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Pamela in your kind services

Let me clear that,
I offer services only to hotel staying.
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Current Mood: Just saying
Added on: 10/13/17 20:59

Do you like it to happen?
That too in an irresistible way,
Try me.
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Current Mood: calm
Added on: 08/05/17 10:42

Dear visitor,
I always appreviate if you please,
Communicate to me in a way,
You want yourself to be contacted.
I always try my best to treat you awesome way possible,
With upmost respect and Discretion.
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Current Mood: geeky
Added on: 07/31/17 17:59

And Discretion is always a matter of priority for me,
I just take details to confirm (that too with sheer privacy).
Then delete every info. Related to meeting,
Till we meet next time.
Please feel free to meet me,
Always in your kind services,
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Current Mood: passion
Added on: 07/22/17 15:06

How is the life,
I am in Delhi and can travel to you nearby.
I prefer if you please ask before,
Booking the room!
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Current Mood: calm
Added on: 07/09/17 20:57

I also like to f**k man softly,
No offence but i like it,

and feel more then happy if you allow ass play too,

IF they allow :)

I like to kiss the buts, and nibble on them,
i fulfil my bisexual lusts, by this.

I like to caress and massage as well,

Escorting and spending loving time was always my fantacy,
and i seriously adore and like what i do!

Meet me and feel the difference.

Note : I am Professional escort "all the way" though,
services are always "No Strings Attached".
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Current Mood: crazy
Added on: 06/17/17 18:41

Striptease and lap dance,
in a fresh sexy way. All i want is you to make me feel easy and hot!
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Current Mood: sexy
Added on: 06/10/17 10:37

This kinky (in a super erotic way) post is specially for the guys who like to experiment alot!
So boys are you ready to take the reverse experience from a sexy mistress?
I like to kiss, massage and play with the buts and like to fuck your but, (i mean hump ;)
you like that?
Then i will let you to do the same with me, and would like you to mimick some greek steps on me,
(you are going to insert in kitty yet in reverse missionary),
i will wait for you to touch be, while you will tease me,
i like to see mirror image of you!
(while you will massage me a bit, before unitus).
Let's ty something new!
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Current Mood: naughty
Added on: 06/06/17 17:22

well the gal is again in the mood to play naughty,
Sensual tease, nastiest sausy adult talks,
And the private time where 'no erotic pleasure is denied'
meet me!
Note: D slut mode is already on, for the sexiest visitor, redy to hook,
As soon as possible;)!
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Current Mood: Sexy sluttish
Added on: 05/24/17 20:08

And sweet nothings,
and the kind of companioship i offer,
you can call,
Extreme Girl friend Experience,
Just without useless rush and hurry!
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Added on: 05/18/17 19:40

I like new spicy ideas to color my escort companioship,
Which is usually also, is interesting and different from before.
Beads, toys and vibrators are few to ad up in your list (note: i like them packed and fresh).
So get only new.
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Current Mood: flirty
Added on: 05/14/17 19:44

Dear visitor,
If you think that you like to smoke and drink during escort companionship then choose me,
As i do not have issues about.
(If taken on recreational basis and in small quantities).
I prefer if you open scotch/ martini in front!
just freshly served.
Contact me, i am in Gurgaon and Delhi,
Do not forget to book smoking room.
Write back.
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Current Mood: crazy
Added on: 05/12/17 10:15

warm hello to all fellow members ,
from Pamela from Delhi .
How you all been doing ?


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Current Mood: welcome
Added on: 03/28/17 16:26