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Kimberley 's blog

Couldn't think of another D :)

It seems like a lifetime ago since I last blogged on here. Life is strange. Everytime you think you can't crawl any lower you do but then shortly after you bounce right back.

So it has been a long month so far. Have just cancelled my Dublin tour, it is nice just to be at home. The Irish site was down for a while so decided to take some time out and do ME things. Have tons of paperwork to plough through and am eagerly waiting for the postman each morning to bring my latest lot of paperwork. Still missing about two really important letters, what is it with Royal Mail? They reckon millions of letters get lost every week. I think most of my post makes up that figure!!

Am trying to stick to my diet, not that I really need it, just want to be kinder to my body, have lost a stone so far, only one more to go. Saw the news article yesterday about how BMI are outdated and inaccurate. As long as my advertising is true then I have nothing to worry about. My clothes fit me(waist takes a 12), I am healthy and happy and that is all that matters, but my BMI for the record is good. Have had a week off training which has been devine. The lergies came to pay me a visit so decided to take some time off. Went to the theatre on Monday, really should do that more often. My date became sick at the last minute so took a girlie with me instead. It made the next day shopping more enjoyable by far.

Anyhow off to decide what to wear for my date this weekend. Don't you just love dating? I love the early stages, see I get the best of both worlds. I get all the fun of later on when working and now dating again I get the hen dance of the beginning. Those early dates are so great, you slowly get to know someone and the anticipation of the first kiss. We have got over the first hurdle and met each others pets. Not sure what we are doing yet so have to dress for every occassion. Think I should cover up a little more, last time I wore high heels and a mini dress and his eyes barely strayed away from my legs and bum. With assets like that infront of you who can blame a man for staring.

It has been weird recently, have met up with two exs. Both for different reasons but it is strange looking at them and remembering what it was like when you were together. Remembering the person you was when you dated. God feels like a million years ago.

Photoshoot day on Monday, hoo ray!! Seeing a photographer who I haven't seen for ages. If the weather stays like this all our location shots are out of the window.

Right, must now go and get dressed. xx
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Added on: 03/24/07 12:48
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So today is home day. Mixture of feelings about going home.

Can't wait to see my puppy. Missed loved ones, not seen my family for ages. It really is hard sometimes to be an escort and try and keep some normality in your life.

So I am sitting here in my Dublin apartment with Toni reflecting on the past week.

Back home I still have another week to go on my posting ban. I asked for this to be imposed while my big boy legal eagles step in and resolve issues with another girl. It has been refreshing to get away from all of that crap. Doesn't board politics get on your tits sometimes. If someone cons and dupes men then posts fake reviews on themselves you would expect them to be banned but sadly not. This leaves me disheartened all I have ever done for the past FOUR years is try to be honest and true about myself. This is a great industry to be in, I love what I do, but it still needs a good ole shake up, sadly from time to time girls come along and pull it back down to the gutter.

I met an urban legend the other week. Turn the clock back a year or so ago. This guy had just started out punting. He had a regular girl who was on to quite a good thing with him. In some ways he is the perfect punter. Now imagine the girl trying to entrap the man and blackmailing him for a large amount of money. It is disgusting that these girls still operate out there.

That is why posting reviews are so vital. If this man came forward this cretin would be blown out of the water. Now I knew both parties in this legend and knew of the tale a year before I heard the man's side. The girl gloated over what she had done.

At least a dozen of my clients recently had bad experiences elsewhere but when girls know their home addresses they become scared of coming forward. But without the review how else will other guys know. A bad experience early on can put most men off for good.

So again I sit back and try and think of how the industry can be raised. The Ipswich murders threw all of us into the limelight. It pulled all the reporters out of the woodwork and many tried to edit us into drug taking, street walking, reckless people. I like to think that those of us on the internet have raised the standard. We are professional business women that care about our safety, our health and the safety of our clients. I hate the misconceptions there are out there about us. Because I am busty and blonde I must be dumb. Imagine the look of shock when the boiler repair and I discussed different types of soldering techniques or when we compared pipe cutters.

God I am going off in a different tangent. Must sign off and go get my new heels to live up to the stereotype.

Will chat to you when I get home xx
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Added on: 03/03/07 15:42
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So the past month has felt like one of the longest ever despite being the shortest of the year.

I have been let down and betrayed by some and others have really shone through.

