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REVIEW imajerk

My friends and I had the pleasure of getting the services of Ms. Yelena, Ms. Devonne and Ms. Hyvenne last night (May 4).

These lovely ladies are very professional and they even arrived on time. After a bit of socializing, they went to the bathroom and changed into their first costume for the night so that they can start with their performances. We then proceeded to the couch area in anticipation for the show. After a few minutes of waiting, out goes these three naughty schoolgirls. Their first performance consisted with them dancing around the cage and slowly grinding on the cage bars. We were so focused on these girls that no one was making a sound.

After a quick costume change, they started with their lap dance number. In their animal costumes, you can clearly see these girls' lovely figure. They then took turns giving lap dances to the audience. Actually, it can't be really considered a lap dance since it wasn't just our laps they were dancing on (hanggang mukha inabot nila). I guess the no-touch policy during their performances only applies to the audience since I'm pretty sure I got groped a few times when they were dancing.

There was another costume change for their last number. This time they came out in sexy lingerie. They made us position ourselves around the bed as they started caressing each other and making out with each other. Pretty soon, they were in positions you'd see in lesbian videos you have in your hard drives.

After the hot and heavy girl on girl on girl number, you can really see that these girls were exhausted. We then have a bit more of socializing with them. As time was dwindling down, I was reminded that there was still a bonus from the girls. My friends and I had earlier drawn straws on who gets to partake of their bonus. The unlucky ones were asked to leave the room so we can get down to business. Ms. Devonne and her partner got the jacuzzi room while Ms. Hyvenne and her partner got the Bathroom. I got partnered up with Ms. Yelena was able to get the bed area.

As the doors to the other rooms closed, Ms. Yelena undressed and told me that she was there to please me and even told me that I should just tell her what I want and she would do it. Grabe... Intense talaga ang babaeng ito. I won't go into what we did to each other but I would just like to say na I got my money's worth. Lucky for us, when we finished and were done putting back on our underwear, Ms. Hyvenne and her partner came out of their room. It would have been really awkward if they walked in on us still naked. Ms. Devonne and her partner took their sweet time as they went 30 minutes beyond the 3-hour service time we payed for. The stag mommas then called for a cab and while they waited, continued to socialized with us. When their ride came, they gave a hug and their thanks to each of us. I even got an extra deep french kiss from Ms. Yelena.

Overall, it was a legendary night and I would surely book stag mommas again in the future for both stag parties and personal walks.


General Category: Client's Experiences
Added on: 05/20/13 10:43