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Jaa4u : Bangkok Bdsm Dominatrix, Tease and Denial, Mistress Jaa

I play DOTA2 because i like minions

minions fight for me

minions do what i tell them to

minions make me win

kind of like life na?

i love minions
Being the boss of jaa4u. com is a lot different than being Mistress Jaa

Because i do sessions with clients not very often ... i feel like it is my responsibility to find new girls to give good sessions and not do the sessions myself.

Except to find a good girl is like 1 in 1 million. And i don't have patience to go look and talk to 1 million girls.

So again .. if any girl likes to work for me. i can guarantee about 100, 000 every month.

But you have to speak english better than me. have to be young. sexy. and enjoy dominating men.

means ... not open your legs and think with your pussy ... have to think with your brain.

has to be one girl and ladyboy like that you think? zzzzz


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Added on: 01/28/15 14:23
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i want a new ladyboy to work for me

email me if you want to be rich

must have a brain... must be able to speak english well

i dont need a whore ... i need a mistress

to be a mistress you have to know how to play with men like he is a toy .. not fuck him like you are his toy

hard to find


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Added on: 01/13/15 22:14
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What happened to me?

Well ... got my jaa4u. com so popular it was making 1/2 million baht every month

... then i got tired and then exhausted and then had a bad mood every day.

... got a client to give me 3 million baht to buy me my dream house.

... got another client to buy me a car

... retired almost but thought to be the manager of my website and find somebody even better than me

... now one works for me, and now looking for 1 ladyboy because the last one i made rich and she has a new life in Krabi. Then one more mistress and done, never have to work again.

I went to many places in the world. The most interesting was South Africa. The poorest was India. The coldest was Canada. The worst was Macau. Second worst was Hong Kong. Third worst was Singapore ... remind myself not to go to any more Chinese countries.

Not married yet. Don't think now i will get married to anyone. Money gave me one thing i never had before ... power to be independent.

I need the link. Only reason i am back lol.

I got rich using my brain not my pussy. Well i did open my legs ... once. But that was for the 3 million baht. So i guess i am the most expensive escort in Thailand ... haha555

Mistress Jaa

www. jaa4u. com


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Added on: 01/11/15 16:02
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first video i do for domination 3 years ago

i am still the same


Xhamster has my tease and denial (tease & denial) video now online ... part 3


i put this in the forum ... http://www.sexyescortads.com/forum/view_topic/30091/ #last_post

can you do acting like you are submissive? innocent girl have sex first time ... something like that

email me if you can do it i have 2 session for you for november



shopping for my house is the most fun thing i do in my life. everything is so expensive that i want ... and i dont buy anything yet but not because money.

because i keep change my mind what to buy lol

anyway i know i have a lot of email from here this week ... i will answer you after i come home to bangkok tomorrow from chiang mai

sawasdee ka


so stupid... leg closed mean leg closed

i have no sex for 1 year almost ... finally i do it 3 times 3 men and boom ... love problem every day

so i go back to leg closed forever

stupid idea

back from south africa ... amazing 3 weeks for me

phillipine is next i go with my son 1 more month

and after england :)

2. 5 million ... how many come to my blog now 1 month

lol ... and i am happy before if i have 10 ... and i remember first day i have 3 i think that is so amazing.

2. 5 million ... now i feel like why .. i do what to make so many come take a look?

and why because video ... 1 video is more important from 100 story i can do for bdsm.

what is better than a dream for me ? .. what i dream for my son happen because somebody pay take care for all his inter school :)

you know how expensive that is?

and my house before so 2 times lucky

I have a dungeon in Bangkok now i write about that in my blog yesterday.


And i have to go back to Chiang Mai again soon to put furniture in my house there so my Bed & Breakfast & BDSM place can be ready soon.

But i don't think it will be ready before i go to South Africa ... probably April or May i think.

Close to have my dungeon in Chiang Mai ... and close to have a dungeon in Bangkok.

From everything everybody pay to my amazon wish list i have many things now for both dungeon. For sure i will have the biggest dungeon in Thailand.

Dungeon in Bangkok and Bed & Breakfast & Bdsm hotel stay in Chiang Mai.

Close but not yet ... 1 or 2 more months. Still have to take care of furniture for my place in Chiang Mai first. Dungeon idea is very sexy beautiful and classy ... no red and black.

Anyway will show that in my website soon i have to go and do photos after i put the design in my house.

What is cool is i have 3 book me already for my b&b for 1 week each

Now i just have to think how i can make myself to 2 Jaa one for here and one for Bangkok so i can work 2 same time.


see jn.. promise you i will tie you one time before new year and i say that when to you.. remember?

and you promise what you remember? ... if i beat you even one time you will do what for me?

2 more days and i have 3 session to do ... only 1 way you can win now if everybody cancel.

white please ... i like white :) lol

wow amazing xmas. amazing amazing

now new year soon

but i dont want my year to finish yet

why because just too amazing really

amazing .. i put in my blog 1 month ago only to make everybody who keep bug me for anal shut his mouth ... 1 story for how much 200, 000 baht.

who want that the most ... first email after my story he get so piss off at me.

2 week he try to make again how much he want to pay 2000 usa money. no i say in my story for usa money that is about 7000

one week ago he go up 1 more now 3000

why i have to change how much for how much you want to pay? lol ... honest i dont care if he say yes or no i am happy for how busy i am already. so i say that to him

and boom he put that in my bank to bank 7000.

want to know i am how bad? i control him in my session .. hr bdsm tease same like i always do ... and let him try to do that.

hurt like hell. but finish only 2 min and he cum.

2 shot ... 2 shot .. 2 shot lol? 7000 you want my bum you get it..

so just have to learn how to sit down again lol ... 2 days for that probably

omgoodness the water is so high at my condo today , if tomorrow is the same the water will come in my bedroom for sure. 3 days ago i think not possible because the water have to go up 5 meter to come close to me, and today 3 meter already. wow

i will put photo in my blog soon to show you.

i need 1 girl to work with me for bdsm

you can be innocent and submissive for who like you to be like that ... i control you and my slave and have fun with that.

ok so sexy .. good idea for imagination ... classy and beautiful .. and can do english ... send me email.

do your job much you like and i try to make everybody book when you are not busy.

i want the service that i can kick you in your balls hard as i can 10 times lol ... because that is what i do to my client for free.

Hi kumar sharma,
In your email you wrote:
>>> Hi Jaa4u, I am a hot guy, age 32, india looking to have some fun and money. I am ready for any kind of relations from friendship to any extent as u want. Could travel to any place in India. To have my services just mail me and i'll give u my phone number in reply. Mail me for rates as they depend on the kind of service you want. ...

sorry i cannot put the photo of his penis he send me with that because it is so ugly lol

i think july is idiot month for sure
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