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Nightmare Booty Call

I like having fun. I really enjoy submissive bunnies. This one client of mines fell to her knees apologizing over and over to me, while she was sucking my thang, I asked, " why are you saying that you are sorry so much?"
The conversation was in Japanese; she didn't know how to speak English that well. She told me, "I like saying that. Please don't make me stop."
I actually laughed at her then relaxed on the hotel sofa as she literally drank me dry. She sucked me off about 10 times in one night. She is so submissive and promising that she love when I tied her up. Drinking so much cumshots, I thought she was going to lose her lunch. She drank it all without any fuss. I like when beautiful women tightly grip their appetites or fetishes. That girl made me lose my mind, damn I felt like I was in extreme heaven. We never had regular sex. Just like some men, submissive women need pleasure as well. Sometimes all I want to do is eat pussy. But other times I adore a nice head monster. If anyone gets pleasure out of being treated like a submissive bunny, I'll love to have an opportunity to show you how.
Thanks for reading, and I hope this turned you on.
XD... Freddy.
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Added on: 10/02/12 11:30
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