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Male under utilize

Throughout my years of frustration of not getting the right sex experience i had after my ex several years back, no girl come close to what I want.

Many were surprised expecially my ex gfs, 3 of them , 2 of which cannot sustain my sex drive and also my well hung dick. Its true am not good looking just a average dude and slim fit but my dick and stamina size no that long or big it used to be it as close to 7. 5 inches. As of now its ard 7 inches perhaps i cant get the girl whom I can get so high and kinky that my dick got erected so hard that it stretches really hard enough.

And now I hated condom so much that i will rather jerk off then to seek other pleasures. Till I walk into the path of parttime escort to satisfy my desires. As i now sometimes travel for work and concentrate mostly on my work I decided why not i do this escort thing, i dun have to earn much its just to satisfy my sex drive and meet more ideal sex hungry women whom they need a really great time and fully utilized my long hung dick and suck it dry. These lovely clients they will appreciate more and value me strength.

Although I do not do it often it also depends on the work and travelling time i am going to. I have missed quite a fe and only met a few clients for the past few years. IN which 1 of them been meeting up with me and became good friends with me when we meet in certain Asia countries.

Her name is just named her Diana from France. Shes married in her 30s like me, shes got a decent body and nice boobs. We had a good time having drinks chatting flirting shopping etc. At times when we meet we go dark lanes and do quickies and she enjoys my dick size with the mushroom head and can keep on sucking and licking it for very long till i cum and she will swallow every bit of it. When back to hotel she will seduce me and again suck me and I drill all her holes feeling her slowly inside and thrusting in and out with sudden thrusts and shifted my dick head to feel her inside and shove it again to the side and rotate kissing her lips and smacking her nice butt. She can get me super hard and cum a few times more per day exhausting me completely.

It happens for a few days in a trip once to twice a year. And am still looking forward to meet such lovely lady here in Singapore, or nearby countries.

General Category: Escort's Experiences
Current mood: anxious
Added on: 03/09/18 09:41


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