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Addison has to work for his pussy

After the shemales left Addison and I just relaxed. We took a day to rest our holes, the. I told him that I invited the pornstar over to the country house but he wouldn't get to play with us that easily. He would have to go on cam on a chat site to get a certain amount of tokens all by himself. I told him when he ends up collecting a total of 20 000 tokens then he gets us for his reward plus another surprise. I didn't tell him but it was the teacher.

So I send him down to the basement and told him the pornstar was on the way so he better earn those tokens quickly. As I was upstairs I spied on his room and show as I tried to setup the gangbang for when we get back. He was trying so hard to earn these tokens. It's hard even for me to earn that many. Long story short he worked hard into the night and by morning he still didn't get it. He girls arrived but didn't go see him, we left him in the basement with his toys. It took him almost two days.

When he got it he called me and I came down with the pornstar. We started to have our fun then after five minutes I called Down the teacher. His face dropped.

Added on: 11/19/17 10:56


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