I am in sunny Dublin today whilst typing this and sat next to me is the person who has been my rock, kept my head together and brightened every day, that is my duo partner. She can't read this as she is online herself and does not come onto this board but her just being there has been great the past month. I trusted people that I should not have and in return I received theft from my home, lies being spread and in general a horrible month. Now my month is picking up.

I am feeling healthier and happier than ever. I received a call today that brought tears, but tears of happiness.

I am going to cut my blog short as I can hear the shops calling us, actually they are shouting.

My to those that have been wonderful thank you, to those that have not let there be KARMA!
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Added on: 03/01/07 15:04
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Yep, for all the men that aren't single I have got the piece of software that I have been after for a while.

It is quite scary. If you ever thought you covered your tracks well the little device I have just had arrive will prove you wrong.

I bought it for a client. He thinks he covers his tracks well, three phones, hides the sim card for his punting phone, deletes all his info on it etc. This little device will pull off his last 20 received and sent messages even if they are deleted and the same for his call log!!

If you want to learn to cover your tracks better then look at the phonepro, it recovers deleted messages and calls!!!

You can't escape Big Brother!
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Added on: 02/26/07 01:51
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God don't know what to do tonight, had a round up of the boards, but I volunteered for a two weeks suspension on my fave board until I sort out legal matters with someone. I am not in the wrong but in appearing to look fair it is only fair if both parties remain away. So my fingers cant type away there.

So tonight I will have to let you read my drivle of the day.

Today I met an amazing man, he has just been diagnosed with cancer, is due to have surgery within the next week but his whole outlook on it was amazing. He was so positive. Now where it is located probably has one of the lowest survival rates but he was so refreshing. Has tons booked in for weeks to come afterwards. I hope he does not head for a downfall with false hope.

I think we all know I am a fruit nut. So tonight it would not suprise many that I was chasing a fox down the street to try and capture it. No don't call the animal welfare people, it had a limp. I wanted to make sure it was okay.

So am tucked up on the sofa with the wooch and watching the top 100 sexiest people. The top ten is amazing. Think I have got to number six and out of the four that I have seen two of them are fuller figured women. Wonder who will be in the top six.

Hoo ray!! Long live the curves.
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Added on: 02/25/07 00:36
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I have badly neglected by blog on here for then past month. So much has been going on that have not found the time to come on here. Everytime the site has an upgrade I get thrown off again.

So the past month has been interesting. Was asked just before Xmas if I would temporarily take a new born baby in. So tried to get as ready as possible and baby has now been placed in a family unit.

My legal eagles have been on overtime time recently, my assault case has finally been settled, nowhere near as much as what they initially said but then enough for a good holiday or an uplift. Decisions, decisions.

Have been having trouble with someone recently who stole from me and has repeatedly lied so the past month has been mentally draining but woke up this morning feeling fitter and stronger ready to kick some legal butts.

Woochie is settling in, the resuce puppy that is. I cried all the way to Dublin when I went on tour the other week. Cant wait for him to get his pet passport so he can come over with me. I really have gone soft in my old age.

Am still house hunting and have 7 more lined up to view. What is it with estate agents? I don't want to back onto a park again so what do they give me? You guessed it. All seven tick at least one box in my DON'T want list. Still cant decide on the town though, further out means more for your money but then I am picky. Nice estate, detached, no off main road, don't want to back onto open land, easy access to motorways. Rooms need to be big, well a girl owns too much underwear!!

Have gone back to normal employment part time so it is nice to meet people that don't see me semi naked and automatically jump into bed with me. It is nice to have a different sort of conversation without sex on the agenda.

Cant believe we are two months into the new year already. My diet is going well, when I do it, 11lb now and counting. I will bore the girls in Dublin when we go, must pack packet food and whisk, oh joy!! At least I wont get food poisoning again.

Toodle pip xx
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Added on: 02/24/07 20:12
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God I cant sleep at night. Tried posting on punterlink and again I cant post on any of the sections so this is my I need help blog.

I don;t know why I can't post it keeps giving me this page:

Warning: your browser doesn't send the HTTP_REFERER header to the website.
This can be caused due to your browser, using a proxy server or your firewall.
Please change browser or turn off the use of a proxy
or turn off the 'Deny servers to trace web browsing' in your firewall
and you shouldn't have problems when sending a POST on this website.

