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One of the hottest sessions ever, edging with my man

I met up with Addison again, we have been texting each other non stop for almost a week, it has been about that long that we last met and had fun. I just couldn't wait until he came over. We were both horny to see each other and we were going to do an all day thing. We were each gonna cum many times throughout the day but not cum fully. We would ruin our orgasms just so we would want more and more.

So we started off early in the morning like 10ish. He came over and stripped right away as usual as I greeted him naked. He brought me to the couch and there he lied down and made me suck him. I really wanted to wrap my lips around his beautiful cock of his. I sucked him for a good chunk of time and did different things like went all the way down, held it there, slapped my face with his cock. Then he pulled me from my hair and made me stand up and then shoved me on the couch and he ate me out. I love it when he treats me like that, so much passion. Then the next position we did was 69 of course. We just went nuts on each other and also fingered each other's ass. By now we had been going for about twenty minutes. We knew each other so well about when we're going to orgasm, so we knew when to stop to ruin it. At about this point we were both approaching our orgasms. All I did to him was stop sucking and stroking him and held his cock and it twitched a lot. He stopped licking me and fingering me and teased me so well. We both said that was amazing and couldn't wait to do this all day long. We didn't care if our mouths would be tired we just made sure that we kept hydrated.

The next thing we did was introduce some toys, so when I got off of him I stood up and guided him by holding his cock and he followed me upstairs to my bedroom. There we had a good chunk of my toys. I used a smaller butt plug on him and some cock rings, he used a little dildo on me and we both sucked on the double sided dildo. It was so hot, I then put him in doggy and spread his ass and licked him from the tip of his cock, up his shaft and balls then asshole here I fingered his hole and sucked him, he did organs again and I caught some of little drops in my hand and licked it up then continued to finger his ass. Later he did pretty much the same to me. Oh boy was it ever amazing.

Throughout the day we used more dildos and strapons and toys, it was just so much fun, yes he did end up fucking me in my pussy and ass too, but we always ruined each other's orgasms. It was so hot. I loved every second of it. We did it for about eight hours. His balls were so heavy by the end and my oussy was sooooo wet. I've never been teased and pleased like this my whole life. Addison told me the same thing. When we were done by about sixths we cleaned up and showered with more teasing then went to the restaurant.

there we enjoyed our meal and discussed how badly we wanted to fuck each other. upon our return home i was sucking him in the car ride ride as he drove. we striped as we went up the stairs and then had our fun. lots of positions, i orgasmed a few times and he came a huge load. mmmm. then we fell asleep together. we love each other so much

Added on: 03/10/18 12:06


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