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DUO Review: Hallie & Aldenne by anay1

Long overdue FR for Hallie and Aldenne.

I had a chance to GVGV these 2 gorgeous ladies when I had my vacation in Philippines. I usually breakdown my FR starting from booking, meetup,physique,skip the deed then whatsoever.

Booking them was easy, just had to call Hallie and asked if who she usually goes for duo/comfortable to work with, and name of Aldenne came up. I asked them to bring toys, and some costumes for playing.

Meeting up with them was no hassle as well, didnt have to wait, actually I made them wait because they came earlier then expected, which I think is very impressive.

Physique! Damn boy these to lasses have a body and faces to die for. They will easily stand out among other women. Halie have a face of an angel, whilst, Aldenne was more on the hot devilish aura, but yes their body was obviously taken care of very well.

Deed was a GVGV ace, had experience threesome before, but this experience was the best. I let them play with each other together with toys at the start, and watching them was porn in real life. Joined them after a while and rest was history. Even I wanted to elaborate the deed it will take me forever and probably will lose words in time.

If youre a low roller then pricing will be an issue for you. Had to pay 11k for both of them including the toys. But I'll tell you, once you experience both of them, your life will never be the same.

GVGV! I hate myself for doing this FR, makes me want to GVGV them again.

Otherwise!!! Im out! Thanks!


General Category: Client's Experiences
Added on: 05/29/14 04:35