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A little more about me.

Well hopefully the monsoon season has ended for the prairies. Holy cow, the amount of rain that we have had in June is just about unbelievable. It would not have been so bad if we would have had the normal temperatures to got with it. This has put the farmers behind the 8 ball a couple of ways. First the seeding was in most areas delayed and behind schedule. The cooler temperatures has also put the crops further behind schedule. Spraying has also been put way behind schedule.

Hmmmm why is it that with all the GMO companies focusing on improving plant varieties the weeds can out perform everything on the market so far?

Yaa hoo I found my garden! I spent tbe last evening weeding the garden. Lol now I can actually see that there are some plants in rows in it, how strange is that?

Ah yes with most of the world focused on soccer/football, our CFL season has already begun. Go Riders!

Humor is it a good or bad thing in serious topics? Personally for me I would be lost with out it. Making someone/anyone smile can not be a bad thing. It is so easy in life to have bad experiences that make you loose your gift to smile and laugh. Days without those can become very long, lonely and depressing.

I hope that everyone enjoys their summer. I think I will!
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Added on: 07/03/14 14:31
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I am positive that this has been the longest that I have ever been inactive on this site. I have on occasion checked it to see if anything of interest has been going on, and to answer a couple of emails that I received.

Sometimes life throws you a hell of a curve ball that smacks you right in the head. That is what has happened to me early this year. Physically I am fine. Emotionally I am in a deep dark place, at times I can see a glimmer of light, but it will be a while before I get back to any sense of normality. Mentally wow now I know what I will be like in twenty or so years when I get alzheimer's for real. I have lost or forgotten more things than I care to admit. So I am finding that often I will get to the end of the driveway and then turn around and go back to check and make sure that I have closed and locked the door.

So with large life changes to be made, a way of life that I truly never thought that I personally would experience I guess it will take time to adapt to the new way of life.

There has been a forum thread on honesty lately that has been active. I am normally an honest person, but there is one of my blog entries that is a lie. It was supposed to over time build up to a prank on some of the people here, but certain things on here changed just after I wrote it. I left it up for a couple of reasons. One I wrote it and secound a couple of people responded to it.

So for now I guess I am done rambling. Other than to say it has been frigging cold here . March first and most of the province was down in the minus thirties and with the wind chill yikes minus fifty. This is prepping us for spring???
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Added on: 03/03/14 06:37
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My start to the new year has not been great. Due to certain circumstances I do not feel up to participating in the forums. Actually I have not checked the site in a couple of weeks probably. Lol the reason I did today is just because I received notification that I had a new email from here.

There may be a little more time that has to pass before I become active. But if anyone does have questions or want to chat I will reply in time. Lol some other guy may have to become the gabby guy, at least for a little while.

In the mean time all you good people take care, and I do still think about a lot of the past active members.
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Added on: 01/21/14 00:25
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Holy! It has been a long time since I last posted in my blog. I guess it is time to update it. I got through my winter work trip way up north. Surprisingly for a couple of days it was warmer there then where I live. But those short days man they are depressing.

Christmas was good other than my long time friend that had cancer passed away. Not the first person that I have been close to to do so, but for some reason it affected me more than the others. The good memories will live on.

Ah yes the deer have moved back into the yard to get their free food. The horses are happy as they are now allowed to go out into the pasture to run if they want.

This site has been so quiet lately but like I mentioned to one friend here I have not had the urge to be my normal chatty self. So enjoy it while it lastd guys
As Arnie is famous for saying "I'll be back! "

So things I would like to happen next year? The normal health and happiness for everyone. After that in regards to this site, I guess my search for a real squirter will continue. And I must get to see my two favorite providers. One I have not seen in such a long time and I really wanted to see her this week but that last time I checked she is on one of her breaks.

Enough about me. Everyone have a great New Year!
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Added on: 12/31/13 15:33
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Well our football team is the CFL champions. Way to go Riders. And the fans were all well behaved.

Started to haul grain to the elevators. Yea finally money will start trickling in. Sorry deer for taking away one of your buffets.

