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My FR on a perfect party weekend with the Stag Mommas! After my second date with Annika, I asked her if she and her friends could be booked for a stag party. She said that she would be available but asked that I contact her friends individually to see if thy were available as well. I was able to book Lexie, Vellia, Annika, Rezza and Yelena for our little boys night out. Instead of our usual beer house/KTV gimmick this was a welcome change.

The dancing and teasing that started the party was the usual fare. But these girls somehow made it special because of the way they looked and the way they acted in a party situation. My friends and I all felt welcome and at ease. It was easy to see why these girls are some of the best in the adult party circuit! The excitement they generated was electriyfying especially the "finale" which was the best part. You could not tell from the way these girls acted and looked that they were capable of going that way but all I can say is that it can put some adult movies to shame and all happening right in front of us!

After the their performance, it was then time for us to "pair off" and see how each of them performed individually. I got my fave baby Annika once more and as usual she was GFE all the way and made sure I left the party happy. All of my friends were impressed that even after the party, there respective partners still had what it takes to "party" some more with them! Thank you Annika and the stag mommas. Till our next party... Maybe we can get a three some for each of my friends going? Cheers!
Had a wonderful time with the Stag Mommas at my friend's despedida party. Chantal, Lexie Vellia and Satine graced our occasion and I must say these are some of the prettiest and sexiest stag performers that have ever seen. Special mention goes to my sweetie Satine who made sure that after the show I was, ahem, well taken cared of. Now I know why stag partying is , shall we say, a specialty of sorts of these wonderful ladies. It was non-stop partying with these girls from start to finish and for the most part never a dull moment. From the beginning of the show to the climactic last performance, we were all literally at the edge of our seats and so turned on by what we saw. Boy do they know how to have a good time! More importantly, these ladies gave us a show that we will never forget. I hope there will be another occasion when we can hire these ladies as it has been such a long time since I had fun like this. Keep up the partying girls and hope to see you all again soon.
I would just like to thank the following Ladies for the BEST stag party:

1. Satine
2. Annika
3. Bubbles
4. Devonne
5. Lexie
6. Surrey

THANK YOU so much for making our day .

Guys, these lovely ladies are worth every penny and you won't even hesitate paying more just for them to keep you company. Guaranteed Satisfaction, fun and it's one of those events that you will say "UNFORGETTABLE".

Again, thank you very much and hopefully we will see you Ladies AGAIN
I had a quiet night planned last night kasi na cancel yung meeting ko in the afternoon so I went home early. At around 5pm, 2 of my friends sent me a text message asking for contacts sa stag mommas, so I forwarded some numbers to them. By 6pm, they both sent me a text message na they are going to meet up with some of the stag mommas and since mag babarkada naman kami, why not make it a stag stagan ulit. nabulabog na lang ako na I had to set up a stag stagan for us at 6pm that's suppose to happen by 9pm!

Ayun binulabog ko din si danielle to help me out and make things happen in a few hours! of course its not advisable to set up something on such short notice kasi kawawa naman ang mga stag mommas but being the professionals that they are, they obliged. By 7pm, the line up was Danielle, Bubbles, Hyvenne, Lexie and Devonne. 5 of them vs 3 of us + 3 foreign guests ng friends ko.

By 9pm, we were at the Austin Powers room of VC pasig and sa sobrang excited namin eh we were waiting for the stags to arrive sa baba ng room na parang mga menyaks. 5 ladies in their sexy dresses and high heels arrived via taxi and its party time! As we sat around the huge couch with the bird cage in the middle, the stags came out in their sexy school girl uniforms and heels. nakita ko na yun before but napapa tulala pa din ako everytime I see it Some danced around us, some stayed inside the roll cage as we sat back and enjoyed the show. Round 2 naman and they came out in some super sexy see through langerie. I can't decide what I like better, the uniforms or the lingerie, buti na lang you get both Round 3 is where it gets hot. They transfer to the round bed and we sat around the bedside na parang mga bata. We were given a g2g2g2g2g show and gigil na gigil na kami to jump in and fill in the loose ends. but we maintained our composure and watched lang. The foreign guests were awestruck, first time daw nila nakita ang ganyan and sa sobrang tuwa nila, they will definitely do business with my friend daw kasi he works hard and parties harder haha!

