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our kinky experiences

I met up with Addison again, we have been texting each other non stop for almost a week, it has been about that long that we last met and had fun. I just couldn't wait until he came over. We were both horny to see each other and we were going to do an all day thing. We were each gonna cum many times throughout the day but not cum fully. We would ruin our orgasms just so we would want more and more.

So we started off early in the morning like 10ish. He came over and stripped right away as usual as I greeted him naked. He brought me to the couch and there he lied down and made me suck him. I really wanted to wrap my lips around his beautiful cock of his. I sucked him for a good chunk of time and did different things like went all the way down, held it there, slapped my face with his cock. Then he pulled me from my hair and made me stand up and then shoved me on the couch and he ate me out. I love it when he treats me like that, so much passion. Then the next position we did was 69 of course. We just went nuts on each other and also fingered each other's ass. By now we had been going for about twenty minutes. We knew each other so well about when we're going to orgasm, so we knew when to stop to ruin it. At about this point we were both approaching our orgasms. All I did to him was stop sucking and stroking him and held his cock and it twitched a lot. He stopped licking me and fingering me and teased me so well. We both said that was amazing and couldn't wait to do this all day long. We didn't care if our mouths would be tired we just made sure that we kept hydrated.

The next thing we did was introduce some toys, so when I got off of him I stood up and guided him by holding his cock and he followed me upstairs to my bedroom. There we had a good chunk of my toys. I used a smaller butt plug on him and some cock rings, he used a little dildo on me and we both sucked on the double sided dildo. It was so hot, I then put him in doggy and spread his ass and licked him from the tip of his cock, up his shaft and balls then asshole here I fingered his hole and sucked him, he did organs again and I caught some of little drops in my hand and licked it up then continued to finger his ass. Later he did pretty much the same to me. Oh boy was it ever amazing.

Throughout the day we used more dildos and strapons and toys, it was just so much fun, yes he did end up fucking me in my pussy and ass too, but we always ruined each other's orgasms. It was so hot. I loved every second of it. We did it for about eight hours. His balls were so heavy by the end and my oussy was sooooo wet. I've never been teased and pleased like this my whole life. Addison told me the same thing. When we were done by about sixths we cleaned up and showered with more teasing then went to the restaurant.

there we enjoyed our meal and discussed how badly we wanted to fuck each other. upon our return home i was sucking him in the car ride ride as he drove. we striped as we went up the stairs and then had our fun. lots of positions, i orgasmed a few times and he came a huge load. mmmm. then we fell asleep together. we love each other so much
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Added on: 03/10/18 12:06
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One day Addison and I were chatting and he said that I should try to be the big gangbang whore. I've done it in the past and I've actually been craving it. He said that I would have to take it only in the ass and keep all the guys entertained. No pussy penetration is allowed. He said that this way I would know what it is to be like him. I loved the idea of this and the possibility of doing three up army ass. I've tried it in the past but it was tough.

Anyways. The six guys were invited over along with Addison. So we had seven guys total. Addison of course came over before the rest of the guys, we got busy right away and had to suck him until all the guys arrived. Thirty minutes of sucking they arrived. Addison explained them the rules that they wre to not penetrate my pussy but anything else went.

I got in my knees and they surrounded me with their cocks. I started to suck on one and moved to the next one and so on. My hands were wanking the other cocks. I was very busy. It's hard to keep all these guys busy haha. Then Addison lied down on the couch for me to suck him and he told me to get into doggy and let on of the guys fuck me. He also invited the guys to showpiece their cocks in my mouth as I sucked on Addison. They were stating to get rough as we just passed ten minutes or so. After a while Addison got up from lying down and as the guys were taking turns fucking my ass it was addisons turn. When he fucked me he pounded me hard and forced my head on some of the other cocks. He then fed me his cock right out of my asshole.

Then they switched positions, I mounted on a guy facing him, he went up my ass then a second guy went up, took it slow at first then increased the intensity. The guys were gagging me ass I was taking two in the ass. Addison at one point kissed me and asked me how I liked it with a smile on his face, I was actually loving it. Then he shoved his cock down my throat made me gag and then spun around for me to eat his ass. The other guys then did the same. What kinky fucker that Addison is.