So asyou can imagine it is getting really annoying, I had it the other month as well.

The next thing I need help with is I have run out of my DVD sitcom/dramas to watch so need some more recommended. They are my just before bed viewing. Let's see the crap I watch are you ready to cringe with me.

I love Monk, L Word, Ally McBeal, Friends, Two pints of lager and a packet of crisps, Footballers Wives, Will and Grace, Seinfeld, erm what else do I own the complete works of, cant think of the rest, you get my drift though, it helps unwind my brain at night. So any suggestions for my next lot to watch would be great. I do re-watch them all at least once a year. But having run out of programmes I now cant sleep, ah, help, have been curled up in bed for six hours now and still wide awake.

gonna play with puppies ears now I have confessed to watching really crap shows!
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Added on: 01/23/07 03:29
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I am the type of person that feels this compulsion to help others, when it is not always in my best interest I still want to help. During the past 18 months I have helped out so many escorts, built websites, helped with advertising, put them in touch with my photographer, got them work, lent them incall locations, lent them underwear, re-styled them, even created them, I have lent them my home, my expertise, my money and more importantly my time. At times I have put them before my own commitments.

But sadly, time after time, my generosity is abused. I now own the rights to four girls pictures, all of which have not paid for them, all of which abused my trust, abused my generosity, I faced a call from my solicitor today about yet another girl that I am having to take legal action against just to get my money back. I gave this girl so much of my time, I gave her my overflow jobs, when she was desperate for cash I lent her money and now even though she has been earnt money she does not see fit to pay me back, it was a big decision to take legal action, I sat down and worked out that in just five girls I am owed over 3000. It is disgusting that individuals go through life putting on others and expecting others to pay their way. They dont stand up and take account for their actions.

I hope that from this experience I learn not to help, but I doubt it will. I dont want to let it make me a bitter person.

I am faced with one girl at the moment who is never happier than when she is whispering false shit nothings into a mutual clients ears, sadly he believes the things she says, sad really as he has known me longer. I get regular calls prying into my clients, what so she can gather information on them? With every call the false paranoia comes from her, I think it is just a ploy to get compliments, but with every thing I praise her for I get put downs, I dont care that I am larger than her, I really dont. I love my curves, I am slimming them down but that is for my back, there is no way I want to be that stick insect again, the idea is quite sick, I dont want to see my hips bones jutting out and my ribs poking through just to please others. I love the fact that my curves gain more gazes now than ever before. I dont care that I wear a 12 on my waist and not a 10 anymore. But she does. I dont care that I wont return to the bright, brash, tarty blonde that I was I like the more subtle colour I am now, oh how she revelled in delight when my hair was ruined last year, talk about a rat up a drain pipe, she was round in record time. It is only when something bad happens that I hear or see from her, it is not for support it is to gloat at my misfortune. I get regular calls saying this guy has called me and said x, y and z about you, always nasty comments, now if they really had something nasty to say about me, I sure those two balls between their legs make them strong enough to say the vile comments to me direct, or better yet, to the board direct. It really f****ing p***es me off that she continually says this crap. I avoid her calls like the plague she is like a friggin vulture waiting to strike on my next misery.

The more I type this the more I realise that sometimes I really am a bad judge of character.

What I feel when I think of the 10 most recent girls that have abused my generosity is hurt. I am angry with myself for putting myself in that position again but predominantly I feel hurt. That will teach me for wanting to help others.
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Added on: 01/19/07 04:28
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It is funny when I read back at what people say about the past year.

Mine is a plotline for Eastenders, honest.

Let's see, got engaged to client, he cheated we split up, got together with another client, he was only interested in sex, we split up, lost umpteen incall locations but still managed to scrape by with the two. Helped bring....am counting now, I think it was 8 indie escorts out, now I don't need my maths to work out how many did the dirty.

Resuscitated erm......three people. Car hit, wow NONE, well not major anyway.

More turbulance with my love life.

Spinal surgery ONE. Nipple surgery ONE, oh yes, forgot to tell you that one, my painful boob was a blocked something or other that exploded. They are natural, sounds like something only implants would do. Anyway, it stank, was painful, looked perfectly normal.

Had three escorts stick rather large knives in my back, hey karma is a wonderful thing. What comes around goes around.

CCJ - one person.

Legal action against two.

One breakdown. One build back up.