After the show, we kicked out the foreign guests kasi hindi na sila kasama sa next stage of the stag since swapang kami. 5 of them, 3 of us so 2 sa amin will be lucky enough to have a 3some. One friend went with Danielle, the other one chose Hyvenne and Bubbles and I was happy to be left with Devonne and Lexie, both of which I've been with before. As usual, the stags deliver as na rape na naman ako ng dalawa. tinulak na lang ako sa bed and said na wag na ako maki alam since they are in charge. they take turns taking advantage of me buti na lang madami akong dalang condom (3 boxes yata) ! the fight ended up with Lexie giving me one mean BJ with bonus and sabi ko wag muna nila ako galawin sa bed for around 10 minutes to regain my energy.

At the end of the night, my friends left early and I was stuck with the 5 lovely ladies and since we had some time left, nagkwentuhan at tawanan ulit kami until I had to drop them off na.

Napahaba na yata ang FR ko. Once again, thanks to the stag mommas for a wonderful evening. sorry sa medyo last minute prep and I'll avoid doing that again next time kasi alam ko stressful yun. Hindi talaga ako nagsasawa kasama ang mga stags, lahat sila sobrang okay kausap, sobrang professional, sobrang sexy at sobrang yummy! sa lahat ng stag parties na napuntahan ko, nothing has ever topped the parties with the stag mommas and sa sobrang enjoy namin, we are setting up a bigger and wilder one next month, pwede ba kayong 20 sabay sabay? hahaha! Give the stag mommas a try, you guys won't regret it.
I called Ms Danielle for a stag show 2 nights ago for my best friend and groom to be and with the glowing reviews given to them, we were surely not disappointed, rather, we were very much happy with all of them. Of course, there was Ms Danielle, my personal choice and she came with Ms Yelena, Ms Satine and the young Ms Devone. They all came in dressed for a formal occasion which was very commendable and we were actually proud for them arriving very classy.

Ms Yelena, the more mature and apparent lead of the group was sultry, her hair perfectly done and with the right amount of make up suited for an up-class event. She does some of the talking and takes care of throwing the funny lines that takes away some of that awkward first meeting moments. Guys, if you're to have a stag party, you'd like it if she were there.

Danielle did stun me and I liked looking at her all evening. She had this very sweet demeanor, bright eyes, even sweeter smile on her very cute face that looks younger than her posted photos.

Satine was indeed a class of her own. She is elegant and poised, she arrived in a beautiful dark dress (Black? I couldn't tell which color exactly). I was so proud of how she prepared herself with her hair pulled back and styled. She has that sweet smile Danielle has. If you see a pretty classy girl in the malls, that could may well be Ms Satine. While Danielle can be that very cute bubbly smiling girl in that mall and you just have to move closer and say hi to.

Ms Devone however, is that pretty student/kolehiyala that can really capture attention. As in really. My friend and intern, which I'll just call Mr A for now, is the youngest of us three (yes, there were 3 of us vs 4 of them) and he is notoriously picky and choosy. But, he was smitten with Ms Devone. He couldn't stop talking about Devone during "set breaks" when the ladies went to change outfits. Ms Devone IS that cute and young and very interesting-looking.

I need not elaborate on their program because it's all well reviewed here but the experience of seeing 4 ladies dance privately only for us for that night, them changing from school outfits to lingerie is a sheer eye candy. After four of them alternately doing their lap-slash-rub dance on us, we guys were all smiling and giggling like we were high on goose-bump gas. On their last set, the girl on girl on girl on girl set, we had a hard time keeping our hands to ourself. Women are inherently beautiful but seeing them 'cuddled' together are just divine.

