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Bike ride after our first fuck.

After our first fuck together we did cuddle and then wash up a little and then decided to go for a nice bike ride since it was a nice day out. But we decided to make it a little more fun for us. We each put butt plugs in our ass and had to keep it for the entire bike ride. We didn't get the big ones though lol.

So we got some small ones, and put in tight thongs to keep them from coming out, got in our bikes and went for a nice ride along the river and through parks. Sometimes we did stop to take a break and we made out and held each other in our arms. We did about an hour of bike riding before we had to remove the butt plugs because they were getting uncomfortable. We went into a little sort of private place and hid to take them out. Then we were back on our way. We did about sixty kilometres. A bout three hours total of bike riding. When we got home he kept slapping my ass, he kept saying how in shape I was and I've got nice buns. He said he liked me when I was all sweaty and said he wanted to have some steamy hot sex.

Added on: 10/13/17 11:59


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