in out, in out, all done! good pics too! not bad for a 40yr old with one outfit! it was meant to be "chicago" musical stylee for moi.. but we both agreed it might be a bit more bossy mistress stylee? me doing tie/shirt n suit with a trilby, miss x was doing hot n slinky, slinking round the place (shes so so good at that) and i was a latecomer on set, with a creased shirt and a pair of torn tights! (ok..so u know u aint gittin stocking shots now)
my pics were pretty good tho! (ul see soon)
much love to miss x for providing new untorn tights!
i was the gangster to her moll...(hey lady, new shoot idea)
then well deserved food n cinema..the devil wears torn tights? nah, the devil wears prada..

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Added on: 10/12/06 06:41
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3rd oct was my new birthday, my whore birthday, my plink birthday, my brothers real birthday! also one of my girls has just had a birthday! got her a good pressie, but she will have to wait for it.. she doesnt live too near.

what do u get one of us ladies for birthday...something relevant i thought..so i did, i know she will like it. not obvious like a sex toy!

of course really, my first whoring birthday was at 24, cant remember exact date but it was july 1990. it was hot in scotland. thats a first! i wish id had a diary then..can u imagine how much id have filled it by now? the tales...well.. it a was short lived jaunt anyway, but i can recall every detail in my head.

my next birthday was 27, i got going a bit! i was in london by then, found a nice flat to be in for boys, that was me for 3yrs, happy as larry i was. (who is this larry person thats so happy?) i didnt live there, i only went on sats.

then my career needed much attention, id just graduated and i focused on that. for about 7yrs. i kept a few fone nos from the flat...tho i only saw one of those boys at my home. i still do.

then at 39..oct 3 2005, my broken ankle was still smarting, but i was ready! my site was new, and i was so excited.. my first caller, it went all awry, i mumbled and he put the fone down..! i got too nervous, dont know why, its not like i was brand new. he was quite near me too, but i messed it up with my nervousness. next call was great, but i was in borough high st, in pouring rain..me soaked, trying to listen to him with cars and rain noise..but..we made an arrangement for next eve, and met!
i was off to hotel in victoria, it was a brilliant eve. saw him again a week later too! i was so thrilled, it felt just right. i was so pleased with myself.

today is oct 5 2006, i have been looking at my dollymopp diary 2005-06 and oohing and ahhing over it...

its the best diary anyone could ever have!

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Added on: 10/06/06 05:07
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i was out of town for a wedding reception yesterday..stayed over at a lovely manor house hotel and returned this eve...had to buy single train ticket back...
i got to the window, and who is behind the window... yes, one of my boys! he had the most glorious smile! i was fiddling in the bag for my purse, a ticket to...blah blah etc...and then i looked up to a beaming smile! there was a Q..so i had to exit, but a fun random meet! big winks and a kiss blown..a big smile all the way to london, giggling on my own.
in my bag.. a new gift! the harris list of "ladies of covent garden" (the first ever reviews) sent by a lovely gent, he knew id like it. i do! read it all on the journey, back n forth. thanks! u know who u are..x
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Added on: 10/02/06 05:53
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im guilty of fluffiness el grandioso, can u imagine the huge shock i got, when i went for a poo today? it was pink marshmallow!
it wont flush either!
what brought that on? mad cow disease?
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Added on: 09/21/06 08:52
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i was in peckham yesterday..2nd hand shop, my faved haunts is 2nd hand shops, and im a total bin-raker, me. i cant help it. my mum is so ashamed. show me a skip, i need to look in it. i can buy new stuff, but i like finds. i like to paint and fashion scrap rubbish and swell with delight when my friends say "where did u get that fab thing?" and i can regale tales of "oh it was free, from a skip, i painted it" and they all go "ohh u pikey!" etc. but they are jealous. i could go to antiques roadshow, but i want to keep my finds.
anyway...i got a vid yesterday...its one thing reading but another when u get more visuals.
2pounds for a vid. "the honest courtesan" a film. the life of veronica franco, writer, poet, and 16th century venetian courtesan, whom i already knew of. rufus sewel was the male lead, so i was agog for that alone. catherine mccormack is veronica (she was murron, in braveheart)
its good! jaqueline bisset deep throating asparagus, oh, a sight to behold! veronica also deep throats a banana... no gagging either! haha. she was asked by a prim wife "what brings our husbands to u?"
all for 2 pounds. bargain.
so...ive just been to venice a few mths ago..oh why didnt i do a fotoshoot then? well.. the boy kept me busy didnt he? so new plans...for photos! this time.
bloody exp tho eh? 2 plane fares 2 rooms, fees for photographer too.
already bought burgundy water silk tafetta to make a gown.
me on a gondola and rialto bridge...im swooning.

comment to ladies is...if ur travelling, why not do some pics too? check out local photographers for a half day shoot? im taking a trusted one, but i will check out locals for further use.
i wish i could fake venice for pics, but u just cant. theres nowhere like it.

it might take time tho! be freezing soon.
just my thoughts today.

"the honest courtesan" a book by margaret rosenthal. 14 pounds. u need to order it.
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Added on: 09/20/06 03:44
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my tiswas moment...have a pie? i did...several!
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Added on: 09/16/06 05:26
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