We have snow but not enough to go ski dooing yet, some; people have taken their machines for a ride but I will wait

What is it with people leaving dogs and cats out in the country to defend for themselves. I am getting tired of adopting strays and checking lost ads. Oh well that is life I guess.
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Added on: 11/27/13 16:47
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Well harvest is done. All the machinery is back in its storage location after doing repairs to them. Crap getting tires repaired on tractors and combines is getting expensive. We have snow on the ground but not enough to go ski dooing.

The horses have settled in to the winter schedule lol but I do think some of them wonder why they are not out in the big pastures out back so that they can really run free. But we did have a rain fall and then freezing temperatures which formed a nice coat of ice. I believe that is what happened to one of the horses. It was favoring one leg. So out comes the vet to check it out and xray. At least it was not broken that would have meant putting down the horse. So they are stuck in the corrals until it melts or we get enough snow to stop the slipping.

No deer in with the horses yet but they are enjoying all the free grain that is still left in the surrounding fields. They had better start hiding as the general hunting season opens today. They do learn fast and know all the safe farm land that is posted.

I know we are not supposed to post political things in the forums but I could not resist. How can that mayor still be in position. Doing crack and cocaine (is that the same thing? Lol I am not up on the drug scene.) While in office. Threatening to kill some one. Prostitutes in the mayors office. Drunken binges. Quite the mayor!

I am planning on going to see my friend that has cancer. It does not sound to good for him but then he was told in the spring that it was terminal.

Our football team plays in the semi final game this weekend. I wish them luck Calgary has a good team. Either way it is party time the following week as we are hosting the Grey Cup game. Oh for all of the none North Americans. Football here is not what you might call it there. We call that soccer. Lol I probably confused the issue with that statement. Rider nation and Rider fans for the CFL are the most devoted widespread fan base in the country. Heck the Canadian mint a few years ago even put the Rider logo on the dollar coin. That shows how important they are to the country. And it is only a sport team. Go figure that out. Still Go Riders Go!!!

Ah yes next month I will be doing my annual trip way up north to work. Just found out my horse partner will be taking a trip south at the same time, so we are now looking for someone to look after all the animals while we are both gone.

Remembrance day has past and everyone is starting to get primed for Christmas. But please always keep those people in the back of your minds and give thanks to them.

Well I have rambled on enough for now. Lol if you read this to the end have a great day!
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Added on: 11/15/13 16:11
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Everything is pretty much ready. Scarecrows in front. Ghosts hanging about. All of the halloween decorations in the yard. A neighbour even brought some headstones for the driveway. The tables are set up for the refreshments. Bring on all those scary little people.

My costume this year I am the lone ranger.
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Added on: 10/31/13 15:43
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Well I hope that everyone in Canada had a great long weekend. Mine I spent in the hospital visiting my buddy that has cancer. Sad moments sometimes but then there was also laughter and fond memories shared. I hope that I get to see him at least one more time.

Just finishing up some field prep work. Another couple of days and it can start snowing. I am just about ready.
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Added on: 10/18/13 20:44
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Hmm already October. Just one more good day of baling and then hauling them in. The leaves on the trees are rapidly changing colour, and the wind is starting to blow them around. It is a great feeling to have everything just about ready for winter. And I beat all those darn snow geese. They are now down here in full force. Hehe so their might be some time taken to thin out the odd flock. Maybe goose for Thanksgiving instead of turkey? If so I prefer a big Canada goose.

I did take some time off to go hunting with a couple of my buddies. Between the three of us we came back with two elk. Nothing huge but they were decent and the meat should be excellent. I missed having wild game this summer as I had to throw or give most of it away when my one freezer crapped out. The horses where a god send while hunting. You get so close and in touch with nature if you just let them have their head and let them meander down the cut lines and through the meadows. To be in the fog and hear a bull elk answer your bugle can and still does send a chill down my spine. And then to hear twigs cracking and seemingly out of nowhere a majestic animal appears. I must be getting older or something. I enjoy that part much more than the shooting.

