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Anal sex is a special delicacy! - Bangkok

After some time with experimenting with anal sex I have really grown to enjoy the act immensely. I love how much pleasure it gives my partner.. I love the naughtiness of it and the surrendering of myself to my partner. Very often I have my hardest cum from it!
But there are also some disadvantages.. especially in being an escort and offering anal sex to the clients.. everyone wants the ass! When I am contacted by a client who is willing to pound my ass he should not consider it as something normal but as a special delicacy! One does not just bend over and allow the man to say "Land Ahoy!". The ass is something special and must be treated with care.
Many clients do not understand that an anal sex date is not like any other date. Anal sex requires a constant upkeep in diet and hygiene. As I shower and do my normal preparations for a date as shaving, douching and lotioning I also give myself an enema to avoid any unpleasant inconvenience to my clients.
Let me add that some good wine, soft light, easing music, intense foreplay and a sensual buildup of lubrication is always the best way to make a woman ready for anal fun. This relaxes and boosts the date and opens her up to you. Once you have enjoyed your appetizer then go on for the main course ;-)

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Added on: 03/09/18 16:06