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shemales sleeping over

They stayed the night and I decided to leave Addison with the main shemale, give them some time together and I slept with the other two.

Yeah about that. We didn't sleep. I had my fun with them, I made them do a bunch of things. We did eat each other out a lot, I fingered their holes and made them fuck each other. I also took them just in my pussy. I can hear the bed in the other room moving around and hitting the wall. I can only imagine what was going on in there.

We finished up but we can still hear that Addison was still having fun. We wanted to leave them together and not bother them.

They told us the next morning what they did. It was pretty nice. They barely slept. Maybe three hours lol. We spoke over breakfast. I loved that everyone was naked. It was so hot.

Added on: 11/13/17 10:33


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