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Steamy hot sex

So after the bike ride Addison was really into my ass and Beijing sweaty with me. We both stripped in the garage and then headed down to my basement where I had my sauna, it's just a little four person infrared sauna. We started it up and then we also got started. He went down to eat my pussy and play with my ass. It got hot and steamy rather quickly.

He liked to out me in doggy so he could finger my puss you and eat my ass. He did slap my ass a lot and used his tongue very well to entice me. Soon enough I made him get under me to do 69. I wanted that cock in my mouth. I moved my body to thrust over his face because I was enjoying his licking so much. He then went got out fork under me to fuck my pussy and put a butt plug in my ass. I loved looking back at him and him being all sweaty. As it was getting very hot we lowered the temperature and opened the door. We felt that cool air Rush in. We fucked In a few more position before he gave it to me in my ass. He liked to pull out to eat my ass up every now and then.

We just loved the sweaty sex session as always and also did make out a lot as we were in missionary. Then when he couldn't handle it anymore he pulled out to cum all over my stomach and chest. And yes he did lick it up and fed me some of it too. We actually just sat there in the sauna together and admired the moment for another ten minutes or so then we went to shower and out for supper.

Added on: 10/13/17 12:02


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