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The trials and tribulations of a Halifax escort

We had met casually on a couple of occasions, he was attending a class I was taking and he was also a friend of a friend. On this occasion, a get together to celebrate a birthday, he stood out. He wore a suit which flattered his physique. He was tall, even next to me in my heels, 6ft4ish or so. His coal black hair had been cut, making his steel blue eyes and square jaw somehow more striking, he had me staring...

The room was packed with people, and noisy with all the celebrating and well wishing, so it was inevitable that we ended up pressed against one another. My breasts pressing against his back, made him turn and smile at me. "Oh hey, your Cristy, aren't you", "I've seen you on campus, your a friend of Tony and Michelle"..."I'm Brock". I smiled, "I know" I said coyly... I could feel my body heating up, and my face reddening, I wondered if it showed... He asked me to step outside with him so we could talk...

He sat on the stone wall, which surrounded lush gardens and a meticulously manicured lawn, a perfect backdrop for his masculine beauty . He opened his jacket and pulled at his trousers causing them to hug and outline his obvious endowment... I couldn't help but stare. He smiled and me and tapped the wall as a gesture to sit next to him. He began talking but I was lost in his eyes, they were mysterious, provoking, sexy and innocent... all I heard was "would you join me for dinner tomorrow, " without a thought, I uttered "yes".

It was a michelin rated restaurant, one I had been wanting to try, I was excited. I had bought a new dress, a slinky red, backless dress, that clung to every curve and which didn't allow room for a bra, nor panties. I also bought new heels, high heels, he was tall so I could afford to add a few inches to my height and I had my hair and makeup done professionally. I wanted to be at my best. I felt sexy, and thought I looked sexy, but it was the look he gave me when he picked me up that solidified my feelings. He was into me:)

The restaurant was elegantly lit, and we were lead into a private room and seated at the most divine table for two. He ordered wine and pulled my chair closer to him, "I want you next to me, not across from me". His directness and confidence were surprising and titillating... He complimented my appearance, taking me all in with his gorgeous eyes. A knock at the door, broke our trance... The sommelier brought in the wine, poured it and left... then I felt Brocks hand slip under my dress. "MMMM, no panties"... he took my hand and placed it on his crotch, he hardened with my touch, and I spread my legs a little, so his fingers could explore me, we both moaned and became lost in the moment of excitement, then another knock came, "excuse me", the server uttered "are you ready to order"? " No" , he said, "I'll let you know". I giggled... it appears I'm going to be the meal and dessert...

His fingers danced on my clit, which hardened instantly when he slipped one finger into my tight pussy, teasing it, darting in and out. My mouth hungrily sought his, we kissed passionately, our tongues dancing together, we were tongue fucking as if we had never before... He was an expert with his fingers, teasing my pussy with one hand and toying with my nipples with the other, he had me so turned on, I wanted to mount him, then and there. He pushed me back in my seat, pulled up my dress exposing me from waist down. He got on his knees, pushing apart my legs, and began to worship me with his tongue. Which was even more talented than his fingers. It danced on my clit until I begged him to enter me. He told me "not yet", got up and positioned me on my knees, he stood, unzipped his pants, and pushed my mouth onto his hardness, he throbbed in my mouth. I was in heaven. He held my hair... His thickness, gagged me, and I devoured him. I teased the head of his cock with my tongue, running it up and down his shaft, as I stroked his balls. My mouth moved to them, slowly I suckled them, one by one, flicking my tongue gently over each one while jerking his shaft with my hand, sucking him, teasing him with my tongue, savoring every inch of him. My mouth, hand and tongue became an orchestra of pleasure, teasing and taunting him towards orgasmic pleasure, he throbbed and moaned, and pushed his cock deep into my throat, pulling back and pushing forward, he gasped and moaned, his noises made me wet... he asked if he could come in my mouth, I said "yes, please "... he pushed deep into my throat, squirted, and I savored all of his sweetness... I looked up at him, and we both smiled. Hungry he asked, and we both laughed. "Yes" I said, "lets order"...

I hope you liked my little story...


Wishing everyone the happiest Christmas and the merriest of New Years. Enjoy the season and may you be blessed with all that is good.