Weight - yo yo. Lost count of the diets, they all seem to merge into other years.

Two personal trainers, or was that three.

One night in a police cell. Whoops.

One torn shoulder blade, now that was the best booking I have probably ever had.

One new addition to the family, the naughty woochie woo that chews everything even if it is nailed down.

Countless tears and heartaches, countless jaw and head aches from laughing so loud.

And that is probably the tip of the iceberg, hope you look forward to more neurotic posts from moi. I need to tell you about the baby!!And no I am not pregnant!
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Added on: 01/04/07 20:33
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I had to chuckle the other day when a caller who originally wanted to book my size six friend thought he would book a size 12/14 to see if he found bigger girls attractive. He thought that because we are not food deprived we might have more personality. I did chuckle very loudly, what an idiot.

But I do know how food deprivation kills your personality. Mine is of a gnat at the moment. Have been on diet from hell for two weeks, cheated my ar*e off, literally. Meant to be living on four shakes a day and it is hard. Wrong time of year for any dieting really. But despite being naughty, well a girl can have the odd bottle of wine or two, I have managed to lose 9lb in two weeks. Talk about get a shock when I got on the scales. I am bad, I generally struggle to have more than one meal a day. This diet is forcing me to get my 3-4 meals a day.

So I had to go food shopping last night, am cooking for 12, it's gonna be hell, no food for me.
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Added on: 12/21/06 21:17
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That is the politest thing I can call a board member on another site.

It is that time of year when date rape is rife, mine was just over four years ago and it tore my world wide open. I was going to blog on the anniversary of it but fortunately my laptop was puppied.

How can anyone hope and wish to be date raped, or raped? I can never understand comments like that.

Having come out of the other side, I shock people when I say I would not change it for the world. I take comfort in the fact it was me rather than someone not as strong. It took every ounce of strength to pull myself through it all, there was light and the end of the tunnel after I hit rock bottom for a long time I thought I would never get there. I have come away a stronger more determined person, I now am sexually confident in myself and enjoy to experiment and sod the taboo that women should not talk about sex, let alone enjoy it. It took my fears of enjoying sex away from me, I now relax and instigate and obviously later went on to become an escort. It has made me a better person as I am more driven to succeed and help others.

I never can understand why some people think it is funny to joke about matters like these. It happens to your friends, enemies, daughters, sons, wives, husbands, it does not discriminate. Maybe that person will think before engaging their dick again, whoops sorry meant brain.
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Added on: 12/21/06 01:15
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So again I have been accused of posing as a new escort, f**k the fact that tons of guys have seen her and know we are different people, oh and our bust cups are three sizes different oh and I am four inches taller. Don't know how I can be the same person and offer duos with myself!! Will some people ever grow up and get a life. I hate the little tittle tattles and back stabbing that goes on, one girl decided to stretch a conversation that I had with her and tattle to a guy, you can imagine the chinese whispers that came back.

Grrrr. Get a friggin life!!!

Best one was the other week, was accused of being someone's twin sister, not twin but sister was right.

Do all people really have little left to do then sit at their PC and analyze pictures of all of the girls? Some people really should go and have a punt!

Wow, that rant feels better now.
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Added on: 11/29/06 23:41
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Taken from one of my funniest bookings ever!!!
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Added on: 11/29/06 02:12
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I met up with somebody's husband the other week, big butch man, he was. She had just started escorting and they were going through a divorce, ten years of marriage down the swannie, in ten years she never managed to keep her drawers on. Initially I felt sorry for her, being a woman I just related to what she said and had only heard one side to the story. He mistreated her all the usual lines to make me feel sorry for her. Luckily I am not that gullible so took all I heard with a pince of salt.

After too many lies and he said, she said's, I thought we had out grown the playground but obviously not, I pulled some strings and got his number and we met. I was tired of the lies that were being said about me and how far things were being taken.

Suprise, suprise, he was horrified to learn what she had said. The thing that hurt me the most was talking to him, he still deeply loved this cretin that slept with anything with a pulse, be it in the marital bed, in the pub car park, back of the car, infront of him, his best friend on the day they married, their neighbours, I found it hard to find a man in her town that hadn't nailed her!