Ah October. A week or two and it will be time to start transforming the barn into a haunted building for halloween. And hopefully the ground is not frozen to bad when I try to stake down all of the halloween blow up decorations in the yard.

The garden is done for the year. Everything turned out pretty well. I was able to take a bunch of produce to the food bank. They can always use it.

To everyone have a great October.
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Added on: 10/01/13 17:28
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Yeah! My combining is all finished and holy cow the way the year started out I did not think that the crops would have been that good. All my bins are full so near the end I had to resort to piling it in the field. I am sure that the deer are thanking me for that. So now a few days of making and hauling straw bales and the pressure is off. If I get some extra field prep work done all the better, but it is not detrimental.

Over all the harvesting went well. My swather broke down which I mentioned and then Sunday night I thought I would take my one truck in to give it a wash. On the way home just cruising down the highway, thinking how well everything was going and crap my engine starts reving but I am slowing down. It doesn't take long to figure out that my transmission just blew apart. Shifting down yeah I have fourth gear well at least I can probably make it back to the shop at home. So I turn off the highway onto the gravel road. A mile from home I come to a stop sign at the cross road. Being that I only have fourth gear I slow down but do not come to a complete stop. I roll though cross the gravel road and drive past my neighbours drive way. A cop cruiser comes out turns on his lights and pulls me over. Great! I now am the proud owner of a ticket for failing to stop. And they are not cheap. So that was the reason for my crusty mood yesterday.
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Added on: 09/24/13 16:52
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A couple of days ago I picked up the parts for my swather. Glad to say the used part held up long enough to finish cutting down the rest of my crops. But I will feel better after the new one comes in and I get it changed after combining is done. Combining has been going ok other than my friend and normal truck driver has a week of out of town work so I fill up the truck and then have to drive and unload it. Makes it take twice as long. Oh well the weekend will soon be here.

Bad news for summer the snow geese have started coming down but the big northern Canada geese have not made it down. Oh I sure hope that I get the crops off before they come down in full force, and before the hunters start wanting to be in the fields.
Wow it seems like just over night and a couple of the trees have had their leaves turn yellow. I sure hope that that was heat stress and the lack of rain and not because of fall arriving.

Ah yes and now to add more busy time my teaching job has started again. Bit it is always good to give back to the new up and coming mechanics.

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Added on: 09/10/13 14:59
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Well crap last night I had my first major break down of the year. At the time I did not think it was a big deal. But after phoning the local supplier this morning I found out that it will be close to a week to get the part in. So I guess in my free time today I will have to expand my search or starr looking for used parts.. Lol on the bright side I got a normal amount of sleep.
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Added on: 09/05/13 17:14
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Last night I started swathing. Oh the crops look excellent so as long as they grade well everyone will be happy. Well maybe more happy once it is delivered to the elevator and the checks start coming in. The days are quickly getting shorter and the nights are cooling off. One of my indicators for continued good weather the geese are not yet flocking up and heading south. The sea gulls are but that is normal for this time of year.

No deer or moose seen last night. A family of raccoons were by the one creek. On the way home a couple of coyotes were already patrolling the swaths looking for mice I assume.
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Added on: 09/04/13 16:27
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Yea all the haying is done. Now another week or two and it will be time to start harvesting the crops. This hot weather has been a real blessing. Lol I will put on my farmers hat for a secound and complain. It would have been nice to have had one more rain before the heat arrived. Now hoping that it does not rain for a long time until everyone is done harvesting.

There are signs that summer is ending. The crows are starting to gather in larger flocks. The antlers on the deer and moose are in velvet. They are impatiently waiting for the first hard frost to really kick in the breeding season for them. Most of the garden is winding down. Apples are close being ready to be picked. The mornings are much cooler and the days are getting shorter.

