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Gangbang bukkake with our whore

It was here, I spent a lot of time organizing it and a lot of resources, but today was the day.

I organized to meet at a location i cannot discuss, it was a sort of club with a lot of open area and big space and there was a a sort of pool which was closed and used for a dance floor. There were cameras setup to record wpeverything and put it up on the big screens in the place. We had over 80 guys there, six shemales, and 20 girls. No my hubby and his gf were not invited.

Anyways guys had different bracelets, some were allowed to fuck him with condom of course, some were just to cum on him, some could he get just a bj. The girls were able to use their strains on him.

The whole thing lasted about six hours. I gave time it the shemales to do their thing to him all together, the six guys that get to fuck him Bareback, the girls, and then the rest of the time everyone can fuck him and they had a time limit before they had to get off, he also did do double anal and then towards the last hour we allowed the guys to cum on him, some liked to cum on him as he was fucking, but we had counted over 120 cumshots as soon guys came more than once.

It was just crazy to see that amount of cum on him, it was really amazing, we loved the venue and everything. Everyone had such a great time, it's not the easiest thing to organize with over 100 people, needs to be very well excuted.

Thanks to everyone who came and had their fun! See you next time.

Added on: 11/23/17 11:08


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