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Other says if FEBRUARY month, it's LOVE MONTH.. last valentines i can say that i'm excited and getting ready for my valentine date with my boyfriend.. but thats last year... we broke up 7 months ago.. so, this valentines i dont think i will be excited.. hahahha. It sounds bitter right? Yes, honestly ... am bitter.. how i wish its march already... so i can skip valentines day hahaha.. how i wish i will see soon my future boyfriend to be... i really pray that he will comes in my life very very soon coz being inlove gives more "spice" and "happiness" and brings "joys" and "colors" in our life... how i wish i will be inlove again... its okay to live everyday with inspiration.. but for now.. my son is my inspiration... coz am single mom.. anyways this is life... HAVE A GOODNIGHT EVERYONE!!! Life is good! Enjoy every moment of it! :)

Added on: 02/02/18 18:43


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