A while ago I started advertising phone conversations, half hours and hours, of talk. That talk can be anything from topics of the day, venting, to allow you to blow off steam, or pillow talk and bedtimes stories.
I'm happy to say it has become quite popular and also lots of fun. Who said facetime/camchat or skype was the thing... sometimes just hearing a sexy voice is more stimulating and erotic.
I say sexy voice, because of how often I'm complimented by gentlemen concerning the tone of my voice. Many seem to think it's sensual, sexy and soothing...
So if you're up for a chat send me an email ( cristylonglegs@gmail.com ) introducing yourself and the length of time you'd be interested in talking and when you'd like our conversation to occur. When we agree on a time I'll require an email money transfer, after that has occurred all you have to do is wait for our chat...
Looking forward to talking to you soon:)


Thank you again Saint John for showing me your generous and kind hospitality. To those wonderful, sexy, fun gents I was lucky to connect with, thank you for being gentlemen and for allowing me to share in your fantasy, may we get to do it again very soon.


Thank you Moncton, a shorter stay this time, and a few more game players, but thankfully a few nice gents made my visit worth while:) A special thanks to the gent who tucked me in:):)
For those who may make the mistake of accepting appointments from these two-beware they are *deliberate* time wasters...
- Jacques-506-988-2242
- @Xavier93m on twitter
It never ceases to amaze me how some find amusement in booking an escort to purposely have her waste her time and lose out on meeting another good client. When a person so purposely does this and has no remorse for doing so... then know that I also have no issue posting their name and number. I value a persons word and trust a person when they say they are going to show. So When you *clearly* and *intentionally* go out of your way to play games with me, I will go out of my way to alert others to your *deliberate* and pathetic childishness.
It's time for another road trip so on my way I'll be stopping in Moncton on Friday Nov 17th and SaintJohn on the 18th. If we haven't met and you'd like to please call -902-444-0414. If we've already met and you'd like to reconnect, I'd be happy to oblige, just call to discuss what time works. I'm excited to experience N. B. hospitality again and I hope you'll also be happy to have me;)


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It's that time of year, where ghostly gouls, monsters and goblins go door to door seeking treats and playing tricks.
well I'll be spending this spooktacular halloween in Halifax, so if you're looking for a tasty treat stop by and have some fun too!!


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A recent gentleman I met describe the feeling of being inside me to that of a velvet glove. He and others have often complimented me on my tightness... although this particular gentleman, with his impressive girth, did help things feel nice and tight, I'm sure... lol:)
If you crave feeling silky softness, and a tight grip, why not stop by and explore me, Cristycurves. I'd love to treat you, to the "velvet glove" experience.


*Contact an escort in the manner we request, please. An escort will post in her ads how to best contact her, doing otherwise will not illicit favorable outcomes. After all if you can't follow those simple instructions she'll obviously think you'll also ignore more important cues when in person.

* Be discrete. You expect discretion and so do we. This means wiping out our contact information ESPECIALLY if you are coupled, and share a phone or computer. None of us wants a spouse calling/texting or emailing us ( the escort) asking us questions. Be quiet and don't stand out when entering an incall. Remember we all use different names other than our given names. Calling them out does no one any good. If you write an address down, discard the paper properly. Don't share our locations with your "friends". That means other hobbyists too. Our locations are for us to share, not for you to share!! And when reviewing don't mention personal things that could give away a persons identity.

*If you've been set up, robbed, duped by an escort, or are a victim of other nefarious activity, report it. This helps all of us. Bad escorts and bad clients ruin trust for all of us, they need to be reported to make this industry safer.

*When you make an appointment, make it a time that you are sure you can commit to . Then show up, or cancel appropriately. Either by calling, texting or thru an email. There is nothing worse than a man who feels no remorse for not showing up for a date he's scheduled, nor bothered to cancel. We all know that something can arise to throw a wrench into our plans, but there is never an excuse for a person, client or escort, to never contact the person to apologize, explain or refund for the no show...