The next position I did was missionary, I took two in the ass this way, it was a nice angle, I was full of sloppyness, I had saliva over my face and tits. The guys rowers rubbing their cocks all over my body, I kept on sucking and gagging on them. We had been going at it for about forty minutes now. I then tried the triple anal. This was a tough feat. Getting the position and angle right and relaxing my hole. But I did it. Woohooo. The guys cheered.

After another ten or fifteen minutes the guys came all over my body. Mmmm I loved being the whore and centre of attention. Now I have to go relax my hole. See ya next time guys.
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Added on: 02/28/18 11:27
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I was so horny for Addison and I'm sure he was the same for me. I just really wanted to take him in every which way possible. He makes me so wet all the time, so I started off by sucking him on my knees. I gave him a nice blowjob and then after some time I got in doggy on the couch and he went up my ass. He eased his voice in slowly and then he went in all the way. He slowly increased the speed and then I just got this urge to suck him so I pushed him off and turned around and sucked him nicce and hard right out of my ass. Yummy. I then got back in doggy and he continued right where he left off and this time pounded me harder. After another bit he then pushed me off his cock and fed it to me. I was moaning on his cock as I sucked it. He then put me in missionary an wnet up my ass.

He did kiss me quite a bit and I teased him a lot by saying how much he wanted to fuck me, I was grabbing his ass and parts of his body as he thruster into my ass. We were both breathing heavily and then again I wanted to suck that cock of his. We pretty much did this all the time, form ass to mouth. I loved it a lot and I'm sure he did too. Then after about 45 he came on my face and in mouth as I stroked him. He had a nice size load he kissed me and then he went to fuck my ass again in doggy, I loved sloppy sex.
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Added on: 01/25/18 10:56
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Hi everyone, this is Addison here! Yes I know I have closed my account on this site and I'm not meeting any new clients. But I am still meeting my regulars and doing some porn shoots. As you all know I do meet the bi couple very regularly and today the wife has told me to write about my last porno shoot experience when I'm at her place. So here we are now.

So as you guys have guessed it it was me vs the six guys. It was a very intense and rough scene with lots of gagging and double anal.

The scene started off with me at home and I hired a company to fix some things in my house and the cost of the bill was too high so the guys said that I would have to offer up my holes to pay for the remainder. I got naked and got on my knees. The guys surrounded me and pulled out their cocks. I sucked them one by one while stroking others. Not much after I was put in missionary on the couch and one guy went up my ass as I continued to suck others. Within another minute another guy went up my ass too. I was already doing double anal. I knew this was gonna get rough! They had such long and big cocks. They did get a rotation going and when there was just one in my ass they pounded me hard for the time they were alone. The guys were also making me gag a lot too. As I was still in the missionary position one guys asked me if I liked tasting my ass off their cocks, I fesponded fuck yeah then he fed me his ass. Gotta watch what you say lol.

I just loved to feel their rock hard cocks going in and out of my asshole and also pounding my mouth. They then made me get in my knees and they surrounded me. They got to facefuck me for a good chunk of time, it was nice to feel the different size cocks as they went all the way in. Some cocks were long and some were thick. The guys then told me to go as deep and possible and stick out my tongue to lick their balls. Some even made me out their balls in my mouth as I deepthroated them. I was full of spit on my face and chest.

The next position, one guy lied down on couch and I mounted him with my back towards him and he went up my ass and then a second guy went in my ass and wanked and sucked the others. They got a good Rythmn going and got to fuck hard which isn't easy to do with two cocks in the same hole. I would sometimes be forced off of them and suck both cocks right out of my ass at the same time and another guy would fuck my exposed ass. They loved to gape my asshole.

After doing this a few times they kept me in doggy but put two in my ass, one guy had to sort of squat as the other just stood up on the floor as I was on the couch. This angle was tough to take them both but it was easy to deep throaty the other others. Guys would just hold my head or face and fuck away.

As this was a tough position the guys noticed and then moved to the next position, one guy lied down and I mounted him facing him and he went up my ass. Then a second guy went up my ass and they fucked me good. I was being gagged very hard and trying to still stroke others. I was actually very hard here even though no one touched my cock. Then three guys went up my ass. I was saying to them that it feels amazing and then one guy said shut the fuck up and shoved his cock down my throat.

