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REVIEW Slammer

I had the pleasure of meeting Aldenne, Azter, Cosette, Mallorie and Hyvenne last Monday. Nope it wasn't a 6-some... otherwise I might not be around now writing this ;D

It was a 5 pair 1-to-1 walk that I arranged for my buddies. A big thanks to all of you gorgeous ladies who were very prompt and great to have with. My buddies told me they had a great time, individually, that even when we converged back to my room, the heat did not seem to subside yet...

what with one buddy still cuddling Azter...

Aldenne & her partner were still teasing, almost inching their way to the shower room...

Mallorie & her guy seemed oblivious to our noise while quietly chatting by the headboard.

Hyvenne, ever so malagu babeā€¦since I last saw you! ketang partner mu told me he was controlling his urge to jump on you... ;D

and I felt cozy with Cosette all over me :) check your thread now baby ;)

Can't wait for a party time... take care all you wonderful SMs! Thanks again!



General Category: Client's Experiences
Added on: 10/27/13 03:14