Summers go by so fast it seems. Oh well I am like a good squirrel lots of supplies stored away for the winter. Safe inside as I listen to the coyotes howl each night.
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Added on: 08/27/13 15:22
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Thankfully my hay making is just about done. A couple of more days and it should all be stacked in the yard. Then I guess I get to do one of my neighbours fields of hay. At least it is the large ones and I do not have to haul them. It is supposed to be hot this week. Finally we were below normal in temperatures for a long time.

This site has been so quiet for awhile. I find that I no longer have the urge to be constantly checking it as there is rarely any new forum posts. On the bright side. I get my work done quicker.
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Added on: 08/12/13 18:57
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Hmm Michael has left that is one person that I always thought would never leave this site. Who will now do the reporting? And he did start a lot of threads in the forums. It will be different with him gone.

Whew haying time. Good news is I have all the big round bales that I need in the yard. For the hay that I sell those are a mixture of the big round bales and the small square bales. Lol I try not to think of how many tons of hay I man handle and stack until I start seeing the money. The crops are looking good so as long as we don't get hail or an early frost the farmers and I will be happy.

Ah fresh garden veggies. Home grown you can not beat that. Peas cucumbers strawberrries rasberries even had new potatoes the other day.

The forums are quiet. To quiet. It seems like the spammers sometimes out number the real posts. I guess I might be having the same thouhts as Michael.
Especially since I am not really looking for new providers. But I do miss joining in the past interesting forum posts. Cristy has been getting more active the past couple of days. But with only a few members being active there is not much dialogue to go through. I miss the mornings where it use to take a half hour just to read all of the posts that were posted over night.

May be it is time to step back a little bit and see if some new comers can add some life to SEA.

Ah yes I almost forgot. I think that bull moose is dividing his time between my one piece of land and the neighbours. But that will probably change when breeding season comes around. I am sure he will be on the prowl.

Hmm summer is just about half over where did it go? School and teaching will be in one more month. Guess I had better get my crap together.
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Added on: 08/01/13 22:00
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I have been on this site for just under one year. I thought I would recap some of my experiences.

My first extramarital experience was with I lady that I have been friends with for a long time. She knew about my situation at home and offered to help out. I thought about it for a long time before accepting. It was very nice, I am glad that I knew her from before hand as my nerves were a total mess. The sex it was good but then any sex would have been. Lol it had been so long since some one other than my own hand had touched my member. Needless to say the first attempt was very short and I did not satisfy her at all. The secound go around was a much better effort and she did say that I was able to satisfy her. I always wonder about that though not just when with her but any escort. Is that not part of their job? To say we are great lovers and build up our manly egos? We both agreed that this would be a one time thing. So I have seen her socially since then but never again been intimate with her.

My first real escort experience was with a lady not from this site. I had not yet found it. She is from BC. I was so nervous I texted her from the parking lot, I said I did not know if I could go through with it. She convinced me to come to the room and try it for five minutes. If I was not relaxed by then I could leave. I am glad that I did. She will always have a special place in my heart/mind. She was near my age which I found out is fairly important to me.

My next time was with Emma from Montreal. Also around my age. Hmm she was and still is I imagine a great provider. If she ever came back to my area I would try to see her.

Now I may get the order mixed up. One was a lady from this site. She would be in her early thirties. I met with her three or four times. Great sex but not as good at the companionship. During one session after giving her multiple orgasms orally she said she needed my member in her right now. She then tried to mount me. I had to remind her that I did not have a condom on. She actually did not want to wait while I put one on. Do good escorts ever get so excited that they forget about protection?

The next one that comes to mind is one not from this site. She comes to town still. An awesome lady great sex again. A little youngfor my liking so I will not see her again but will recommend her to others.

Hiclass what can I say about her. We got off to a rocky start. I wrote a review on her that was not the greatest. But we continued to correspond and then had our secound meeting. Wow she is always raring to go and the difference from the first to the future meetings was amazing. I am glad that I did not give up on her.

Sultry Lauren hmm one of the best. I love her sense of humour. Terrific massage great conversations and a good confidant. And she has taught me several new things. Ah yes the sex is great also. I feel bad that I have not been able to see her in a long time.