When the raffle came, the groom to be got Ms Satine and Ms Yelena. Mr. A ofcourse got Devone and I'm so lucky I got to be with Ms Danielle. It was slightly funny because we only booked a 2 bedroom suite and the groom and Mr A each took to the 2 bedrooms and Ms Danielle and I were left in the living room. We moved to the kitchen and back to the living room during that evening. She was so soft, so sweet and all smiles when I wanted to see her smile. Since this is a Stag Mommas review, I'll hold back my review with Ms Danielle for her own thread. But Ms Danielle, I'd like you to know, that when I kissed you, that was a special kiss I haven't given to other PSPs and will not be giving to other PSPs if ever in the future. You will always be special to me.

For the men out there, I'm just saying that for the work ethic the ladies showed us, the genuine aim to please, their positive personalities, I respect them MORE than I respect my non PSP but plastic, pretentious friends. Iba pa rin kasama ang mga totoong tao. They go along way to take care of their clients and so should we take care of them so they won't go away.
Hi Kel, Rezza, Devonne,
Thanks for the wonderful stag party last Friday. Enjoy na enjoy kami. Superb.
Take care.
To Stag Mommas Aleila, Bubbles, Danielle, Devonne and Rezza,

salamat sa pagpunta nyo kagabi, lahat ng mga tao ay masayang umuwi, maliban sa akin, di ba Danielle?

maayos kausap ang grupong ito at talagang totoong The mother of all stag Performances!!!


sa susunod, don tayo sa walang doorbell at telepono,

I am hooked by the Stag Mommas experience. Mind blowing action from start to end. I was sexually drained but happy and entertained. If I would rename them, I would call them Sex de Soleil! Hahahaha! Our dicks salute you darlings! Till the next time when our budgets and time allow it!
Kahit walang ikakasal, I suggest you guys book them lalo na for those that had a lousy stag party before you got married!

Last thurs night, a group of us booked Yelena, Reiko, Danielle, Lexie, Rezza and Annika. So there were 6 girls and 5 of us guys, we were outnumbered pero game on na! None of us were getting married actually but we thought it would be nice to have a mini party and check out the performance. Kahit na I've met quite a bit of the stag mommas, the night left us all speechless pa din. As usual, everyone was very professional and sobrang punctual! usapan was 9pm and before nine, they were already at VC. good thing we booked the room in advance.

After a nice meal, a few drinks and chit chat it was showtime! the show was divided into 3 parts, the first part had the girls dancing in the middle with us guys sitting outside. they made the rounds to give us all a short private dance which left us hanging haha. the next part had the girls come out in their bikinis which was also great. there's just something about watching 6 girls kiss each other all over the place that gets you going. the 3rd round was the clincher, the g2g show. I've never seen 6 girls go at it, not even in porn! I can't remember how long that part of the show lasted but for that alone, we could have called it a night na and went home happy

of course the night wasn't over yet! we still had a round with the ladies! a couple of lucky guys ended up with 3somes and I ended up with the yummy lexie who didn't dissapoint. I don't want to get into the details but I totally enjoyed my time with her and I wished we had 3 hours haha! everyone in the group had a great time with their corresponding partners.

After all that, we had to call it a night and we all wish we had more time with them. I think medyo overtime na kami but they never rushed to leave like most groups. If I have to give the group a rating, it would be a solid 10/10 which put all our previous stag parties to shame. Sabi nga namin magbarkada, if only we had to budget and the time to do this every week, we would!

So to Yelena, Danielle, Reiko, Lexie, Rezza and Annika, thanks for a wonderful time! Don't forget about what we talked about kasi the next time we meet eh 12 on 12 na tayo diba?

oo nga pala Rezza, hindi pa tayo tapos haha!
I've had the privilege of dating a few of the Stag Mommas before pero kagabi ko lang talaga sila nakita in action in a stag party! And man was it so awesome! Didn't know the groom personally kasi officemate siya of a friend but because I recommended these girls to my friend who was organizing the bachelor party (Pare congrats on a successful event!) I was lucky enough to be invited! I TELL YOU LAST NIGHTS STAG PARTY WAS THE BEST ONE I EVER ATTENDED!!! AND TO THINK I CONTACTED THEM AT SUCH SHORT NOTICE kasi di na nagparamdam ang original line-up ng friend ko para sa stag. STAG MOMMAS to the rescue! hehehehe!