*Be yourself. I will never judge you by your physical looks, most escorts won't. So be comfortable in your own skin. I want to rock your world, have fun with you, and that has nothing to do with your physical looks. Hygiene, is a different story.. Make sure to shower thoroughly, that means washing your hair, having clean nails (hands and feet) and fresh breath. Shower before you arrive, or mention that you'll need to shower when arriving. Please keep updated on your health as well ( physical/sexual/dent al). When you date more than one person regular medical checkups are necessary!! If you expect intimacy then expect that we'll want to cuddle up to someone who smells fresh and who is healthy.

*If you're going to write a review, keep in mind the idea of reviewing is to help each side, the escort and clients. Clients need to know that the escort is reliable, clean, trustworthy, as pictured, professional, and met your expectations. They don't need pornographic tell alls. Nor mean words, or put downs, these say more about you than the person you are trying to harm with insults. If you were put in jeopardy by someone then report it and post in appropriate warning sections of the site to which you belong.

*Have a discussion and be clear about your expectations when talking with your escort, You need not be explicit, simply clear. Both sides need to know what the boundaries are. before a date is made...

*When calling an escort, introduce yourself. Starting off with "what's your rates" or "how much" will usually end badly or with a hang up. Remember we are individuals and politeness and clarity is appreciated by everyone.

*Never tell an escort she charges to much. What we charge is not your business to question. Either you agree to the fee, or you find someone who offers the fee you can afford. Quibbling about fees will make you sound cheap and petty. How we operate our business, how we charge, is not for discussion. It is something *the escort* determines, not the client. He can only determine what he is willing to pay.

*Know that when you are dealing with someone with a website, reviews, online posts, social media accounts, you'll be safe. If you're without a nefarious or devious agenda, a professional escort will have every reason to protect your identity as carefully as she protects her own.

*Have realistic expectations. If it is your first date, or even 2nd or 3rd, know that it can go north or south, that will depend on you both. Two people make a date amazing, and it takes two to make it mediocre or bad. Mediocre or bad dates aren't always the fault of anyone either, sometimes chemistry just doesn't happen, even when felt while setting up the date. Things happen. If they do, be adult about it and move on. Again, if nothing devious, or nefarious was done, then simply try again with someone else.

*Lastly... enjoy the process. You just may be on track to finding that extra something you've been missing. Certainly it warrants a try;)


I'd like to wish you a very peaceful, happy and enjoyable Thanksgiving. Eat drink and be merry. May the joys of the holiday spill into all days.
For those interested I'll be spending my thanksgiving here in Halifax, should you want to join me for some merriment:)


So the bottom of the barrel review board (sp411. com) and it's owner Chase, the drama queen, lying, I'll do anything for a buck, littleboy. Has posted a thread stating that in order to have a "bad review" removed, you now have to pay him 750$..? LOL!! Does it get any sleazier?
We all know Chase's incapability to be truthful, and that his poor excuse of a "review" board is floundering, to say the least. What with it's numerous fictitious and contrived members, mods, etc. And so because of this, he now has to extort money from those, I'm very sure, he himself has written ugly things about. So if any of his victims, (those he's written lies about) want these "ugly lies" removed, they'll have to cough up 750$... Some might say a genius move, to make easy sleazy money. Others would just say, nope it's a typical Chase move. Typical, because that is just how his twisted, inept, mind works. Anything for a buck and, it never has to be truthful, above board, or fair. You see Chase is well known for printing lies, for making posts simply to troll specific members, and even towards those beyond his board. He simply thrives on drama and cares NOT what this drama does to his latest victim. He is the worst kind of bully the escort industry has, because he hinds behind a fictitious handle, pounding away at a keyboard, most likely he's set up in his moms basement, along with his friends, him, himself, and the guy he named CHASE:)
Yes if it weren't for the few sleaze bags like him, in this industry, who continue to purport the stereotypical negatives of those within the industry and who donate to visit escorts, we'd all have an easier time having the laws overturned in our favor. But as long as sleazes like this act as they do, escorting will remain fraught with misnomers, misconceptions and with many fighting for their rights to escort, and to escort safely and legally.


Now this moron has issued a warning that he will be releasing members ip addresses - quote-((Due to all of the trash talking by the members of Terb review board and the new owner Andy from Mirage Escorts who lets it go on, I will be selling the list of IP addresses of their members.

How do I have it the list?

Let's just say I am the craziest person in all of adult entertainment.

