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sometimes Flowers are best remedy!

Rather than anything else,

i like flowers for their color, texture and softness,
And it was just a matter of few days back,
when a guest welcomed me in his room,

and what i can see better was his passion towards spending good time together,

The room was decorated by himself by flower petals on the bed and in the warm water of bath tub,

And i simply liked the way, he was able to express his feelings in non-verbal way,

Mild scent of spa candles (Please always use with caution especially indoors), and Bath salts were another cool thing.. about spending mutually satisfying time together.

That was awesome!


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Added on: 02/09/18 15:01


if you are in Delhi OR suppose to be in Delhi and seeking pure relaxation then just look forward to leave me an booking.
I am Independent high class female Full service escort based in Delhi,
serving for (Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida and Faridabad) elite hotel staying Guest ONLY.

I prefer if you please inform a day before your arrival,

connect me through whatsapp, i am more frequent on!
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Added on: 02/05/18 11:56

Are you seeking no strings attached upscale services?
If Yes,
Than kindly give me few minutes more to explain about..
I am in Delhi and offering high class independent escort companionship.
Where your privacy is always my priority.
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Added on: 01/21/18 16:31

If you seek someone with you,
To celebrate those so intimate moments!
You ever dreamt of,
Then choose non other then me.
Becoz I know,
I am capable to adore them with care,
To an level you can call 'cherishing for'

I am versatile and fluid in my pleasure means,
Where you can enjoy almost everything.

Few healthy limits are set.

Contact on WhatsApp to discuss further!

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Added on: 11/13/17 09:11


I aspect you to to write to me,
Only if you're having Real intentions to meet.

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Added on: 10/16/17 17:26

If you're planning to meet me then please don't forget to carry some emmolient of some good fragrance along with you.
I am rejuvenate those tired senses ..
Jet leg too!
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Added on: 10/05/17 18:26

And just fun nothing else,
This is the main spice,
What sets mine offered time,
On Different rack, then others.

Your pleasure is my base concern,
Everything else comes later!
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Current Mood: Genuine fun
Added on: 08/20/17 10:22

I do not charge extra or ask for any hidden charges.
I accept fee in the room.
So you must feel free,
Atleast meeting me!
If my words are enough to make you contact me else,
Take your time..
As i know, sometime, you will!
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Current Mood: flirty
Added on: 08/16/17 20:09

Is going to be your pleasure.
From Dawn to Dusk!
Give me opportunity to be with and explore you.
Choose me.
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Added on: 08/05/17 10:55

Dear Gentlemen,
I always like if you write to me in polite and respected tones always.
I seriously do not like excess explicit talks or chat (when you even not met).
I hope you are aware of service 'dirty talking' ?
So thats service, not for free.
Also depend if an escort likes that or not?
Depends on mood as well.
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Added on: 08/03/17 19:47

Dear Guest,
You can easily connect to me on whatsapp number,
Please visit my website,
To have my number if whatsapp (separate number),
As well as i have my Genuine picture on site.
Please be kind enough to choose me among other.
Hope to hear back earliest,
Jhahana Das.
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Added on: 07/31/17 18:15

Hi gentlemen,
I would like to inform you about my new spicy service criteria,
Where i am not going to charge for specialized special services,
Availed along with, standard escort companionship services.
And they include,
* in room massage session
* shower together
* strip, dance, role play
Besides this, i never charge extra (or NO hidden charges),
Whatever, i like to have is always discussed before.
I am readily available on my whatsapp!
In your kind services,
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Added on: 07/22/17 14:40

This is your beloved eye candy,
Delhi escort Jhahana again,
I would like to invite you to see,
My latest Genuine pic!
Click my website link, home, scroll down for pic!
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Added on: 07/14/17 17:18

Dear visitor visit my website to see my updated pictures!
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Added on: 06/19/17 11:16

If email, is the correct and fast way to contact or whatapp?

No matter how cool that application is but that keeps on hanging and effects the phone calls too,

One must check the calling and recieving 'time to time' after installing (whatsapp).

And it is always better to use another number for such!

Yes some level of privacy could be gained with app secure password (at the cost of keeping the password in memory).

else that can make phone to hang too much.

I have different number for using whatsapp and i think of changing that particular number frequently.

Yet the number to contact is always same, you can contact me anytime between the hours 10am to 2am.

Visit my website for my updated pictures.
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Added on: 06/17/17 18:02

considering carefully before, making somebody your companion is never bad.
Though, i feel it is right,
but it must not be in harsh way,
as for me companionship is the softest topic possible :)
I always like to make my Guest feel good,
-} that too,
always in polite way.
I always aspect same response from you,
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Current Mood: calm
Added on: 06/14/17 16:17

I really appreciate the kind effort of my admirers if they visit my site first,
And explore it before contacting me!
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Added on: 06/08/17 11:11

Travel Escort India :
Gentlemen right now i am in Delhi,
yet i am ready to travel with you to the exotic destinations nationally.
I like few resorts in South India, and ready to explore with you.
Do write back to me,
Ultiate Classy Girl Friend Experience with alot of stylish Fetishes stuff,
May be you can learn new methods of erotic enjoyment with me,
Contact me,
Try me,
Forget Others !
Hope to hear back earliest.
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Current Mood: sexy
Added on: 06/06/17 16:10

The time with an escort must be distinguished from any other regular companionship (especially if you are seeking to be with me).
I offer non messy, without hassle, upscale independent escort services.
Kindly let me with you and give me a privilege to own 'the special time to be with you'
i promise you are going to love me and seek my companionship for next another time too!
so much love,
Hope to hear back earliest.
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Added on: 05/26/17 16:27

Consists alot,
But first priority of it is Discretion i feel,
Whats your opinion.
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Added on: 05/14/17 19:13

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