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Phone conversations

A while ago I started advertising phone conversations, half hours and hours, of talk. That talk can be anything from topics of the day, venting, to allow you to blow off steam, or pillow talk and bedtimes stories.
I'm happy to say it has become quite popular and also lots of fun. Who said facetime/camchat or skype was the thing... sometimes just hearing a sexy voice is more stimulating and erotic.
I say sexy voice, because of how often I'm complimented by gentlemen concerning the tone of my voice. Many seem to think it's sensual, sexy and soothing...
So if you're up for a chat send me an email ( cristylonglegs@gmail.com ) introducing yourself and the length of time you'd be interested in talking and when you'd like our conversation to occur. When we agree on a time I'll require an email money transfer, after that has occurred all you have to do is wait for our chat...
Looking forward to talking to you soon:)


Added on: 11/27/17 14:27