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Getting it done

Well, I've finally had a bit of an opportunity to take a few more pictures, which I've posted a long with the interview.
To tell the truth I do have other pictures but I decided that for this website I would use pictures that I don't use elsewhere. Part of this is maybe to separate myself from previous people/places. This is not because of problems with people or with other websites but because it seems fun and refreshing to have a fresh start.
Anyway, I chose a few pics (of the literally several hundred that I took) and I hope that they are enjoyable for everybody.
One hitch in the picture taking was that we forgot to bring lighting equipment (stupid, I know) and so had to be kind of resourceful. It was still a fun, but terribly tiring, activity. At the end, I got to play a little, so I won't complain too much!!
The interview was done haphazardly. So if there are spelling errors or grammatical ones, please try to be understanding.

Added on: 04/11/12 08:25


04/11/12 18:57
Thank U for posting Ur new pix as I commented as well as voting for them plus I read Ur interview!

04/12/12 03:42
THank you for checking them out! And for reading my interview too! I hope that you enjoyed reading and looking!! Sometime, I will get more too but I think these are nice for now!!

04/13/12 14:15
I like them! =)
And I'm glad you were able to get it all organized and taken care of! I am sure that it will make everything more intersting for you! (^o^)/

04/14/12 08:24
Yeah, I got to them as quickly I could! Now, I wish that I had taken more, or brought more outfits. I guess I'll just have to take more again soon, lol!!

04/08/13 03:45
I should really think of getting up some more pics. Don't know when the time will exist though. Soon? Check back for an update!!

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