Now we were at about 35 minutes into the scene and then they out me on my knees again as I was forced to deepthroat them. Then one guy lied down on floor and made me mount him, he went up my ass and I was forced to lean forward because he said he wanted to put two in my ass. This was another tough angle, I've never done double in this position. It was interesting. The guys were getting rougher and they tossed me around like a rag doll here they made me stand up bend over and gape for them they're another went in to fuck my ass hard in this position as I gagged on another. It was so intense.

Soon they wanted to cum so they put me in doggy and then they fucked my ass one by one and unloaded their loads, after they unloaded they would come and feed me some of the juices that were left on their cocks. WHen all six came up my ass they made me squat over a martini glass and force the cum out then they made me drink it. Very tasty I loved it.

This was a fun scene to do. I was horny form the day before as I was prepping my body, I just loved being treated like a whore and having all those raw hard cocks abusing me and my holes. Thanks guys.

Thank you all for reading and I'm sure I'll be back to write about more experiences.
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Added on: 01/19/18 10:13
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Well Addison and his gf arrived at about 5 pm on the 31st. We had a little table out with some food for us to nibble on throughout the night but everyone wanted to get started right away. As they took off their hijackers they also took off their clothes and Addison had a huge hardon. He kissed me and his gf kissed my hubby. We made our way into the living room and I sucked on Addison as did the gf on my hubby. The guys were high diving each other. Then after a while we wanted them to lick our pussies and they did so. We got in 69 close to each other so we can still grab and touch and kiss each other. The next position we got in missionary in the couch and they fucked us in our pussies after a while when my hubby pulled out his gf told Addison to suck him. I then made the gf suck addison cock out of my pussy. Then the guys proceeded to have their fun together as did the gf with me. We played with each other's pussy as the guys did their thing.

I then went to get some toys for us all. I used some dildos on the gf and used a strap on on her as she got in doggy and she sucked on my hubby as I was fed by Addison. This was what we liked a lot. We kept this position but we switched people around, we all got a turn to get in the doggy position and in the fuck position. Even my hubby took it in the ass.

Soon enough the gf and I took it in the ass too from the guys. We had been about an hour into the sexy fucking. It was now 630 ish. My hubby had to take it easy now so he left and went to nibble a bit on some food as the gf and I played with Addison. We kicked his ass and gave him a double blowjob we put him in missionary and I used my strapon on him as the gf was over him the 69. By now my hubby came back and fucked the gf he fed his cock to Addison every now and then my hubby and I switched and he fucked Addison.

Then next phase was where we decided to make the guys rub their cocks together. We sucked them both in our mouths and rubbed them when we pulled out, we made them cockslap each other and then they shoved both their cocks in our pusses at the same time. After a while I made Addison fuck my hubby.

The next thing we focused on was the gf. We all got to fuck her and fill her up with cock, gave her dp, double anal and all. Mad she flick a lot of ass, then after thirty minutes it was all on me. Loved it all. I orgasmed a few times during my forty minutes.

It was about 830 now and Addison and my hubby had to take it easy so they went to freshen up as did the gf and I. Now when we all returned we focused on Addison and his ass, we double fucked his hole as we took turns. Gave him lots of ass to mouth. Gagged him like crazy and I decided to increase the size of the strapon I was using. His hole was gaping pretty big by the time we shifted our focus to the next thing by 915. Less than three hours to go.

We now got some fake cum, and stuffed our holes one at a time. I loved it my ass especially, the gf also liked it a lot. My hubby was just ok with it. We pushed it out into each other mouths and into each other's asses. It was very nice. It was fun to fill up my ass as I was in pile driver position and then have Addison put his cock in it and have it overflow. Mmm, I loved to suck it too. We liked this a lot and spent about an hour playing with the fake cum.

We did go in our big shower all four of us to cleanup while still having fun of course. Lots more cock sucking went on now. I orgasmed again in the shower when Addison played with my pussy. Half an hour later we got out.

