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REVIEW Richkid910

Face: 9/10 - we got 4 stag mommas last night, to me she was the prettiest. killer smile and eyes.
Body: 9/10 - right curves, white complexion, flawless.
Hygiene: 10/10 - I did some DATY, it was shaved and super clean
BJ: 9/10 - smooth and can go deep. very willing to please.
I am a smoker, when we arrived at the room (dahil galing lang namin sa stag party I was a bit drunk and tired)
I asked her, I would like to smoke and relax first but we only had an hour! so what did we do? I layed down in bed relaxing and smoking while she
gave a nice and smooth BJ. perfect.
Deed: 9/10 OK, you know how drunk men are in bed. not good, so it's my fault. But, she is really good WOT. Since i just felt like relaxing due to the stag party
we just came from, she did most of the work.

To me, she is true GFE. can dress really classy and great attitude.

Oh and regarding our Boys Night Out Party with the stag mommas, one word: EPIC
I have been to half a dozen stag parties already, but last night was truly the best.
These girls are true professionals and they will please you as long as you follow their rules.

I will never forget these scenes:
Scene 1. Aletta lying down on the right, Dewi sitting on her face! On the left, Reiko lying down. Hyvenn DATY on Reiko. Reiko trying to reach and DATY Aletta.
Yep 4 Stag mommas connected. I don't even know if they have a name for that kind of position.

Scene 2. One of my favorite last night. Aletta and Dewi. Reiko and Hyvenn. 69. My face was 6 inches away, staring at awe.
(I might have mixed up the positioning though, cause it was crazy. but you get the idea)


General Category: Client's Experiences
Added on: 05/20/13 10:10