While still searching for my providers I wanted to become regulars with I met with Raquel. Younger than I prefer but she is mature beyond her years. A fine classy sexy lady. The time with her flew by. I would see her again if I had the opportunity.

One of my favorites has disappeared with no warning. Oh well I have the memories. I wish her the best.

On to memorable moments. I will leave out names here. I was never big on the thought of anal sex. But one provider loves it and convinced me to try it with her. Hmm I found out I like and enjoy it, and have learned that you do not have to inside or doing oral on a woman to make them have an orgasm.

During another session with another provider I was able to make her orgasm multiple times orally. I guess she was still so excited and into it when I told her that I wanted to make love to her that she proceeded to try and mount me. I had to remind her that I did not have a condom. on her. The look on her face and Oh my! We corrected that problem quickly and proceeded on.

I also had one tell me that she would be comfortable doing a bare back session with me. But that was changed before even meeting.

Some of the things that escorts and I have talked about lol some people have so much knowledge and are so pleasant to be around. For that I am glad that they let me unload my burdens to. They know who they are and I believe that I have personally thanked each and every one of them.

So my feelings after close to a year of this. I know it is different in different parts of the world. But the ladies that I have met have not been forced into this, and it shows. I really do not see how or why this should be illegal when it is done between two consenting adults in private. Yes the street walkers etc. Do affect society, but then again from what I understand they are sometimes forced into it from their drug addiction and or pimp/drug dealer.

The one negative thing that I do think about is how often does the two episodes that I had happen occur thoughout the field in a year. It is something to think about and should make everyone be more cautious as it only takes one infected person to start spreading bad things.

In all it has been a most pleasant year. I would not want to change anything. And I did not mention everyones name as I did not know if they would be comfortable with that. But to every one that I have met personally and even all of the online friends Thanks. And best wishes to all of you. Hopefully we will all meet again.

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Added on: 07/26/13 20:47
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I was gone for over a week from this site. Actually all internet. I had my yearly summer trip to northern Canada for work. It was planned to be a week or two later on but they had a major issue that they wanted resolved. So a short notice without much planning. Of course not all the equipment that I wanted to take was in stock. So some of it was flown out after I arrived there.

If you like nature it is beautiful up there in the summer. Long long days BIG mosquitoes and tons of black flies. I was in such a hurry that I never packed my fishing gear so I had to beg and borrow while up there. The only bad thing is that it sort of spoils you once you come back south to civilization. But it is nice to fly over the country side and see mainly undisturbed land. We are so lucky to have that. And in a way I am glad I go up there in the middle of winter. During the summer you would wonder why it is not more populated, but the winter experience drives home the reality. That is definitely not for the weak willed or softer people.

Glad to go up there happier to be back home. Ah I hear my bed calling me.
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Added on: 07/22/13 20:49
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This past weekend I was sick. So sick that I did not do much of any thing. It sucked big time even reading made my head hurt. The good news is I seem to be on the mend. During this time while my head was semi coherent. I thought about the changes and everything in the past year. It gave me time to think lol that could be dangerous.

So in the past year I have met some good people from this site. One or two that are no longer active. So they will be missed. Not just for the fun times but the talking etc.

I am not sure if every hobbiest goes through the same mental process as I do. Do they ever wrestle with wondering if they are doing the right thing? Do they worry about what the escorts that they have seen think of them? Do they worry about the fact that they might become emotionally attached to a provider. Some of these things made it through the past weekend in my muddled brain. I guess some of this will be sorted out when my head is totally clear but then again I have thought about several of these things through the year already.

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Added on: 07/08/13 20:37
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The past week or so we have had a heat wave. Oh that made it busy at work. Lol that made me wish that I could be cloned. Sometimes customers do not understand that you are not standing outside their door waiting for them in case the air conditioning at their place breaks down. Plus every mechanic is human and can get sick. I think between the heat long hours and stress it has gotten the best of me. Oh well the weekend is coming
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Added on: 07/05/13 17:05
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