PS: And that includes our favourite, no good, dirty, filthy, trash bag, trump loving, alcoholic, ho: luv -end quote))
In the past he had threaten to release, and has released some escorts and members personal addresses, as well. This person needs to be held accountable for endangering knowingly, the lives of so many. Please know what your dealing with, if you decide to venture into that site.
A sincere and grateful thank you, to all those I met while visiting Moncton and Saint John. I was overwhelmed with the responses and attentions I received. Only one idiot phone call and that was a female, the rest were perfect gentlemen. Thank you for another successful, fun, trip. I look forward to visiting again soon:)


I've visited before and had so much fun, I'm coming back with hopes of having more. I'll be spending an afternoon and evening in each city. So if you're in the area, professional, educated, and interested in spending time with a mature, passionate, sexy blonde who loves to offer authentic unrushed dates, then please call to set up yours. I'd love to make your afternoon or evening a sexier one!!


It's been a long hot summer, and I've the memories to prove it... Although it's not over yet, I can certainly feel fall in the air in the evenings and mornings. And although the temperatures are starting to cool, my appetite for exciting adventures with discerning gentlemen are not. So let it be known, Cristycurves is still lusting after you and your fantasies.
My love of dirty talk, toys, your gentle touch and openness still is exciting and craved. So don't hesitate to look me up, to desire my touch and to want to share yours, I'm waiting...


On my time away I spent an afternoon and evening in Saint John and had a blast! Thank you to those wonderful gentlemen who shared their time with me. To those I missed, I'm looking forward to returning for more fun and naughtiness, hopefully then we can meet. The hotel was lovely and so was the staff there. A trip that well exceeded my expectations!!


To all those who are great dads and who guide their children to become better human beings, Happy Fathers day. May it be filled with happiness, special moments and fond memories.


for quite sometime I was getting inquiries as to whether or not I provided 15 min sessions, or anything shorter than the 30 mins I offered. The thought of those types of encounters seemed odd to me. I couldn't understand how anyone could accomplish "anything". Until I tried one with a regular of mine and, it was fun!! I must say, what we could accomplish was surprising and the hurriedness of it, seemed to heighten the eroticism of it as well. So now I'm willing to accept and engage in 15min sessions, with the right gents, that is. This is something that will not work for everyone, even those seeking it. So be sure if you want a "hit n run" session that your are "up " for the challenge:)
Happy Wednesday:)


Sunny days are here again and so is another holiday weekend. Wishing you all a fun filled, safe and happy holiday.
If you'd like to pop on over and share a cold one with me, call-902-444-0414- I'm accepting a couple of appointments. till then...


Wishing everyone a safe, fun, peaceful and happy holiday weekend and a very Happy Easter. Eat lots of chocolate:)


There are many, many, gorgeous companions out there offering their time to discerning gentlemen. Many of these men and women have spent countless hours putting together pages of information to educate and inform you as to the type of personality, encounter, costs incurred, etc, you'll have to look for ward to when choosing your date. All you have to do is read the site:)
Yet, often times I read where disgruntled men have posted about disappointing encounters with someone and, it turns out, more than not, those chosen, had no website, and very little information posted about themselves. I always recommend, especially to first timers, to stick with companions who have websites. As they're invested in their business and have put effort into maintaining a certain standard. I also often hear of companions and clients alike complaining that one or the other was rude upon first contact. This usually occurs when the client has done no homework, ( IE: reading a website )Keep in mind, most of us are contacted often and asked the same questions often, that are clearly answered on our sites. So it can become tedious and a waste of time for many to respond. Clearly you would think that if someone were interested in meeting you, you'd think they'd want to know as much about you as possible, you'd also think they'd be respectful of your requests, such as reading ones ad or website... Keep in mind, respect garners respect.
So... if you want to be assured of a positive response from a professional companion when you first contact them, read their website FIRST. Read it thoroughly and follow the contact protocol, it is just that easy.
All of us who offer a website online include details about our personalities, likes/dislikes, contact information, pictures, reviews and more. This is done to give potential clients a clear picture to what can be expected.
So if you truly want to meet someone you'll click with, who'll take your contact seriously, take a moment and read their website. It'll pay off for you in the end. Happy hobbying:)


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