We then returned to the basement and then gave everyone fifteen minutes of power. First to get power was the gf. She wanted me to lick her asshole as Addison fucked her pussy and hubby was feeding her his cock. When Addison pulled out he fed his cock to me. Then she told hubby to fuck Addison in ass and wanted to lick my pussy. She did a few more things.

Next to get power was my hubby. He wanted us to all suck him on our knees, he also fed us his ass and wanted to make out with the gf too then me. Then he went to fuck his gf in her ass and made Addison place his head on her ass and fed his cock to him when he pulled out. I was supposed to lick her pussybin the meantime. Then he went to fuck Addison and I had to suck his cock out of his ass as the gf kissed him a lot.

When it was my turn I lined up the three of them in doggy and fucked them one by one for a few minutes. I then wanted them all in my holes and enjoyed that.

Addisons turn he did mainly the same thing as my hubby.

We fucked some more freestyle as we got closer to midnight then for the lest few minutes th guys sat side by side in the couch as I sucked on my hubby and the gf sucked Addison and then the countdown started. They couldn't hold their cum any longer as they have been doing it all night and they both exploded at the end of the countdown, maybe a little bit premature but who cares. We both got cim in our mouths and faces and then I kissed the hubby as the gf kissed Addison and then we kissed each other as addison kissed my hubby and then I kissed Addison as gf kissed hubby, we made out a little too hahah. Then we just relaxed and fell asleep slowly.
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Well as you might have guessed it we would like to end the year with a bang, but this year we are keeping it simple. We are inviting Addison and his gf over for the late afternoon, we will get to do whatever we want with who ever we want. But the guys can't cum before midnight. We will try to keep them tamed and only allow them to cum at the end of the count down. We have already tossed some idea back and forth.

I'm happy that this year it is something intimate with not too many people. Plus I'd like to kiss my man Addison at midnight. Lol.
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Added on: 12/30/17 12:53
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Well we decided what we all wanted for Christmas and we gave each other the gift that we most desired. Addison came to my place for two days and my hubby went to his gf house.

We were so happy to be with each other. I knew what I wanted from Addison. I just wanted to get really dominated by him for hours in end. He told me that he hadn't cum in the past four days. He would have sex with his gf but never finished.

I touched his balls and yes they were very heavy. So we went down to the basement where I had all my toys. We both got naked and made out. And then he shoved me to my knees and shoved his cock down my throat. He told me to be sloppy and suck my cock like the whore that I was. His cock was so hard and it went all the way down to my throat. I had saliva leaking all the way down my body to the floor. Then he got a huge butt plug, like really huge. It was probably three inches in diameter. And he was shoving it down my throat as he titled my head back. He slapped my tits a few times and also spat on me quite a bit. He would also try to shove his cock in my mouth at the same time asps the butt plug.

He then put me in doggy and shoved that butt plug in my ass with lube. Man was it huge. I was still sucking his cock as he leaned over me to keep that plug in my ass. We and been going at it for about thirty minutes already. He did also fed me his asshole from time to time. He then went to fuck my ass very hard when he pulled out the plug. He pulled me hard from my hair and also shoved his hand down my throat. I loved being drenched in my saliva. He then got a hook shaved butt plug and tied my hands behind my back to the butt plug and put it in my ass. Mmmm this was hot. He made me then get on my knees and fucked my throat again. His cock was so hard and we were so horny. Then he put his cook up my ass with the plug still In there.

He fucked me in a few more positions until we hit the three hour mark where he came right on my face and mouth. We then missed. What an amazing fuck.
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Added on: 12/29/17 11:37
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Well after our anal fun we went out for dinner and then we're talking and came up with the idea of having the six guys come over and fuck us all. We were all so horny and it's been a while that we've seen them and it'll be an early Christmas gift for the guys. I know Addison can handle these six guys on his own but now he will have to share with two other girls.