I found myself in tears on the bathroom floor when he spoke with such love of her. Maybe he was niave, he was in his late 30's so I doubt that. But he was so smitten that he accepted this awful breed of a human as the love of his life, knowing how despicable she is. Drugs were smuggled into a babies nappy, I did not know she had a habit, she drove the kids around in the car drunk or high, would leave them home alone at a young age.

I was taken aback by the power of his love, it is rare for a man to speak with so much emotion.

I found myself angry at this specimen of the female race, how dare this woman not value the love this person felt for her, the kind of love that most people never meet in their life, no one would ever love this creature that much again in her life, she does not value her life or her kids lives enough to warrant it. I felt angry for being a woman and being from the same sex as her. Stupid I know. I have heard men talk about that when you talk about rape. Men say they feel disgusted to be a man when they learn that this has happened to someone near them.

I hope one day, a good man, a very good man, will love me to the extent that this man loved her, I did not think it was possible to love someone that much. His world has collapsed, he is not a weak man, he is so strong and manly but inside just a little boy.

My thoughts have been on him for the past week or so and he is still so firmly under the skin. Just goes to show it is not always men that are the guilty party.

I think this is my semi apology for thinking that men are generally the bastards in the relationships. But definately not to the idiot that rang me at midnight whilst I was typing this. He did not like his mouth full of abuse.

I know I may sound like a hypocrite here but I do believe in marriage so much.
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Added on: 11/29/06 01:12
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I am a sad creature sometimes, I mean sad in terms of my taste sometimes, I rushed to the local Woolies yesterday, me and woochie woo (his pet name) in toe, had to grab a copy of G4's latest album, they were robbed when they came second in X factor!! Anyway it was released yesterday and I had to get my hands on a copy, so I am driving along down the road singing along to opera/pop, puppy next to me howling away. His favourite is the cover of Gnarls Barkley Crazy, mine is Queen's Somebody to love.

So we get home and Beyonce is on the hits, Irreplacable, I love that song, those lyrics are great for any break. So he starts howling to that as well, it must be something in the high pitch that attracts his attention.

"You must not know 'bout me
You must not know 'bout me
I could have another you in a minute
Matter fact, he'll be here in a minute (baby)

You must not know 'bout me
You must not know 'bout me
I'll have another you by tomorrow
So don't you ever for a second get to thinkin'
You're irreplaceable"

Classic singing into the hair brush, dancing around in your undies.

So on my drive to work last night I decided to play my beloved new CD and driving along decided I wished I was a trained Opera singer, strange hu. How cool would that be? I am not a big fan of Opera but give me Charlotte Church when she was little and sweet, or G4 and I am envious. When I saw them in concert last year it actually made me well up because of the power in their voices.

So if I wasn't an escort I would be an opera singer. Now I must find the advert in the mag the other week looking for people to test.... SEX TOYS!!! That is my perfect job, no cleaning up lumping spunk afterwards, just wipe them clean and rate them out of ten, get paid to have guaranteed orgasms.
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Added on: 11/28/06 14:21
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I took a little cute puppy in just over a month ago and the house has been turned upside down.

NEVER, EVER leave shoes lying around as they get covered in drool and laces get chewed.

NEVER, EVER leave him alone in the room with a mobile phone, the ringing, flashing and vibrating is a come on to him. Mobile now in five pieces, good job it needed an upgrade.

Don't invest in a child gate, they can jump them.

NEVER, EVER have a cat, dog and rabbit in the same house. Cat just stands the other side of the child gate rattles her collar and fluffs her tail up just to annoy him. Cat has never meowed so much in her life.

It is harder work than a baby, honestly he never sleeps, constantly being naughty, need eyes everywhere. Bring back babysitting duties all is forgiven, at least babies do it in a nappy!!

I walked out of the kitchen yesterday when grilling steak, the bugger jumped into a hot oven to pull the steak out, I ran when I heard a yelp, the steak was hot in his mouth. Puppy (a billion) v's New mummy (NIL). Spent the next 15 mins chasing him around the downstairs trying to get it out of his mouth.

All is semi-well today, he let off the most evil of farts in Carphone Warehouse today, did make the staff chuckle, god it was evil!! Took a shine to one of the display phones and his poor teeth started itching.

Now curled up fast asleep on the sofa, looks so sweet and innocent, please stay asleep a little longer. The peace is heaven. I do love him though with his spiky fur everywhere.
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Added on: 11/27/06 19:41
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From reading my previous blogs and the replies, it appears I am obsessed with my boobs and my weight. What woman isn't? Eh?

