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Love me like you do la la love me like you do

Other says if FEBRUARY month, it's LOVE MONTH.. last valentines i can say that i'm excited and getting ready for my valentine date with my boyfriend.. but thats last year... we broke up 7 months ago.. so, this valentines i dont think i will be excited.. hahahha. It sounds bitter right? Yes, honestly ... am bitter.. how i wish its march already... so i can skip valentines day hahaha.. how i wish i will see soon my future boyfriend to be... i really pray that he will comes in my life very very soon coz being inlove gives more "spice" and "happiness" and brings "joys" and "colors" in our life... how i wish i will be inlove again... its okay to live everyday with inspiration.. but for now.. my son is my inspiration... coz am single mom.. anyways this is life... HAVE A GOODNIGHT EVERYONE!!! Life is good! Enjoy every moment of it! :)
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Added on: 02/02/18 18:43
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Hello. Good morning. I just want to share to all of you what ive felt after i met my client in alabang 2 weeks ago? He is just my new client and we agree to meet sogo alabang beside starmall so it took me 3hrs before i went to alabang because of heavy traffic. Then, we agree to meet at 3pm but i arrived the room around 4pm. So i am 1hr late.(am very sorry sir dave) lol. And luckily he is not mad although he is waiting me for 30minutes already. He went first to the room while am already near alabang then he texted me the room # and i follow him through the room.. after 30minutes i knocked on the door and he opens it
Luckily he is not mad at me and after i give kiss to the cheeks he give me a sweet kiss.. very long and sweet kiss
Am worried because i didnt yet make any move to wash up but he told me that i breath fresh and good so nothing to worry about.. then i dont know why i love to kiss him and he texted me last time to recall those sweet and unforgetable kisses we had last time. I remember again those sweet kisses.. I realize in that very moment.. i feel something special on that kiss.. maybe my he is a good kisser also... thats why i like it... i do really love kissing... i love good kisser with a fresh and natural good breath.. i am excited to kiss him again this weekend. He booked a sched to me again... i will feel again that sweet and good kisses... damn...
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Added on: 01/25/18 19:47
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Hello! It's my first blog here and i just want you to share my escort experience last time and it is related to the song Love me like you do in the movie fifty shades of grey hahaha..

Its just like that after i met my client last january 5 2018 its just i felt something inside me. I thought that i will never be inlove but as i experience last time, it is true. Meeting with the client everytime that we will meet, have a date, coffee, watching movies, going to a 5 star hotel and with a redwine drink will surely gives you a good mood over the night romantic hours. I never knew that i will felt something inside my heart for a someone who used to be my regular client. Damn. I dont like to fall in love but it's just perfectly meant for the both of us
He is single
I am single
So nothing to worry...

Thats why everytime we are doing our deed we starting our romantic very horny night with my signature sexy dance and with the music of "love me like you do..
Lololove me like you do..
Touch me like you do.
To to touch me like you do...

Oh my gadddd this is a LSS one for me na
Anyways.. i like it .. and the rest is HISTORY. i always miss him.. i wish to see him soon again.. I am always looking for him...

After our deal, we are sure that we are very happy not just in physical body but specially in our souls also...

Love me like you do.. baby A.. mwahh
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Added on: 01/17/18 18:45
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