So the next day came and around noon we got started as the guys arrived at different times. We just left the front door unlocked and they joined us in the basement as they came. So at the start the pornstar and I sucked in Addison with his beautiful cock, then within ten minutes two of the guys came. So Addison sucked on one of them as I sucked in him and the oornstar sucked the other guy. It wasn't long before Addison started to take it in the ass as I continued to suck his cock, then one guy came in and I told Addison to suck him as by now the pornstar was fucking her guy and I sucked on the cock that just came out of addisons ass. By now we each had a cock to ourselves and then two more guys came in and the guys went from one mouth to another to and from one hole. Finally the last guy showed up and then fun only got hotter.

At one point Addison was fucking the pornstar in her ass as she took another in the pussy, Addison was taking in the ass, I was getting a dp and sucking on a cock as the pornstar and Addison share the last cock with their mouths. This was so hot. The oornstar and I each tried double anal, double pussy. It was intense. Cocks just fucking random holes, going in people throat. The guys were all rock hard. My pussy was so wet, the pornstar actually squirted.

Then some of the guys said that they couldn't hold back, the three of us already spoke about this before and we told all the guys to cum wherever and whenever they wanted and we would just continue with the fucking and they could cum as many times as they wanted.

We didn't want the fucking to end, we were happy that they guys came at different times so they cane take a break in between. We were always occupied. I loved it when the guys came in my asshole and forced either the pornstar or Addison to lick it out. Addison got a few load down his throat. The pornstar on her body, I loved getting them on my ass. The guys were just cumming anywhere. At one point the pornstar took a few loads in her mouth and then Addison put his cock in her mouth to use the cum as lube and then wentto fuck her ass and then fed it back to her. I found this wpvery hit as he didn't it few times and they then made out. I then wanted Addison load on my face but so did the pornstar. So we decided to have a suck off. We each got a minute to suck him and we would see when he would cum. The person that get him to cum wins. So I got in doggy and so did the pornstar. We both got fucked form behind as some other guys watched. Addison lied down in the couch and I was first to suck. I tried different techniques whenever it was my turn, we switched every minute and Addison almost made it to the 19th minute, he came on the pornstars face. Wow. What a load it was.

The rest of the afternoon we all continued to fuck and then the guys talent and the three of us just stayed in the basement and continued to fuck. We were all full of sticky cum as it was drying a lot. We then continued in the shower. So nice.
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Added on: 12/22/17 12:12
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After seeing Addison and the pornstar perform that crazy hot scene with all that anal and fake cum. We had made plenty of bottles and we're ready to get started.

We all made out and grabbed each other everywhere. We did focus on our asses a lot. Addison fed us both his cock as we were on our knees and he went from one mouth to another as he made us each gag. I was toying with his asshole at this time as we were on our knees. Then we got in doggy side by side in the couch and he squirted some of that cum in each our asses, he made us squirt it back out by forcing it out. The next position the pornstar and I got in sixty nine and I was on top. He fucked me as I fingered the pornstar and used a butt plug in her. He would pull its and make her suck his dick wpecery now and then and also kept on adding more cum in my hole. The pornstar was also putting some of that cum in his asshole too. He then pulled out of my ass and went to fuck the pornstar and I was now licking his cock and sucking it when he'd pull out. During this time he had the butt plug in his ass.

He then made us both go in missionary side by side and we lifted our legs up and he filled out asses until they over flowed then he licked us. Mmmm. Then he took turns fucking us and he used a dildo in the other and switched. It was so hot, then I decided to remove the butt plug form his ass and lick up all the cum that oozed out and then fuck him with the dildo as the or star rode his cock. Cum was everywhere, we were all sweaty it was so hot. We were loving it. It was about an hour we were going at it. Then the pornstar decided to fuck him with a strap on as he fucked my ass. We were all going at each other's ass. There was no master or sub here. It was a free for all. So hot. After the two hour mark he couldn't hold his cum anymore, trust me it was hit and I came a few times too. He cumme d on both our faces and then we continued with more sex.
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Well I was invited a few days ago to see one of addisons scenes where he was with the pornstar and another girl. He gave me a description a of what it was about and that he'd like to try it out with me another time.

Anyways at the start of the scene the oornstar and other girl were kissing each other and they were touching each other. Then they moved to their assholes and they fingered them. Then they got some buttplugs and toyed with their assholes. Then they introduced some fake cum in a bottle. They spryed it into each other assholes and then made it drip out. They did this back and forth for a while then they also put some of the cum in their assholes and then butt the plug back in and then pulled it out and the cum flew out. Then also licked it up and shot it into each other's mouths.