At mabuti naman at naimbita ako! Swerte ko naman at ako nanalo sa raffle and got my long time crush, Rezza! What a sweet, classy lady! And oh so sexy. Even if I only managed one pop the best pa din! Promise darling I won’t drink too much the next time. Oh yes, may next time tayo at mas maghahanda ako!!!

The Stag show was awesome! Walang sinabi ang porn sa G2G action nila! Those in attendance were transfixed during the minutes when they went down on each other! Alam mo ba yung parang gusto mo na sumama sa kanila in the action! God, one of these days, I will have to set a threesome with these girls! Ang saya talaga at ang sarap nilang kasama! Kahit friend ko lang ang kilala ko doon, you made me feel relaxed and at home! Total entertainers talaga sila! Thank you Danielle, Lexie, Satine and of course my sexy darling Rezza for being there for us despite the bad weather and short notice! You girls just rock!!!
Field Report.

Danielle, lexie, surrey, yelena + an observer friend (REZZA) came to the bachellors party I set up.

Very Professional and they made sure evryone was happy. Whats can I say. Top notch performers.

Will Definitely book them again for sure.

If only I wasn't the one who planned the party, I would have liked all of them to be mine.

Until next time.

New Girl, text me. (REZZA)

You. girls are Awesome. My Friends had a blast And will never forget The Night.
Field report for stag party courtesy of the Stag Mommas.

It was the wedding of my best friend. Our barkada made me responsible for organizing this event. Thanks to the stag mommas, it was really an unforgettable event that made my friend very happy. They made my job not only easy but very pleasurable to organize as well.

These ladies really know how to entertain and please. The whole event was well planned. The sexy dances they performed to warm up the audience was an event in itself. The guests couldn’t get enough of these hotties. The highlight of the event was the girl to girl action (courtesy of Tanisha and Chantal) which came straight out of a porn movie. You can really feel the heat in the room increase as they pleasured each other whilst everyone else watched excitedly! Two of the prettiest PSPs in the business exploring each others’ bodies was such a sight to behold! Wow, the stag mommas are not only hot in their own right but when working together, throw one hell of an awesome party. In addition to the groom, I was lucky enough to win a few hours time with one of the girls ( Bubbles – thanks for a great time!). Let’s just say that the performance in the bedroom more than exceeded our expectations! My only real complaint is that fun events that are this awesome were meant to last longer! But alas all good things as they say come to an end!

Thank you Stag Mommas for making this occasion special for all of us. Next time we plan another stag party, we will know who to call.
One thing that I can really say for certain is that they all look much prettier and hotter in person than in the photos. The FR’s are true. They are absolutely amazing!

I was lucky to contract the services of 6 stag mommas (Yelena, Reiko, Annika, Danielle, Lexie, and Satine) plus an additional hottie/observer in the person of ******.

First set: Striptease and sexy dance – They were all very good dancers but I must say Yelena and Danielle definitely stood out.

Second set: The Lap dance – For this part, I got to give it to Reiko, not only because she’s an engaging lap dancer but also because she truly “blew” my mind.

Third set: Every man’s fantasy , The G to G – If you have seen the movie “The human centipede”, which I didn’t by the way, what happened was pretty much like the concept of the movie – cunalingus in chain! (Ang lupet!) Felt like being in the set of a porn movie. Biggest problem for a spectator during that moment is where he would concentrate so that he won’t miss every move. I certainly wished I had 6 pairs of eyes! I may have forgotten half of what I memorized back in med school but that image, that experience, will forever be vividly imprinted in my mind. Just the mere thought of it brings back shivers down my spine and puts a silly grin in my face (Ooohh sheettt!- just like now).

After the performance, The Raffle: My pick: Yelena - Soft, smooth, fair skin, nice long legs, and an awesome pair of boobs. PSE. Very good BBBJ skills (deepthroat), Tight puss, Loved the view on WOT, and a good moaner. Loved the way she looked while having an orgasm. I only got 1 candy so being the insatiable person that I am, I then availed the services of **** for a solo candy after.

