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Addison had some free time

Addison texted me yesterday saying that he had some free time and wanted to see me. I of course wanted to see him too. My hubby was home and he said he wanted to be a part of it too. I said sure. I had plans for him.

So Addison arrived and I kissed him as he came into the house and smiled. My hubby came and greeted him too. I told him no, and to get on his knees and greet him properly. He hesitated as Addison pulled out his cock, and then he got to sucking. I made him get right into deepthroating him. I really wanted to suck addison but I had to hold back.

We then went into the bedroom and they both got naked and that where I sucked them both and favoured Addison more. I rubbed their cocks together a lot and then Iafter about ten minutes I made my hubby get in doggy and then Addison right over him also in doggy and both their cocks were back, Addison cock sliding into my hubby's asscrack. I licked everything and it was a nice site to see.

Then I got in 69 over my hubby and Addison fucked me in my puss you as my hubby licked everything and sucked addisons cock when he pulled out. I then made Addison fuck my asshole. It was amazing. For the next part I made my hubby get in doggy and I sat on his back facing Addison spreading his asscheeks for addison to fuck him good. I was also kissing Addison a lot and he also licked licking my asshole when I stood up.

We did many more positions and then for the cumming part I made them lie down and put their cocks together and stroked them at the same time to make such a hot mess that I licked up. Mmmhhhmmmm

Added on: 12/04/17 12:15


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