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getting addison all to myself for as long as i want, maybe two weeks

well my hubby and I spoke about it and he knows I adore Addison so much that he offered me to take whatever time I want to be with him, he said in the meantime he will be with addisons gf. all four of us agreed, we think itll be for about two weeks. his gf and my hubby always get along well, and well me and Addison, well you know hahaa. we have done it in the past where we got to spend a week with each and minor contact with them. it went very well and we did all sorts of things.

we have planned for a few things but are basically just freestyling it too. we will visit the country house. of course we will get together with the pornstar and tranny, the guys. but most of the time it will e just Addison ans I.

Added on: 10/12/17 12:59


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