After about forty five minutes of the girls toying with each other addison came into the scene. Here the girls sucked on his cock as he toyed with their assholes and gave them the same treatment as they did before. Then he went to fuck one of them in the ass and did a lot of ass to mouth withy he two girls. They all looked so hot together, they fucked in so many positions and they were still using that cum, he would out a lot in their asses with the bottle with nozzle and then shove his cock in it. They made it look so good I just wanted to participate. They have been going for thirty minutes with his beautiful cock. Then he put one girl in doggy and then the other girl on top and he took turns going from one ass to another. Then he out the cum in the girl on top and gaped the girl below and made the cum ooze from the one on top and then into the girls asshole at the bottom. It was amazing, I can't believe we haven't thought of this in our adventures. They did this a few times and hit was amazing.

They fucked for another fifteen minutes and almost reached an hour. Then Addison came on both their faces. What a fuckin hot scene.
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Added on: 12/18/17 11:49
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Addison texted me yesterday saying that he had some free time and wanted to see me. I of course wanted to see him too. My hubby was home and he said he wanted to be a part of it too. I said sure. I had plans for him.

So Addison arrived and I kissed him as he came into the house and smiled. My hubby came and greeted him too. I told him no, and to get on his knees and greet him properly. He hesitated as Addison pulled out his cock, and then he got to sucking. I made him get right into deepthroating him. I really wanted to suck addison but I had to hold back.

We then went into the bedroom and they both got naked and that where I sucked them both and favoured Addison more. I rubbed their cocks together a lot and then Iafter about ten minutes I made my hubby get in doggy and then Addison right over him also in doggy and both their cocks were back, Addison cock sliding into my hubby's asscrack. I licked everything and it was a nice site to see.

Then I got in 69 over my hubby and Addison fucked me in my puss you as my hubby licked everything and sucked addisons cock when he pulled out. I then made Addison fuck my asshole. It was amazing. For the next part I made my hubby get in doggy and I sat on his back facing Addison spreading his asscheeks for addison to fuck him good. I was also kissing Addison a lot and he also licked licking my asshole when I stood up.

We did many more positions and then for the cumming part I made them lie down and put their cocks together and stroked them at the same time to make such a hot mess that I licked up. Mmmhhhmmmm
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Added on: 12/04/17 12:15
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I really do miss him, it's been more than a week I haven't seen him, he is actually pretty busy shooting some scenes right now. We do text back and forth but haven't really had the time to meet up. He has mentionned to me that he missed me too. He wants to really get together and he has also been meeting up some other people because he held off their appointments for all the time he spent with me.

My hubby knows that I really want him, and he knows that I love Addison too. My hubby was saying that they can always move in with us if they'd like. He's so nice.

I think that we will fix a vacation together with the four of us.
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Added on: 12/02/17 12:00
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Well it's been a nice time that I have been spending with Addison, more than a month. Six weeks a little more.

The last few days we just spent at home, having all kinds of sex, lots of kissing and making out and love making. We cuddled a lot and just enjoyed our time together for two whole days. We just couldn't stop.

My hubby called a few times on the last day and we organized a nice supper for the four of us and we spoke about our experiences. Definately Addison and I had greater ones haha. We later returned to our place and fun with the four of us.

Today I really miss him and all the time that we spent together.
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Added on: 11/23/17 11:25
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It was here, I spent a lot of time organizing it and a lot of resources, but today was the day.

I organized to meet at a location i cannot discuss, it was a sort of club with a lot of open area and big space and there was a a sort of pool which was closed and used for a dance floor. There were cameras setup to record wpeverything and put it up on the big screens in the place. We had over 80 guys there, six shemales, and 20 girls. No my hubby and his gf were not invited.

Anyways guys had different bracelets, some were allowed to fuck him with condom of course, some were just to cum on him, some could he get just a bj. The girls were able to use their strains on him.