**** has the most stunning set of eyes. Tantalizing. With Suffocating Knockers. Very very tight puss (sorry ***** if it hurt a little). Genuinely moans. Gave me a private sexy dance in black, lacy lingerie while giving me that freezing stare (I am lost for words). Gave me BBBJ while again giving me THE stare (Ooohh sheettt!). (To *****: Don’t be overly conscious. You are beautiful. Hot is an understatement.)

For all you gentlemen out there, especially the appointed “bestmen”, Please do yourselves a favor, get the stag mommas for your stag party and you’ll never go wrong! If you are the groom and your bestman is a Mr Little Goody Two-shoes, do what I did. I am the groom and I had just organized MY OWN BACHELOR’S PARTY! Hehe

Thanks Stag Mommas for that incredible evening!

P. S. Hi kel. Hope to meet u before I get married.
Thanks Kel, Tanisha and Aleila for a special night. Ang saya naman ng experience sana maulit namin yun! Ang ganda ni Kel halos lahat gusto sya hehe! Plus Tanisha and Aleila who are both super hot, magiging perfect talaga ang stag party. Game sila lahat kaya masaya. I hope may stag party na kami ulet soon lol!

Overall: 9. 5/10
Organized a stag party in a Hotel in Ortigas. I initially called up Danielle hoping to book her, alleta and **** but they were already booked or on a vacation. I checked out the other girls in their group and got Kel, Satine and Lexie instead.

When the girls started their show, my friends were initially bored because it was just the run of the mill sexy dance. However, when the girls went to their grand finale, which is an all out G to G performance, we were all into their show. Everyone was crowding around to get a better view. Needless to say, all my friends left that night with a very big grin on their faces. Thanks again to the Stag Mommas! My only regret was that I didn't get to win the raffle.
FR on Stag Mommas

These girls are wonderful... First of all I would like to thank the 4 girls for giving us especially the groom a wonderful time... The ever-sweet Quelle, Fun loving Tanisha, Sexy Appealing Danielle, Gorgeous innocent Satine.. We started with a bit of technical problem with the audio system... But after we improvise, we got a great entertainment from these 4

Attitude : Very Friendly and Professional
Personality : Shy at first but start to open up as they mingle with the group
Performance : Very good and experienced

Kudos to these 4 and the other stag mommas, Hope to get acquainted with you guys again in the future more power to all of you...
Hi Girls! Thank You DANIELLE, YELENA, TANISHA, BUBBLES, SATINE for the Saturday night STAG it was LEGENDARY! Honestly guys, i thought you can't top what you did on our first stag without ******and Chantal but, whoa! we got caught by the balls with your performance!
Mukhang may gusto nang sumunod na ikasal sa amin para maulit lang yung stag.

Ngayon lang ako magco-comment dahil it's worth it,

Just would like to thank Reiko, Kel and Tanisha for a wonderful stag last Thursday.

Definitely a must get!
FR for the stag party we had last night. We got kel, summer and yelena. Many thanks to the girls especially kel and yelena who we got at such short notice. The night was indeed a wild one, with free flowing booze and great girls FRUITTI us guys.

First was the show which got all of us hot under the collar! The gyrations and sensual moves are definitely class A. It showed how serious these girls are about their job. The g2g2g was also something that shocked alot of the guests, but in a good way.

The groom got kel and summer and yelena went to 2 other lucky guests. The girls were very accomodating. They are strict with their rules though so clear details with them to have smooth sailing all night.

Pasensya na if we got too rowdy at times haha, and thank you again for the great party! Over all, the experience was a 9.
Just got home from an awesome night and i just couldn't pass up the opportunity make my first post here in ***.

.. Though technically, we did not have a Stag Party <walang groom.. less than 3 persons.. haha> it was still a memorable night!

Thank you very much Kel and ****for a hell of a good time! scratch that.. it was more like heavenly time! These two beautiful and elegant ladies is truly worth it!!! i cant wait for the next time makapagset uli kami ng "stag Party"

the dance, the action, the deed! believe the hype guys. Thanks again Kel and *****.
Cant wait till next time!
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