Being in this industry makes your appearance public property. Someone doesn't like my bikini line you will read about it. Was recently described as a mini BBW. That must mean I have gained weight.

Work goes quiet and you think "what is wrong with me?" Well work has been quiet recently so I have made myself busy studying, applying for a new job, building my life back up out of the industry. Have been spending a lot of time recently in the beauty salon. For me, not for other people. Manicures, pedicures, facials, body detox wraps, jimmy lashes (thats eyelash extensions for the layman), massages, aqua massages, caci treatments (electric shocks to the abs) some have been relaxing and others havent. I would like to say you notice the difference but other than the funky coloured nails and longer eyelashes you can barely see the difference. Dont know why I have not had a facial sooner, my face has a sex afterglow to it.

I am obsessed with boobs, I didn't realise until I read over some of my posts how much they have been playing on my mind. They keep growing and feel like they are getting heavier by the day. The thing is they have been very tender recently. I went to the doctors and they have referred me to a specialist, it is not until you face the possibility of losing something that you realise how much you cant bare to be without it. D day tomorrow, I know the results will be okay but just to remove the headache that I have had for the last week will be bliss.

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Added on: 11/22/06 00:43
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Doesn't every man wish he had that problem. My extra 36 inches have vanished into the vapours into the air, or something like that.

Have been pampering myself recently and decided to invest in some body wraps, draws all the gunk out of your skin and detox your body. Or something like that. Anyway in 8 days my body has lost 36 inches, 6 have been over my whole bust area, just above, just below and right in firing line. Can't say I feel better for it but it does make me smile that some of the inches are going.

We are all the same size in my family, big boobs, curvy bodies all in proportion and all have at one point tried to super shrink ourselves. The smallest bust size is 38E and is she is still in her teens. It's about genetics.

So I start my latest diet tomorrow, I get bored and stop after a week or two, this latest one hit the headlines after a woman lost 10st in 6 months, she later went on to die but that was from the damage she had caused her organs being so big. Well I don't have 10st to shift but a little bit would be good, got tons of sexy dresses for Xmas to slink around in.
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Added on: 11/17/06 12:25
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My family have all known for some time what I do. After the initial shock from some, horror from others and disgust from one hypocrite it is funny when I talk about work. I am not the first person in my family to grace the men of the UK with my presence.

It feels quite funny to know that my own mother once almost became one. I have been faced with a dilema recently in my family, do I help and guide and assist one member and let them learn from my mistakes or do I let them go it alone. Decided to help, I know the ropes they can learn alot from me. But did want to keep out of it. Was not until I registered the site though that I realised anyone clever could check where the site was registered. So I have had an angry ex partner on the phone yelling at me. But we are all adults, we all make our own choices.

Hey ho, off for the next ear bashing xx
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Added on: 11/16/06 23:19
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So I was strolling back across the car park the other day returning to my car after a job, had been dying for a diet coke for the past four hours, could not stop the car on route as would of been late.

Saw the dreaded traffic warden a mile off, can't miss the yellow stripes and the dodgy hat.

Ran over to my car and saw there were two minutes left on my ticket.

As I reversed out my need for diet coke really kicked in, four pm and still had not had a drink yet that day. Thought I might see how human he was and put my window down.

"Excuse me, I really need a drink, I have two mins left on ticket, can I just run into that shop and get one, **Flutter eyelashes**"
"When I saw you walking across the car park, I thought DING DONG, park over there, it's okay" **Directs to a bay closer to the shops**

So I was still laughing to myself when I was queueing for what seemed like a lifetime I noticed he put something on my window. The exact thought that went through my brain was that the f***er had given me a ticket. Whilst still queueing he stood in the shop doorway. I gave him a look and said "you didn't just give me a ticket did you, or I will kick your arse"
He just chuckled and walked off.

As I walked back to the car I noticed something stuck to my window, a friggin parking penalty sticky wallet was on my windscreen, murder flashed through my brain.

When I peeled it off I noticed that inside the wallet was a passport photo with a weird picture of him and a web address. Later that night I went online and looked at the site. This guy has a really weird site and his very own blog.

Oh well at least I didn't get a ticket. And not all traffic wardens are the devil in disguise.
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Added on: 11/09/06 15:22
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