The whole thing lasted about six hours. I gave time it the shemales to do their thing to him all together, the six guys that get to fuck him Bareback, the girls, and then the rest of the time everyone can fuck him and they had a time limit before they had to get off, he also did do double anal and then towards the last hour we allowed the guys to cum on him, some liked to cum on him as he was fucking, but we had counted over 120 cumshots as soon guys came more than once.

It was just crazy to see that amount of cum on him, it was really amazing, we loved the venue and everything. Everyone had such a great time, it's not the easiest thing to organize with over 100 people, needs to be very well excuted.

Thanks to everyone who came and had their fun! See you next time.
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Added on: 11/23/17 11:08
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Well our two weeks at the country house were over so we headed back home as I organized a huge gangbang and bukkake for him but first I decided to stop by the sex shop and reward some of the employees, when we walked in the door the employees knew what was up. They knew that I haven't been with my hubby for a really long time and spending every single moment with Addison, I went in the break or staff room, employees were allowed to go have their fun with him as they were on break or had nothing else to do, some of the female employees liked to used toys on him, some liked to get fucked by him, some of the guys we had just wanted a bj or even just a jack off. As it was closing time some of the employees stuck around after their shift and we all had our fun on the second floor. It was very interesting. A little bit of everything was going on.
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We had much more fun with the girls that I invited over for Addison as a reward. This time we had our way with him, we made him do a lot of humiliating things and then we even used strap ones on him, giving him double anal and all the works, we gave him ass to mouth, we also allowed him to fuck some of us. We had our way with him and then, we started to talk about future events like the gangbang and the bukkake. The teacher said she would definately be there and she kept on touching and sucking Addisons cock during our conversation. She loved to toy with him, the pornstar will also try to be there, addison just loved being with us girls and giving him all the attention.
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We had crazy fun, but we cantered our attention on Addison. We gave him a good sucking. The three of us, licked his body and asshole, move him a little finger before we got in doggy for him to use us as he wanted. All our pussies were wet, we really made it up to him and also kissed him like crazy, he was constant saying how much he loved it. Then after bout an hour he came on all three of our faces, and we still payed around with his cock. Then we all went up and spoke about our adventures, the girls were blown away.
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After the shemales left Addison and I just relaxed. We took a day to rest our holes, the. I told him that I invited the pornstar over to the country house but he wouldn't get to play with us that easily. He would have to go on cam on a chat site to get a certain amount of tokens all by himself. I told him when he ends up collecting a total of 20 000 tokens then he gets us for his reward plus another surprise. I didn't tell him but it was the teacher.

So I send him down to the basement and told him the pornstar was on the way so he better earn those tokens quickly. As I was upstairs I spied on his room and show as I tried to setup the gangbang for when we get back. He was trying so hard to earn these tokens. It's hard even for me to earn that many. Long story short he worked hard into the night and by morning he still didn't get it. He girls arrived but didn't go see him, we left him in the basement with his toys. It took him almost two days.

When he got it he called me and I came down with the pornstar. We started to have our fun then after five minutes I called Down the teacher. His face dropped.
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right after they finished cumming I really wanted to lick Addison asshole, I don't know why but I went in to join them as they were licking cum off of each other and then spread his ass cheeks and licked him and sucked his asshole, he was moaning, and then he continued to rub his ass all over my face. he told the rest of them that he loved using my mouth like this, and some of them actually joined in and rubbed their assholes on my face, I was in heaven. the assholes where all amazing, then I moved on to swallowing their balls, it was hot. we just had a bunch of oral fun,
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they were gonna have their fun together and I just wanted to watch and take some video clips,

they all pounced on each other, sucking on one another, playing with their bodies and fondling each other, it was off to such a hot start. they did gag each other and there weren't any designated tops or bottoms, every just seemed to be having fun with everyone. it was a free for all. while they were fucking I was actually trying to set up a gangbang and bukkake sometime next week when we go back home, so I was postiong in a couple of places and contacting people. I felt like a manager lol. I like to do this stuff, by the time I had looked up, they were fucking each other in the ass, some of them doing double anal, lots of ass to mouth, then the three trannies got in doggy, side by side and Addison took a turn on each of them, they each moaned as he pounded their ass for a short period of time, then they all cummed on one of the trannies. so nice.
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