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Josette's Milfy Adventures...

Some of you out there will have noticed I’ve not ‘blogged’ in an absolute age!!! This is purely down to time pressures my darlings. But I’ve more time on my hands now and so will be keeping you ‘abreast’ (see what I did there...(lol) ... of all my adventures in – Josette’s World!

Right then.

Guess what I was up to yesterday lunchtime... No, can’t guess? Well okay then, I’ll tell you...

I was having the horniest time of my life engaged in an ultra sexy ‘3-some’.

Not something I do regularly, which makes them all the more satisfying when they do happen, but I couldn’t have picked two better gentlemen in Peter and Harry (not their real names...). One a regular and the other had visited me before.

I set the scene with me in blue suede high heels, a cut out mesh outfit, revealing my firm arse cheeks, and with two strategic holes for my large black nipples...

Peter, my Irishman, arrived early to open me up and get a head start!

When the buzzer went a second time, I let Harry in and went back to Peter. I deliberately left the bedroom door wide open so that Harry would be greeted with the sight of me spread-eagled over the sofa – legs akimbo, dress pulled up to my waist, with Peter’s head buried deep into my crotch; licking me out, for all he was worth...

Harry wasted no time and started to undress. He disappeared into the bathroom for a few mins to freshen up and emerged naked with a lovely looking boner – smiling from ear to ear. I encouraged Harry over by gently stroking his erect dick and he positioned himself over the side of the sofa, so that he could easily slide it into my mouth. At this point I introduced the two to each other... (lol).

So with Peters tongue up my cunt and Harry’s prick in my mouth and both men having a whale of a time, I was in ‘seventh heaven’. It was time to move over to the bed as I needed to be ‘spit-roasted’ and so both gentleman obliged with me on my knees, my mouth wet and tight around Harry’s penis – licking and sucking lightly and Peter’s fingers firstly exploring my juicy, wet pink fanny and then into my very tight black bumhole...

We enjoyed each other like this for a while and then Peter’s tongue suddenly found its way around the rim of my anus... Oh joy of joys!!! And then it went in – really slowly and then out and then in again, until he started to steadily tongue fuck me.

With me still sucking on Harry’s cock, Peter then grabbed a hold of my butt cheeks either side and slipped his thick Irish dick into my juicy black fuckhole and gave me a gorgeous, deep, filthy fucking.

Harry eventually exploded inside my mouth, Peter pulled out after a while, got me to kneel down on the floor and unloaded probably the most spunk I’ve ever had the pleasure to receive in one session!!!

Come in numbers ‘3’ and ‘4’ – I’m ready for you... (lol)



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