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How to be a good client

*Contact an escort in the manner we request, please. An escort will post in her ads how to best contact her, doing otherwise will not illicit favorable outcomes. After all if you can't follow those simple instructions she'll obviously think you'll also ignore more important cues when in person.

* Be discrete. You expect discretion and so do we. This means wiping out our contact information ESPECIALLY if you are coupled, and share a phone or computer. None of us wants a spouse calling/texting or emailing us ( the escort) asking us questions. Be quiet and don't stand out when entering an incall. Remember we all use different names other than our given names. Calling them out does no one any good. If you write an address down, discard the paper properly. Don't share our locations with your "friends". That means other hobbyists too. Our locations are for us to share, not for you to share!! And when reviewing don't mention personal things that could give away a persons identity.

*If you've been set up, robbed, duped by an escort, or are a victim of other nefarious activity, report it. This helps all of us. Bad escorts and bad clients ruin trust for all of us, they need to be reported to make this industry safer.

*When you make an appointment, make it a time that you are sure you can commit to . Then show up, or cancel appropriately. Either by calling, texting or thru an email. There is nothing worse than a man who feels no remorse for not showing up for a date he's scheduled, nor bothered to cancel. We all know that something can arise to throw a wrench into our plans, but there is never an excuse for a person, client or escort, to never contact the person to apologize, explain or refund for the no show...

*Be yourself. I will never judge you by your physical looks, most escorts won't. So be comfortable in your own skin. I want to rock your world, have fun with you, and that has nothing to do with your physical looks. Hygiene, is a different story.. Make sure to shower thoroughly, that means washing your hair, having clean nails (hands and feet) and fresh breath. Shower before you arrive, or mention that you'll need to shower when arriving. Please keep updated on your health as well ( physical/sexual/dent al). When you date more than one person regular medical checkups are necessary!! If you expect intimacy then expect that we'll want to cuddle up to someone who smells fresh and who is healthy.

*If you're going to write a review, keep in mind the idea of reviewing is to help each side, the escort and clients. Clients need to know that the escort is reliable, clean, trustworthy, as pictured, professional, and met your expectations. They don't need pornographic tell alls. Nor mean words, or put downs, these say more about you than the person you are trying to harm with insults. If you were put in jeopardy by someone then report it and post in appropriate warning sections of the site to which you belong.

*Have a discussion and be clear about your expectations when talking with your escort, You need not be explicit, simply clear. Both sides need to know what the boundaries are. before a date is made...

*When calling an escort, introduce yourself. Starting off with "what's your rates" or "how much" will usually end badly or with a hang up. Remember we are individuals and politeness and clarity is appreciated by everyone.

*Never tell an escort she charges to much. What we charge is not your business to question. Either you agree to the fee, or you find someone who offers the fee you can afford. Quibbling about fees will make you sound cheap and petty. How we operate our business, how we charge, is not for discussion. It is something *the escort* determines, not the client. He can only determine what he is willing to pay.

*Know that when you are dealing with someone with a website, reviews, online posts, social media accounts, you'll be safe. If you're without a nefarious or devious agenda, a professional escort will have every reason to protect your identity as carefully as she protects her own.

*Have realistic expectations. If it is your first date, or even 2nd or 3rd, know that it can go north or south, that will depend on you both. Two people make a date amazing, and it takes two to make it mediocre or bad. Mediocre or bad dates aren't always the fault of anyone either, sometimes chemistry just doesn't happen, even when felt while setting up the date. Things happen. If they do, be adult about it and move on. Again, if nothing devious, or nefarious was done, then simply try again with someone else.

*Lastly... enjoy the process. You just may be on track to finding that extra something you've been missing. Certainly it warrants a try;)


Added on: 10/11/17 14:17