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an all day dominating, gangbang and bukkake experience

well we have organized another perfect and great day just last week. we used our most favorite to be the star. it was divided into three parts, the first was where another three regular women and i dominated him, the second was where more poeple came into the gangbang and totally dominated him. and the last segment was a bukkake. his name here is addisonxp.

the first part. we all went over to one of the girls place and he came over girls and i are some of his regulars he usually blogs about them he idetifies me and another girl as regulars and then another as his teacher( cause she really was his teacher in high school) and another as a student because they went to school together and had the same teacher. when he came over we made him strip right away and said that we were going to turn him into a total bitch so we had to wax his legs and shave everything smooth (even though he was very well trimmed) we wanted him to have zero body hair. we got to this right away. he then took a quick shower and we got right to the dominating. all of us had our strapons on and we put a leash on him and put him on his knees to get him to suck and gag on us. we then got to penetrate him and took turns, but we were still not slowing down on the gagging, he surely sucked all of the strapons out of his ass and then we went to double anal. his ass was now getting so wide open. later on on e of the girls had an idea and got some strawberries, she was putting them up his ass, there was plenty of lube used, she was doing this while he was forced to continue sucking on us and licking our asses. then she told him to shoot them out his ass onto the floor. he did it and it was a total of 6 strawberries, some were pretty roughed up, and then she forced him to eat some. we did some more rough stuff afte this like triple anal. he was totally capable but it did take a little while to get the position right. then the same girl the used strawberries on him went back into kitchen to get a hot dog that was steamed previously and put it up his ass she made it disappear in him and then put some of her strapon in him to puch it more in. she also had a bun for the hot dog so she made him push it out and put the dog in the bun put some lube and put the hot dog along with the bun up his ass. and it mostly went in. after a couple of minutes she pulled it out and fed him some of it. he took it like a trooper. then we continued with the domination with many more things then after 2 hours we decided to clean up and get ready for the gangbang part of it. everyone showered and we were out the door shortly. the gangbang and bukkake part was being held at a guys house. we got there before it started.

part two, the gangbang. so we had a total of 19 people, 11 girls and 8 guys. most of these people have been to previous gangbangs. the gangbang rolled along pretty smoothly, the guy had a lot of place in basement along with refreshments. the gangbang itself lasted 3 hours where everyone just took control of him. the guys this time around were very respectful and some cummed as much as 4 times within this span. he can take so much abuse. when the time was up everyone from the gangbang stayed even the girls, to stick around for the bukkake. we made addisonxp clean up in the shower.

the third part, the bukkake, well this was pretty simple. there were plenty more guys that came, a total of 16 extra guys. here we made addisonxp go on his back and we take turns penetrating him and making him suck on us, we did switch sometimes to doggy. and the guys can come on him whenever they like. so of us girls squirted on him too. by the end he was drenched in cum, we were making him scoop it up and eat it, then some of the guys picked him up and brought him intot he garage to hose him down.

this was sucha great day and such a great turnout, i would like to thank everyoe that came out and the guy that hosted the huge gangbang at his house. addisonxp you are just amazing to take all that punishment, thank you.

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Added on: 10/23/11 16:07


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